salad of canned champignons If you want to bite something useful and at the same timetime nourishing or a little diversify the familiar menu of your family, replacing pasta with sausage more original dish, take note of the following recipes. We propose to make a salad of canned mushrooms - this is an easy and appetizing dish for sure you will like. It is quickly prepared and, moreover, the set of products can be completely different.

Salad with eggs and canned champignons

We specifically selected simple recipes,which will take away a minimum of your time. After all, today, in the race for professional success and making money, people do not have time to cook, or even just eat. This salad with canned mushrooms you make in five minutes. Ingredients:

  • pickled mushrooms - 250 grams
  • 100 grams of corn in canned food
  • salt - to taste
  • two boiled eggs
  • one medium bulb
  • mayonnaise and fresh herbs - at your discretion
  • olive oil - for frying

Cooking method: Peel the cleared bulb with thin rings, and the champignons - slices. Now put the first ingredient in the preheated olive oil and fry, stirring, three to four minutes. Then enter the mushrooms and keep on the stove until ready. In the meantime, cook eggs, then cool them in running water, free from shell and cut into cubes. There are recipes in which it is recommended to knead yolks and squirrels with a fork. So, no matter what you do, but the resulting egg mass combine with onion-mushroom filling and put everything in a salad bowl. Now add the corn, which pre-drain the liquid, lightly salt and season with light mayonnaise. Several times mix the dish well and decorate it with greens, only a little chopped. Bon Appetit!

Salad with potatoes and champignons

If you are planning a family celebration,think through the menu. On the table must be a few light dishes and, of course, hot. For this case, you can pick up any recipes of salads with canned champignons. Such a dish is good because it turns out to be sufficiently satisfying and at the same time does not leave behind unpleasant sensations in the form of heartburn or heaviness in the stomach. Try it and see for yourself! Ingredients:

  • small can of canned mushrooms
  • one large pickled cucumber
  • boiled potatoes - one piece
  • Olive oil or delicacy mayonnaise - for refueling
  • one onion
  • a few pieces of lettuce leaves
  • Salt and pepper - all for your taste

Cooking method: With the mushrooms drain the unnecessary liquid and cut them into the same size cubes, boiled potatoes and cucumber - in small pieces. Onion, pre-peeled, finely chop and combine all the above ingredients in a deep salad bowl. Add salt at your discretion, as well as ground pepper. As for refueling, it can be both olive oil and low-fat mayonnaise. Mix well with the spoon all the foods and spread them over the plate plates, decorated with lettuce leaves. If in your refrigerator there is a small bunch of fresh greens, chop it with a knife and sprinkle a dish. Recipes of such vegetable salads just come in handy on the eve of the holidays, when dieticians advise not to overeat, but to save their strength for the upcoming New Year's gluttony. champignon salad canned salad

Chicken salad with canned champignons

Unusual original recipes can be heard onTV, read in the cookbook or take advantage of our recommendations. The next dish is chicken salad with canned mushrooms with boiled carrots and eggs. Agree, sounds incredibly appetizing! Ingredients:

  • pickled mushrooms - one pot
  • 400 grams of chicken (take fillets)
  • five chicken eggs
  • salt
  • two medium carrots
  • large onion
  • freshly ground pepper (black) - optional
  • lettuce leaves
  • fresh parsley, as well as dill - only 20 grams
  • three small cherry tomatoes (or one ordinary tomato)

Cooking method: Boil the fresh chicken fillet, eggs and two carrots. After the ingredients are ready and have cooled down, cut the vegetable into cubes, eggs, peeled from the shell, in small pieces, and the meat is sorted out by hand onto the thin fibers. Now chop the onion and fresh parsley, as well as the dill. Mix all the products in one deep dish and season with mayonnaise. Salt put on your taste, the same applies to black pepper. It remains very little - to serve the dish correctly. After all, even using the most usual recipes, you can prepare an original masterpiece, the main thing - to decorate the dish beautifully. So, put on a large plate of green lettuce leaves, and on top in the form of a slide - a chicken mass with mushrooms, and decorate all the cherries cut in half. You can also add a couple of twigs of curly parsley.

Salad with apples, canned mushrooms and tomatoes

Recipes, which are combined at first glanceincompatible products, for example, vegetables and fruits, in practice are the most successful. We suggest you try one of these dishes. This light salad can be filled with low-fat, high-quality mayonnaise, and if you watch your figure, use olive oil. However, take a refined product, because it does not bitter and gives the dish the perfect taste. Ingredients:

  • 300 grams of green sweet and sour apples
  • the same amount of canned champignons
  • two red tomatoes
  • mayonnaise or olive oil for refilling - at your discretion
  • iceberg lettuce

Cooking method: From the jar with mushrooms, pour out the liquid and cut them into cubes, just do the same with the tomatoes. Now take out the apples from the apples and chop them in small pieces. Combine all the ingredients in one bowl, salt to your taste and slightly peppery, and then add a couple of spoons of mayonnaise, tear into thin strips of Iceberg and mix everything thoroughly. If you decide to use olive oil, then the salad can be sprinkled with lemon juice, which will give the dish a unique slightly sour taste. Another version of the filling - natural yogurt without additives or sour cream. Remember that the right balanced food is a guarantee of your health, excellent state of health and positive mood. Therefore, use only high-quality and healthy products.

Vegetable salad "Mushroom pleasure"

This is another vegetable dish with the addition of canned mushrooms. To make the salad come out tasty and juicy, we recommend using a violet sweet onion instead of white. Ingredients:

  • small package of crackers
  • one Crimean bulb
  • seasonings and salt
  • can of champignons in canned food
  • fresh cucumber - one piece
  • eight olives without pits (at will you can replace them with olives)
  • five leaves of lettuce
  • two tablespoons of vegetable oil

Cooking method: Mushrooms cut into thin slices, sweet onions - half rings, and fresh cucumber - in small pieces. Now knife cut into small strips of green salad and combine all the ingredients, filling them with any vegetable oil. If you use mayonnaise, you can not add salt, but if you act according to this recipe, put one or two pinch. Place the dish on a table in a beautiful salad bowl or in a deep plate, immediately sprinkle it with breadcrumbs and decorate with olives. Such a dish is hardly suitable for a festive feast, but for everyday use it is just right. In order not to starve at work, take it with you for a snack. salad with canned champignons

"Domestic" salad with mushrooms and sausage

Recipes for salads from canned mushroomscan be both exquisite and original, perfectly suitable for filing on the festive table, and the most simple. For every day an inexpensive, uncomplicated and at the same time tasty dish is suitable. How to cook it, read below. Ingredients:

  • 300 grams of any sausage (we used the "Doctoral")
  • olive oil
  • delicacy mayonnaise - at your discretion
  • 300 gram can of pickled mushrooms
  • four eggs
  • 50 grams of Suluguni cheese

Cooking method: Put on a slow fire a bowl of water when it starts to boil, lay eggs and cook them no longer than ten minutes. In the meantime, cut into small cubes of sausage and mushrooms, and Suluguni stripes on an average grater. Now heat the saucepan, pour the oil into it and lay the sausage with the mushrooms, then fry them until brownish-golden. Boiled and peeled eggs finely chop. Lay the salad in deep dishes with such layers: sausage, mayonnaise, fried champignons, again dressing, eggs and grated cheese. We hope that you will like this dish!

Hepatic salad with canned mushrooms

Meat salads are an indispensable attribute of anyholiday or a small family celebration. They are very nourishing, so they can even be cooked just for lunch or lunch, having fed to them, for example, crispy toast. Ingredients:

  • champignons in canned food - one pot
  • mayonnaise
  • 300 grams of any liver
  • white bulb - one piece
  • salt - to taste
  • egg
  • two tablespoons of vegetable oil

Cooking method: To begin with, rinse the liver thoroughly under running water, and then boil in brackish water. This will take about 25 minutes. After the product has cooled, cut it into medium cubes and the onion into thin rings. Both ingredients fry in a small amount of vegetable oil. After cutting small slices mushrooms, eggs, boiled and peeled in advance, and combine all the above ingredients in a deep bowl. Fill them with a delicious mayonnaise, if desired, throw a little salt and freshly ground pepper. Voila, your masterpiece is ready! Have a nice meal! salad with champignons canned

Festive salad with canned mushrooms

On the eve of the holidays many mistresses alreadybegin to pick up unusual recipes of original dishes: snacks, salads, hot and desserts. We will add to your culinary treasury another dish consisting of tangerines, canned champignons, sweet peppers, apples and cheese. This creation of any of the guests will not leave indifferent! Ingredients:

  • four large mandarin
  • 150 grams of mushrooms
  • one big apple
  • 80 grams of any hard cheese
  • red sweet pepper - one piece

For refueling:

  • 100 grams of not too fatty sour cream
  • small lemon
  • honey - ½ teaspoon
  • the same amount of mustard

Cooking method: Peel the fruit from the peel, then remove the white film from the tangerine lobules, and from the apple, remove the middle and cut it into small pieces. Then with the canned mushrooms drain the liquid and cut them into cubes, and the Bulgarian pepper - large half rings. Mix all the ingredients in a salad bowl and make sauce. To do this, whisk with sour cream, mustard, and honey, and then squeeze a little lemon juice, mix well and fill with a dressing dish. Finished the dish sprinkled with cheese, grated. If you do not want to prepare the sauce, put the usual sour cream in the salad, and preferably natural yogurt without flavor additives. Each housewife has a set of recipes, which she uses for special occasions - for preparing festive dishes. This is very convenient, because you have already tried this dish repeatedly and do not doubt its taste. However, sometimes it is still necessary to deviate from the usual menu and include your imagination. Take note of the above salads, which can both be done every day, and cook for special occasions. We advise you to read: