jogging in the morning How does your morning begin: with a cup of coffee and a cigarette or with a morning jog? Most people do not think about whether running is useful in the morning, and prefer the first option of awakening the body. There are also those who are sure that running in the morning is harmful, that this is an additional stress for the body, which after a night is in a state of "morning slumber": all processes are slowed down, and suddenly it will have to work in a strengthened mode, mobilizing all its resources. For such people, the benefits of running in the morning are not obvious, and they would prefer evening runs when the body is already used to waking. Of course, no one will deny that running and health are inextricably linked, however, since the level of this health is not the same for everyone, it is necessary to take the necessary precautions before starting to practice running in the morning: the benefit will only be if the load is correctly selected. If you do not feel well, you need to undergo a comprehensive examination of the body, and already with the doctor's conclusion go to the instructor - he will pick up for you an individual study schedule and the permissible level of workload. Otherwise, the benefit of running will result in complications, especially if you are suffering from chronic diseases. Most working citizens claim that they do not have enough time to run in the mornings, and therefore they postpone it at a later time. And is running good in the evenings? In general, this is the same run, only at other times of the day. Undoubtedly, it is useful, but supporters of morning sports practice note that in the evenings the ecological situation is worse: the air is polluted, which does not have a better effect on health. And those who are employed at work by manual labor or forced to work late, get tired too much to force themselves to run. However, do not think whether running in the evenings for weight loss is useful, if for you this is the only possible time for training. The main thing is to start. If you have not been able to get yourself out of a warm bed for many days (weeks, months) to run, remember that it's much easier to do this in the evening when the body is still active. And after a while, when running will become a habit, you can go to morning classes.

The health effect of running in the mornings and evenings

The best tool for dealing with nauseous nerves- it's just running in the morning or in the evening. Also, start training and make your jogging habit is worth it for those who suffer from insomnia. The effect is very simple and therefore doubly interesting: after running in the morning your body is mobilized and ready for work, as a result of which its performance improves. Well, jogging in the evening makes it possible to calm down, "burn" the resulting adrenaline rush, to remove the accumulated stress over a long and difficult day. You can not even think about whether running is useful in the mornings and evenings, but simply start such training. Excellent state of health and impressive calm will be the best answers to unspoken questions. Why running in the evening or in the morning is an effective remedy against stress and nerves? The whole thing in endorphins: allocated during the classes, they have a state of "calm euphoria." And it is interesting that for this it is not necessary to run quickly. You can start your path to health improvement with jogging or even just on the spot - the effect will still be impressive. If you engage in intensive enough, endorphins will be allocated 5 times more than during sitting. Fivefold increase in the level of the hormone in the blood gives a sense of joy and well-being, both physical and moral, suppresses those emotions that can harm the nerves (feelings of anger, frustration, resentment), lets forget about the pain and hunger. Endorphins are a source of good mood, and therefore of psycho-emotional health. Therefore, if you are not yet running, it's just worth starting, even if it's a jog or on the spot - the main thing is that the lessons should be regular. About whether it is useful to run in the evenings and in the mornings, you can even not ask your friends or acquaintances who practice it for 15-20 years. It is enough to look at these girls and women and talk with them to see what effect running gives. If you practice it for several years - at home on the spot, in the gym on a treadmill, at a light jogging stadium - he will change the psychological portrait for the better, make the personality more complete. The girls and women who are interested in him do not lack endorphins, stressful situations do not harm their nerves, as they simply take a calmer attitude to the difficulties of life. Runners with experience are friendly and nice, sociable and non-conflicting. Start training is really worth it, especially knowing what a run in the long run is useful. It gives the nervous system rest, reduces the burden on the body. If this effect is present permanently, then at first physical and especially mental capacity is increased, after which, for a long time, it stays at a consistently good level. Also, thanks to the active action of endorphins, creative possibilities are significantly increased, even at the age of 50 years. Given all this, it is simply unreasonable to be against running in the morning or in the evening. Also, it is worth considering what effect is on immunity and blood circulation. The beneficial effect of running in the mornings and evenings, even by light jogging or just on the spot, is manifested in an increase in the production of hemoglobin, erythrocytes and leukocytes. All this increases the protective properties of blood and resistance to various microorganisms, thereby reducing the risk of disease and harm, if they, the ailments, all the same manifested themselves. So start running is, and regularly and all year round, even in winter. With constant training, improving blood circulation goes hand in hand with increased reliability of the cardiovascular system and aerobic productivity. The results of numerous studies show that the key indicators (for example, ECG) of women aged 40-50 years, constantly engaged in running in the morning or in the evening, are at the same level as in healthy young girls 18-25 years old. Beginning to run, even in place or jogging, is also because it strengthens the heart muscles (mainly the left ventricle), and without their pathological increase. This reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, the harm of which, as you understand, can be enormous. Also in favor of running in the morning or evening says a decrease in the pulse rate, both at rest and during training. As a result, the organism tolerates both stresses and stressful situations easier. than useful running

Will running help lose weight in the mornings?

