scars from acne how to get rid In life, it happens that for one way or anotherreasons on our skin are marks - scars and scars. Some of them are barely noticeable and they do not worry, others are too visible and often make them feel embarrassed and nervous. Can I get rid of the scars? - this question was asked to themselves more than once and not by two upset owners of ugly "signs". Today we will try to figure out what kind of scars can be and how to get rid of scars.

Scars from burns and scars

If you had to think about howget rid of the scar from a burn or you were looking for the answer to the question: how to get rid of scars quickly? - means, these scars and scars really hinder, at least, disturbing your peace of mind. In that case, measures should already be taken. Here it is necessary to resort to plastic surgery. An operation that answers your question: "how to get rid of the scar quickly", involves excising either parts of the scar, or all. As a result, an unpleasant scar will either become much more noticeable and more already, or completely disappear. It is also possible to use the patient's own tissues for the plasty of the scar. To get rid of scars from burns it is possible by means of transplantation of skin flaps, free or having feeding skin. If necessary, the two methods are combined to achieve maximum efficiency. The duration of such plastic surgery is not more than one hour (except for very complicated operations), using local or general anesthesia, as an option, anesthesia is possible - all depends on the complexity and type of surgical procedure. In the hospital, after eliminating such skin defects, the patient will spend from one to several days. The rehabilitation period on average lasts about a month, all recommendations of specialists should be strictly observed.

Types of acne scars

Some people have a problem like scars frompimples - how to get rid, how to use, which method to choose - a question with a lot of unknowns, but it's very desirable to solve it, because these marks create not only physical discomfort in a number of cases, but also serve as obvious irritating factors that affect the psychological state in general. How can you get rid of scars and scars? It is necessary to distinguish the concepts of scars and scars, because the ways of their origin are different:

  • Atrophic scars are those that are located below the skin level. They appear in connection with the reduced response of connective tissue to the existing trauma, which causes insufficient collagen production;
  • Normotrophic scars are at the same level as the skin. Occur only with a normal reaction to injury of connective tissue. They are light in color and have a flat appearance, are close in elasticity to normal skin tissues;
  • Hypertrophic scars are those that are located above the level of the skin. Their appearance causes an excess of the produced collagen, since its surpluses do not completely dissolve;
  • Keloid scars - consist of a special type of scar tissue.

How to get rid of scars and scars?

acne scars how to get rid How to get rid of acne scars - the solution to thistask takes not only those who directly faced with similar problems, but also cosmetologists who want to help them solve. Each type of scars and scars should be selected their respective treatment, their methods. What will be good for one scar, can cause a negative reaction for another. Let's talk first about keloid scars a bit more in detail. Often one can hear the question: how to get rid of a colloid scar? I would like to clarify that the correct name after all - keloid scars. Their appearance causes a perverse reaction of connective tissues to trauma. Usually, such scars are formed in conditions of reduced immunity, both tissue and general. Scars of elastic consistency, uneven, their surface slightly wrinkled, above the skin they are very significant. There are similar warts. Their growth does not stop, which leads to the fact that the visible part can be much larger than the intradermal part of it. Keloid scars: treatment, relapse and how to get rid of keloid scars - many specialists adhere to several of the most effective methods to achieve an acceptable result. Here you can talk about surgical intervention, but it is extremely complex with other methods, as the risk of relapses and new scars is great. Scars on the auricles and lips are treated with pressure. The excised keloid scar is subject to special clips, in order to avoid repeated excess growth of collagen. Get rid of keloid scars can be another method - corticosteroids. The method is applicable as an independent treatment, and in conjunction with surgery. The treatment is as follows: various doses of dexamethasone or triamycin are injected into the scar. The number of procedures depends on the perception of the body, spend them 2-4 treatments a week until the desired effect is achieved. There are many other ways, but they are all appointed according to the doctor's testimony and have a lot of "against". Atrophic scars: how to get rid of atrophic scars, what methods there are - these questions are of interest to those who have traces, for example, after chicken pox. Here everything depends on the limitation of scars and on their size. With small scars, it is possible to use filling preparations (injection). The basis for such a means is the gel of hyaluronic acid. The achieved effect will be temporary, repetition of procedures is required every 6-8 months, since the drug has the property of resolving. To get rid of atrophic scars, peeling and grinding can be used.

Various methods of getting rid of scars

The main types of scars from acne and how to get ridfrom them we have considered. Let us now consider other methods that will answer our question: is it possible to get rid of the scar or of the scars as a whole? Of course, how to completely get rid of scars from acne is impossible, so it is impossible to get rid of scars, but making them less noticeable and annoying is quite real. For each individual case, specialists select their individual treatment program.

