moisturizing hair Someone has rewarded nature with thick, brilliant,strong hair, looking like an advertisement for a super expensive shampoo. Someone ... but not all. And what should the others do - cut their hair short, hide their hair under their shawls, collect them in a bun or a nice "ponytail" hairstyle? That's about ... Something like - like a pony tail - and look dry, lifeless hair. Is it possible to cope with this problem? Of course. Nature must be helped. In this case, this help will be a deep moisturizing of the hair. Only first it is necessary to understand why this problem arises. And there are several reasons. One of the most common - it's too dry air in the room. It is understandable - modern technology does not stand still. That at home, that at work - solid air conditioners and heaters. Of course, we can not do without them in our climate. But for the already dry hair, it's just trouble. However, the "malicious" effect of these devices in the field can be neutralized. First, you can buy special room air humidifiers. Means quite effective. Secondly, you can become an inveterate aquarist and get yourself a fish. The aquarium - especially if it is large - will perfectly cope with the problem of dry air and, as a result, dry hair. Do not like fish? Well, install at least a small fountain - good, now you can choose for every taste. Or start planting houseplants. In general, there is always a way out - there would be a desire. Reconsider your food. Yes, yes, again about this ... And what if we have everything in our bodies mutually connected? What you eat affects your condition. It is necessary to include in the diet foods rich in vitamin A - it moisturizes and nourishes the hair from the roots to the tips. Such products include cream, carrots, egg yolks, butter, sea buckthorn, etc. Be sure to eat dishes prepared with the use of food gelatin - jelly, jelly, mousse, kissel. For dry hair is also very useful white cabbage, soy products, cereals and vegetable fats. Your hair requires careful handling and care. Do not deny them this. For example, you can not wash your head with hot water - this is very harmful, as it over-dry your skin. Be sure to purchase a special liquid for the tips of hair. It is made on the basis of silicone. This means aligns the structure of the hair and "holds" moisture inside. Try not to use ironing, thermo-curlers and curling irons. If you absolutely can not do without a hair dryer - get yourself a model with the effect of ionization. Perm, frequent staining, complex hairstyles, requiring fixation - all this is very harmful for dry hair. Going on vacation, be sure to take a few headgear and a special moisturizing spray, protecting the hair from ultraviolet rays. And, of course, do not go without a cap at sub-zero temperature - from cold, the hair is also dehydrated. moisturizing hair

Eliminate the consequences

Well, practically with all the factors,causing dry hair, we figured out. It remains to eliminate the consequences. The simplest, but at the same time most costly, way is to turn to professionals. Today on sale there were special preparations and even medical programs are being developed, pursuing one goal - deep moisturizing of hair. You, without difficulty, will select all the necessary care products and prescribe procedures. But if, for some reason, you do not have the opportunity to visit the salon, then this is not a reason to "give up on yourself." Cope with the problem is quite possible on their own. There are many simple and effective recipes for masks that moisturize the hair to the very tips. Some of them were used by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Why do not we take them into service? How to make a home mask? Yes, it's very simple. Following a few simple rules, you can always keep your hair in good condition. And, almost without any additional costs. Moisturizing mask for dry hair should be applied before the usual washing of the head. For preparation it is recommended to use glass, wooden or porcelain dishes. Metal does not fit. This is due to the fact that it can have a harmful effect on some constituent masks. Prepare the mask for dry hair immediately before application. Never make a mask "in reserve" - ​​they will not be of use, and some can even do harm. Mix all the ingredients according to the selected recipe. Lean over a sink or bathtub and apply a mask to the roots of the hair with neat massage movements. Then distribute the remainders along the entire length - to the very tips. If the recipe does not specify otherwise, keep the moisturizing mask for 15-25 minutes. Then wash off - depending on the ingredients - with shampoo or plain water. Avocado mask Since this fruit first appeared on our market, it did not take long. But in the West, avocados have been used for a long time and successfully used in cosmetology. For example, it is considered one of the most effective products for moisturizing dry hair. It's very easy to make an avocado mask. Clean the fruit - it should be ripe. And break the flesh with a fork. Apply the resulting mashed potatoes to damp hair. Keep this mask should be about 40 minutes. Mask "Mayonnaise" This mask is recommended even by professional hairdressers and stylists. Especially it "saves" in cold weather. It is done elementary - the main thing is to choose the right mayonnaise. It should be natural and without preservatives. Determine fairly simply - the shelf life of such a product should not exceed two months. Mayonnaise needs just an ingenuity on the hair. You can do this mask more often than once a week. Mask "Sea" For its preparation you will need:

  • mineral water
  • sea ​​salt
  • almond oil

Take one teaspoon of sea salt andcarefully dissolve it in a glass of mineral water. Pour in a large spoonful of almond oil and stir. Rub the liquid into the scalp, and then apply to the hair, distributing it to the very tips. Cover your head with a plastic bag and tie a warm handkerchief. Mask "Castor" For it you will need:

  • glycerol
  • Castor oil
  • vinegar
  • egg

Take two large spoons of castor oil andadd one small spoonful of vinegar and glycerin. Stir. Drive in the egg. Apply on hair and wrap your head. Keep this mask for about an hour. Rinse with warm water. If the water is too hot, the egg can "weld" right in the hair and it will not be easy to remove these flakes. As you can see, deep moisturizing of hair is quite possible and at home. There is nothing complicated here. Just a little effort and your hair will be silky, shiny and obedient. Such - about what you always dreamed of. Just have to really want - then everything will necessarily happen. We advise you to read: