causes of the second chin It is generally accepted that the second chin isthe problem of excess weight only. But this is far from it, although weight is one of the reasons for its occurrence. A droopy, ugly chin can spoil the whole very attractive face of a young slender man, regardless of his gender. However, there is always a way out, and it is possible to get rid of such an unpleasant flaw. It is in this article that ways are given how to get rid of the second chin. exercises from the second chin

Causes of violation of the contour of the face

To begin with, you need to understand what exactly isthe second chin. It appears as a result of the weakening of the muscles that hold the fat layer on the chin. This is quite natural and inevitable. With age, subcutaneous fat, which used to be evenly distributed over the face, tends to go down, the muscles that lose muscle tone no longer prevent it from "draining away," the skin loses its elasticity. To approach the appearance of an extra fold on the body is very simple, it is rather careless to treat your appearance. Let's not talk about the sad, we will understand the reasons:

  • The first and the main one is incorrectposture. Incorrectly arranged workplace, when you constantly have to tilt your head (a monitor or table is low), a habit of lying down at home with a laptop, an uncomfortable position for sleeping, and much more.
  • Body weight: full people are more prone to the problem of the second chin. And if heredity is added to this, then get rid of the hateful fold, to return a beautiful face to the person will be very difficult. In addition to excess weight, the cause can be both a sharp increase in body weight, and its decline.
  • Age changes.

exercises for face contour

Elimination of defects

In various sources there are manyvarious methods of getting rid of the problem. Starting from a variety of exercise machines, creams, beauty salons and ending with plastic surgery. Resourceful American scientists have created a special device - something similar to a garter that should support the chin. Allegedly sagging of the skin is a side effect of running! Explaining this, they cite the following facts: when running, the extra pounds are quickly lost, and the skin does not have time to pull up after them. In addition, jolting during a run only aggravates the situation. Who knows, maybe their invention will win its consumer. And now let's talk about what measures can be taken at home to get rid of excess folds.

  • We follow a diet. Drink plenty of water (preferably 2 liters per day), exclude fatty.
  • We try to maintain a smooth posture, do not bowhead. At first, you have to constantly pull yourself back, but quickly enough to keep your back straight into the habit. I must say, a very beautiful, elegant habit.
  • And the most effective method to get rid of the second chin is the simplest exercises. They will need to be given only 15 minutes a day, and the results will not take long to wait.
  • How to get rid of the second chin in the homeconditions? The first and most simple, with what it is necessary to begin, is a simplified massage, patting. Produce them by the reverse side of the hand. In this case, the brush should be tense, and the fingers tightly compressed. Movements should be fast. The indicator of correct actions will be an easy numbness of the chin. The minimum time for such a massage is 2 minutes, but the longer, the better. This procedure is convenient because it can be held at any time convenient for you: in the morning, after washing in front of a mirror, in the evening before going to bed, sitting at a computer or watching a movie. The next thing you can do is to take up the books. Only in their direct purpose in this matter they will not help us. Therefore, we put her head, it is advisable to take the book heavier (the encyclopedia is certainly suitable), and walk around the room. When doing, you need to keep your back straight, head exactly so that your chin is slightly upward. Just 6-7 minutes a day, and you will not only take away your double chin, but also get a substantial bonus in the form of a magnificent posture. Next, a small exercise, which no one will notice, even if you spend it at work or school. The tip of the tongue should alternately be pressed against the upper sky, then on the lower one, we apply a great effort to feel the tension of the muscles of the chin. Also a good exercise will be that everyone remembers from school, namely, "but you can get your tongue to the nose?". For this, it is still worth retiring. And so, we stretch our tongue to the tip of the nose, try to keep it in this position for as long as possible, at least seconds 15. You can just stick out your tongue and make circular motions, first one, then the other, draw a figure eight, move from the side to side. The main thing is to make efforts. And now we sit down exactly, with our fists resting on our chins and forcefully stretching our muscles, trying to lower it or open our mouths, while we are hindering ourselves with our fists, pushing upwards. We are delayed for 10-15 seconds and release, we perform 5 approaches. In the end we will sing. Cheerfully curling, stretch forward the lips, as clearly as possible draw the letters O, Y, I. Each letter is 10 times. By giving these exercises a few minutes a day and introducing the habit of directly holding your back, sitting flat at the table, you will soon get rid of the second chin.