  • Dermobrasion (mechanical peeling)

Specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine for a long timepuzzled over how to get rid of acne scars. As a result, a method was invented, based on the use of special milling brushes, which, rotating at great speed, remove the surface layer of the skin, and at the same time, scar tissue. Such a method can relieve acne scars and other scars, from fine wrinkles, age spots, freckles or tattoos. But it is necessary to consider, trying to get rid of acne scars with the help of this procedure, means to expose the skin to a rather painful, traumatic effect. The upper layers of the skin are removed up to the blood vessels, it often causes bleeding. Strict adherence to the requirements for postoperative and preoperative periods (both are important). And in the most unfortunate cases, in an effort to get rid of old scars and resorting to this procedure, you can get new scars: much deeper. Pigmented spots may remain if the patient has darker skin. There may be complications - various bacterial skin infections. The procedure is carried out with the use of freezing or local anesthesia, after it the skin looks worn, edema appears, later a scab appears on the skin, which will disappear on average in a week. Irritation and redness of the skin will persist for 3 weeks, should use sunscreen.

  • Microdermabrasion

If there are acne scars - how to get rid of themwith this procedure? Microdermabrasion is an abrasive peeling. Here the treatment of the skin is not so deep, the blood vessels do not affect the procedure. Pretty painless method. But, firstly, it should be noted that microdermabrasion is based on the use of alumina crystals. Secondly, this procedure is not used if more than one session is required. Therefore, consultation with the doctor and examination of the skin is required in order to reveal how many sessions for specific scars and scars are needed, since the deep layers of the skin are not affected by the procedure. Homemade sets are ineffective, they give the effect of light peeling.

  • Z-plastics

You can get rid of acne scars and with the help ofsurgical excision of the rumen. This method is suitable for the largest scars, but does not provide complete disposal of such unpleasant markings. This is just an aesthetic correction, which helps to "transform" the scar into a less rude form. Complications after the procedure can be infections and inflammatory reactions.

  • Laser resurfacing

How to get rid of old scars with the help of a narrow laser action? Various types of laser can be used here.

  • Erbium laser. It burns the old scar tissue, and at a sufficient depth.
  • Carbon dioxide laser, which allows to "compact" the scar (structure).
  • The length of the procedure depends on the numbersites that are subject to polishing, from a few minutes to an hour (or more). As a result, swelling and redness appear. In general, the action is similar to peeling and also suitable only for shallow scars. The procedure is performed under anesthesia (local or general), during the rehabilitation (at least 2 weeks), ointments and dressings can be prescribed.

    Postoperative scars

    About scars and scars of various types, we talked, but how to get rid of post-operative scars - just to find out. The scar is the last stage of restoration of damaged tissues.

    • Medications

    Various creams and ointments that will promote resorption and gradual healing. Course 2-5 months, apply 2-3 times during the day. There are no contraindications.

    • Buki-therapy

    X-ray soft rays are used here. Dosage is selected exclusively by the doctor on individual indications. Contraindications: kidney disease, decompensation of the circulation, the presence of dermatitis and residual wounds.

    • Mesotherapy

    It is mainly used for small scars, for example, after acne, pigment spots and wrinkles.

    • Cryodestruction

    To get rid of postoperative scars it is possible and with the help of "cold" - liquid nitrogen. There are no contraindications.

    Folk remedies

    how to get rid of acne scars And whether it is possible to get rid of scars folkmeans? Of course, not all grammes are amenable to treatment, but some recommendations of traditional medicine should be taken into account, in any case, they will not bring harm, but they can benefit.

  • 100 g of beeswax (yellow), 400 mlsunflower oil. We cook on moderate heat for 10 minutes, let it cool down a bit, put it on a napkin and apply it to the scars. The course duration is 3 weeks, repeat 1-2 times during the day.
  • Nutmeg mixed with honey (or milk) in proportion to 1: 4. Rub into the scar, and leave this mixture for half an hour.
  • Aroma oils. Tablespoon of almond oil, 1 h. Spoon of calendula oil, capsule of oil with vitamin E, 2 drops of geranium and lavender oils, 1 drop of myrrh. Course duration 4 weeks, application -2 times a day. This oil will help restore your skin. Lubricate damaged skin and old scars. Shelf life - half a year.
  • Getting rid of the scars of folk remedies,remember that not all scars will give in to treatment and not all remedies work in the same way, because each person's skin features are individual. Do not despair, but look for the right way, not forgetting also about consultations with high-class specialists. We advise you to read: