how to burn fat on your stomach Millions of men puzzle over the problem of "whatwomen want, "and the question remains open. Poor gentlemen! They were already in the jewelry shop, and in the flower shop, everything is not right. No, the girls, of course, are happy with the gifts, but this joy is short-lived, but, as it turned out, real pleasure can not bring any rings or bouquets. So go men from the store to the store in vain attempts to please your beloved. But we know something that can make every woman happy! Just the confidence that she can eat cakes without restrictions, without recovering at the same time. Of course this desire is their area of ​​fiction, so it remains unclear. Well, what a girl admits to the knight that the focus on her face while eating is not the result of the interlocutor's fascinating story, but an attempt to count the calories in a piece of cake lying on a plate. And in fact try not to count up! Slightly loosen your vigilance, as extra pounds instantly fill yourself with a slim waist once, and then you'll have to puzzle how to burn fat on your stomach and not die from hunger and overwork. By the way, girls do not have equal in this matter either. They are fighting so desperately for every centimeter of their waist that they are ready to starve for days. But such dedication is not always justified, because you need to burn calories correctly so as not to get yourself a gastritis in young years. We will now talk about this, to once and for all rid our readers from hungry fainting in the name of a slender figure. burning belly fat

Proper nutrition

To begin with we will upset all sweet tooth. To burn fat on the stomach, you need to completely abandon the sweet. No cakes, sweets and sugar. Even one cube of refined sugar, thrown into a cup of coffee, is able to reduce all efforts to lose weight by no. By the way, add milk (and even more cream) in coffee is also not recommended. Nutritionists consider a cappuccino to be a very high-calorie drink and have long since erased it from the diet of all of its patients. The second rule of a slim figure is a hearty breakfast. Of course, do not put a mountain of pork chops and fried potatoes, everything is a measure. Especially since you can eat more easily with light foods. The main thing is to observe the rule "breakfast is full, lunch is average, dinner is light" and is not after 6 pm. For those who are not accustomed to such a system of nutrition, we advise you to stock up on yogurt and apples. These two products can be consumed in breaks between basic meals. If fat burning turns into torture, try for yourself another method of losing weight. Here, nutritionists are advised to distribute the entire daily diet to 5-6 servings. On the one hand - you eat all day, on the other hand - do not overeat. But do not rush to rejoice. Food will need to be divided not only into the number of receptions, but also in composition, reducing each time the amount of carbohydrates consumed.

Physical exercises

Now that you have refreshed, it's time to move on to physical exercises. With their help, you can not only accelerate the burning of fat on your stomach, but also make the body more elastic.

  • To begin with, stand upright, place your feet onwidth of shoulders, put your hands on the waist. Pull your abdomen in, fix your legs (so that your whole body looks like a stretched spring) and begin to step from foot to foot so that your body weight is felt right in the press area.
  • The swing of the press also works wonders. Only to do it it is necessary on an empty stomach. Those who did not exercise and are unlikely to withstand heavy loads, you can start with 10 push-ups of the press at a time. Try to increase this number every day, otherwise fat burning will pass too slowly. In a word - do not feel sorry for yourself.
  • Followed by squats. Also at least 10 times per one call with the right to increase the load. By the way, you can crouch as usual, and try to do it on one leg. Fitness trainers say that this way burns twice as many calories as if you were crouching on two legs. Try it.
  • Do not like exercise? Start rolling on the rollers. Such loads also help to lose excess pounds, and even bring a lot of pleasure.
  • For those who do not know how to skate, we canto offer a bike ride (or a bike, who loves as much as possible), or simply to run around the house in the mornings. Bring a player with your favorite music and burn fat with pleasure.
  • Add to all of the above swimming in the pool, and your waist will exactly become an object for girlfriends envy. Just do not give up halfway.
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    What not to do with losing weight

    Many girls so want to lose weight, that they grabfor any opportunity, forgetting that not always modern methods of losing weight are safe for health. We are talking about numerous tablets, dietary supplements and teas for weight loss. Do not argue, these methods are sometimes very effective, but there are many examples where girls instead of losing weight, on the contrary, gaining kilograms or paying for losing weight with their own health. What is the reason for this? First, with the fact that such a field in medicine is not fully understood, and that means that ideally fits one patient, another can do much harm. Secondly, most teas for weight loss are diuretics. That is, you lose weight only because you remove the liquid from the body, and the fat remains untouched. But that's not all. The "reward" for recovering the division on the scales will be dehydration of the body. And this is much more serious than the extra pair of centimeters at the waist! In conclusion, I want to add: there are no ideal people. Each of us would like to change something in our appearance. Someone does not like the fat on his stomach, someone is hampered by chubby cheeks, and some even want to get well. Therefore, love yourself for who you are, but do not stop trying to make a reflection in the mirror better.