hardware manicure at home "You can be a sensible person, but think about beautynails ... "These words of the famous poet emphasize the importance of well-groomed hands. No hardship should not relax the woman so that she forgot about the accuracy. After all, the presence of a manicure speaks of cleanliness, a sense of style, femininity. Even if it is not possible to make an appointment with a master, to make a hardware manicure at home - it's elementary simply. It is clear that there is fear of the unknown, but in order to learn the technique, it's enough to spend quite a bit of time, and the result will surpass all expectations. A variety of modern manicure can bring to the stupor even an inveterate fashionista, what can I say about an ordinary housewife. After studying the theory and practicing a little, you can always remain beautiful and neat. A device for hardware manicure will be your best assistant.

What is the hardware manicure?

Conducting a conversation about this type of care forhands, you can not not turn to the sources. Many masters and inhabitants compare the hardware manicure with his European friend. But, this is not entirely correct. The European manicure assumes a complete absence of ancillary technological novelties. His instrument is only a sticks made of orange or walnut wood. The concept of the hardware manicure speaks for itself. It uses a special device, which does all the work, the master only controls it. Of course, the design of nails is performed by a specialist manually, but this is a completely different story. hardware manicure at home

What is the device?

The device for manicure is a device, somethingresembling a dental drill. He buzzes, at least, the same way. It can be portable or stationary. The latter option is more often used for professional use in the salon. In any case, the working tool is a pen. It is important that it is equipped with electronic adjustment, otherwise it can be damaged. The power of the device also depends on the purpose of operation. There are devices from 40 to 230 W. Logically, the more power, the longer the device can run smoothly, the faster the rotation speed. The number of revolutions per minute varies from 3 to 50 000. Just imagine this speed! For home use it is better to choose small turns, so the chance to hurt yourself will be minimal. Design of machines for hardware manicure is very diverse. Home models are ergonomic, take up little space, some can be said to be elegant. It is worth paying attention to the presence of nozzles, more precisely, on their number and material from which they are made. In the standard set, there are usually eight baits. One of them is made of felt and used for polishing. For the rest, the ideal material will be sapphire spraying. Wear of such accessories will be long. In general, when choosing a device for manicure is to focus on the sensations, price and ease of use.

The technique of manicure at home

  • First of all, it is necessary to clean the nail plate from the traces of the old varnish. Use a wash without acetone;
  • Prepare the cuticle. To do this, using wooden sticks or a rubber nozzle, we push it aside side rollers;
  • We choose a nozzle with medium hardness. At low speeds, we remove the coarsened skin from the sides and ridges;
  • If the hands have corns and scrapes, then remove them with a sparing nozzle.
  • Remove the cuticle. It will be more correct to say that the cuticle itself is not removed, but only the upper coarse layer. To do this, use a round nozzle. It looks like the tip of a ballpoint pen;
  • Now proceed to polish the nail. It is very important here to show the utmost care and endurance. After all, excessive pressing during grinding can form grooves, hollows. Thus, instead of a lined and shiny nail, you can get the opposite effect;
  • We finish the hardware manicure by hand treatment with a disinfectant. This is especially important during the training period, because an accidental wound can lead to serious inflammation;
  • After the treatment, lubricate the hands with a nutritious and moisturizing cream.

Precautions when carrying out a hardware manicure

  • Before proceeding with the procedure, make sure thatthe device is working, all components are in working order, processed. Before starting the machine, make sure that the nozzles are properly secured;
  • To conduct an apparatus manicure is necessary only on dry hands;
  • The nozzles should be kept strictly at an angle of 45 degrees. Movements are made from the center to the edges;
  • Use first small turns, increasing the speed of rotation gradually. When you masterly master the device and equipment, the whole procedure will take a few minutes.

Let the unit rest after 5-7 minutes of operation. Even if the instruction says that it is able to work for a longer time. Such care will reduce the load on the engine and extend the life of the device. And also there will be an opportunity of rest for the hand, doing a manicure. After all, tightly gripped in the hands of the handle causes a strong tension of the brush. how to do an instrument manicure at home

Frequently Asked Questions about Hardware Manicure

Hardware manicure is a phenomenon in our country is quite new, that's why it causes a lot of different questions for women.

  • Is it safe to do a hardware manicure? Yes, it's safe. Observing the elementary rules, the possibility of injury is reduced to zero.
  • Is it possible to use the device for manicure to persons,suffering from diabetes? Provided that the device is quality, and manicure is done by a professional - you can. After all, diabetic is not terrible manicure itself, but serious injuries that can lead to suppuration.
  • Can I pair my hands before the procedure? No, this should not be done, since too soft cuticle will be poorly removed. There may be a violation of the integrity of the skin. In addition, the device is electrical, so contact with water or a damp surface is not permissible. Softening is done by special formulations.
  • Can I use the device for home usepedicure? In principle, the structure of the nails on the hands and feet is not much different. The principles of the procedure are identical. The difference will be in the nozzles, since the toenails are usually more dense. For those who have problems with ingrown nails, the device for manicure is ideal.
  • How quickly you can learn to work with the deviceat home? Everything depends on patience and diligence. With due diligence, you will master the technique, using the device only a few times. Doing a manicure once a week, after a month you will not remember that there are low speed baits.

So, as you managed to be sure, hand care inhome conditions can be fast and professional. It is worth only once to spend on the right device, and your marigolds always and everywhere will look neat. And having learned the design of nails, you will forever forget about the salons. And why do you need them? After all, now you are your own master! We advise you to read: