how to remove fat from your knees The modern summer fashion gave the girls the opportunitywear mini skirts, short air suits and sexy shorts. And as sometimes it is insulting, when all this becomes inaccessible because of an imperfect figure. On the eve of warm and sunny days, we begin to seriously think about eliminating flaws. We go through all the known diets in mind and every Monday we are going to enroll in a fitness club. But, as everyone knows, one desire is not enough to achieve the desired effect. We also need to have the willpower, learn to fight against laziness and adjust ourselves to what will go before the victorious end. The female body is arranged in such a way that extra pounds are deposited first of all on the legs. That is why, with the onset of spring, we sorrowfully sigh, find them on the hips, buttocks and knees. It also happens that the figure looks almost perfect, but in the region of the knee joints fat deposits are formed, which spoil the whole appearance. On the question of how to remove fat from the knees, you can give only one answer - you need to deal with yourself. This is the only option. You can, of course, leave it as it is, and donate fashionable little things to your younger sister. But this way does not appeal to us, does it? So, let's get down to the formation of the ideal figure, especially since it's time - the summer does not wait and is approaching with each passing day. How to remove fat from the knees correctly

Sports - to all the head

We all know that no weight loss is not completewithout physical exertion. And for the knee area, there are special exercises that can give a positive result. Of course, subject to their regular implementation.

  • Tilting To perform this exerciseit is necessary to kneel, keeping your back straight. Now we start to slowly deviate back, as far as it will turn out. Just slowly return the trunk to its original position. Initially, it will not be easy for you to cope with the task. So do as many approaches as the body can. Gradually increase the load;
  • Extension and bending of the legs Sitting, bend overbent hands in the floor behind. Bend your knees. Now start to unbend and bend them in turn. Exercise should be done 30 times for each leg. Then take a few minutes to rest and make another approach;
  • Lying on the floor, bend your legs in the areaknees, calves should be strictly parallel to the floor. Throw your feet up alternately, holding them in this position for 2-3 seconds. Initially enough for 50 times for each leg. Gradually add up to 200 emissions;
  • Squats Stand up, keep your back straight,Straightened hands are brought behind your back so that you can connect the shoulder blades. Now slowly crouch, without changing the position of the back and hands. Try to reach the heels with your hands. Do at least 30 of these squats. Later, you can bring their number to 100. Here such a simple complex of exercises will help you come to perfection. Do it every day and in a month you will see a tangible difference.

There are additional ways to combat excess weight in the legs, in particular in the area of ​​the knees. They are familiar to everyone without exception:

  • More walk on footIf there is a possibility,give up transport. 20-30 minutes of walking are useful for the whole body. If I accelerate the pace, then the process of losing weight will go faster. Get together more often with friends, arrange country trips. And in winter, a great solution will be walking on skis;
  • Running is a panacea for all diseases. It does not deny eitherphysicians, or ordinary inhabitants. Running strengthens the heart, works well on the immune system and helps to lose weight. Doing morning or evening jogging, you strengthen your body, adding yourself, at least 5 years of life;
  • Bicycle or roller Do not even bought? In vain! Correct this error immediately. Biking is very useful for the musculoskeletal system, and also strengthens all the leg muscles. Roller skating is not just for teenagers. Surely in your city there is a park or a park with a free platform. It is very convenient to learn skiing skills. Both useful and fun;
  • Swimming It does not matter where you will be swimming: in an open pool or in a swimming pool. By the way, swimming is the only sport in which all muscle groups are involved, without exception.

How to remove fat from the knees quickly

Wraps and massages for weight loss

To lose weight was more effective,connect to the physical loads of various wraps and massage. Below are the ways that perfectly work on problem areas and will remove fat from the knees.

  • We take white cabbage, finely cut andmixed with yogurt. Place the mixture on a cotton napkin and apply to the knees for 20 minutes. After the time, remove the compress and wash off all running water. The procedure is best performed after a shower, when the skin is well-steamed;
  • Get a cosmetic blue clay. Dilute it, as stated in the instructions, and apply to problem areas. Top with food wrap. Hold for 3-4 hours, wash off and treat the skin with anti-cellulite cream;
  • Liquid honey apply a thin layer on the knee area, wrap it with a film and wait half an hour. Rinse with running water.

All these ingredients are available to everyone, and they areinexpensively. Therefore, you should not have problems with wrapping. It is very effective in combating excess kilos and massage. Do it preferably after bathing, using any means against cellulite. When the skin is steamed, the active substances quickly penetrate into it, thereby accelerating the process of fighting fat deposits. And of course, do not forget about proper nutrition. For the duration of training, exclude from the diet flour, fatty and sweet foods. After you bring the figure in order, you can afford a few goodies, but do not get carried away, otherwise everything will return to normal. And remember, your main asset is perseverance and the desire to please not only yourself, but also those around you. Set a goal and go to it to the finish. You and only you are responsible for your health and beauty. And so you need to rely only on yourself!