If you want to lose those extra pounds,for sure you have a lot of questions. Is running effective in the mornings for weight loss? How can I achieve a harmonious figure? Which training program should I choose? Is it useful to run around in the morning for people who are overweight? When is it better to train personally, in the morning or in the evening? What can I achieve, how many will I lose, running three times a week for 20 minutes? The answers to these questions are strictly individual. Of course, first of all you need to consult a doctor and find out whether jogs are useful in the morning for you personally, or on the contrary, such loads are contraindicated. Remember that in this matter you can not overdo it so as not to harm the body. But in general, the question of whether the race will be useful in the mornings can be answered in the affirmative. It is proved that even fast walking, exercises on the spot and even more jogging help to burn more than 400 kcal per hour (energy consumption depends on body weight). If you start running with a frequency at least every other day, for two weeks you can easily get rid of 3500-4000 kcal or, in other words, more than 500-600 grams of fatty tissue. And this winter! In the summer, in hot weather, the losses will be even more significant and pleasant. In how useful regular running in the morning, you can be sure when you burn a kilo of fatty tissues for a week and a half. Agree, for the sake of such results it is necessary to overcome laziness and begin to study! Let's list the general recommendations for those who consider running in the morning, as a way of losing weight:

  • Before jogging, drink sweet tea, a glass of yogurt or eat an apple, and have breakfast an hour after classes
  • running in the morning for weight loss is most effective in combination with diet
  • After jogging (or before it) do additional exercises: for example, shake the press
  • fat burning begins after thirty minutes of exercise, so gradually try to increase the time

It should also be noted that running in the mornings forweight loss also gives a "residual" load on the muscles. Even after the completion of training, they consume oxygen in an increased quantity for another 2-3 hours, as a result of which additional energy is expended. Thus, fats are burned even when you are already resting. And a similar "residual" effect, albeit not so active, is observed even during jogging or walking on the spot. So, for weight loss and recovery, it's really worth starting training. Pay attention, running gives one more tangible benefit: it positively influences carbohydrate metabolism, normalizes breathing, restores proper functioning of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, improves bone health - in short, it helps those organs and systems, which cause the greatest harm in our realities. In addition, running is an effective tool against aging. Training beneficially affects the musculoskeletal system, resulting in increased fluid flow to the intervertebral discs and articular cartilage. This increases the depreciation properties and gives the ODS a good protection against age-related degenerative changes.

How to start running

If the question "is it useful to run in the morning?"You answered in the affirmative for yourself and it is obvious to you that running and health are tightly connected, we can give you some tips on how to start and what to pay attention to:

  • Be sure to purchase shoes that are suitablefor running. Before jogging, take a few minutes for the total body warm-up, carefully warm up the ligaments and joints. All this will avoid unwanted injuries.
  • If you delay the beginning of the class for a long time, try to start on the weekend, when you are not so tightly limited in time.
  • Begin gradually, in the early days you can dojust intense walking. Over time, go for easy running and increase the pace. Start with a few minutes, with each lesson increasing the time and distance. In principle, regular hours of exercise are optimal for maintaining health.
  • If you feel that fatigue and running are becoming a burden, you do not need to overwork - it's better to take a break for a couple of days and then start with new forces.
  • Invite a friend (friend) with you. Responsibility to a partner will not allow you to relax and begin to miss classes. And to run together is more cheerful.
  • While jogging, you can listen to your favorite music in the player, which gives an additional charge of energy and vivacity.
  • The benefit of the morning run will be maximum if running in places with clean air. Ideally - in the forest, but in urban conditions, a park or a stadium will do.
  • If weather conditions (rain, snow, frost) prevent you from continuing to run in the morning, the benefit will be from the treadmill. Sign in the gym - the money spent will be an additional incentive.
  • And it is very important from the first day of training to beginrun correctly, without overworking the body, but at the same time not giving him indulgence. So, if you are engaged in 25-30 minutes, do not immediately squeeze all the forces out of yourself and finish the session, keeping only on willpower. If you run with someone in a pair, do not hesitate to take a slower pace, start with jogging or on the spot. Be engaged so that loads were feasible and did not go against your body. Of course, with active training the muscles will get tired and you will feel it. Therefore, many girls find it difficult to determine when an intense run is extremely tiring, but it is beneficial, and when a busy occupation already threatens health. But you will not have a similar problem, because we will tell you one simple formula. Guided by it, you can always understand how effective you are doing. So, the formula: take the number 220, just subtract from it your age and multiply the figure by 0.6. This is the "lower limit" for your studies. Now again, take your age from 220 and multiply the result by 0.8. This is the "upper limit" for your workouts. For example, for a girl at the age of 25, the borders will be 117 and 156 respectively. These limits are nothing more than a pulse during classes. Measure it during training with a cardiac monitor for running. And then look at the results: if the pulse is between the limits, it means that you are doing quite effectively. If it is less than the bottom mark, the intensity of the run can be increased boldly. If the pulse goes beyond the upper limit, it means that the loads are already in harm and you need to slow down. But remember that this formula gives only an approximate result: the decision to start your jogging, focusing only on it, will not be the most successful and true. It is better to first turn to the coach, who will develop an individual run program (at a fast pace, jogging or even on the spot - it all depends on the state of the body). As a result, you will have a detailed plan of studies in your hands, and you can check it with a formula. running than useful

    Where to run

    Of course, to start running properly, you needcarefully choose a site for your workouts. There are no special requirements to the coating: if you are engaged in nature, you can run on natural and artificial grass, on asphalt, on solid soil. If in the hall, you can run both on the track-simulator, and simply on the floor. The main thing is that your "working" surface should be as level as possible - it's safer, because there is less risk of tripping and getting injured. But remember that softer surfaces (for example, the same grass) less load the joints of the legs. It is clear that if you decide to start studying in the summer, then your choice is the most wide. You can run on in the woods, enjoying the fresh air, you can go to the nearest well-paved sports ground, you can finally go to the hall. But in the cold winter it's better not to risk your health and legs, making your way among the snow and ice. As in bad weather, it's more practical to go to the gym with its simulators. But after all, the electric treadmill has its advantages. While practicing such a simulator, you can run around several different programs, control their intensity and constantly see your current results. Running in winter in the gym can be as effective as in the summer in the fresh air. So do not think about when to start training - the first jog on the way to excellent physical form can be done with comfort at any time of the year. We hope, now the benefit of running for you is obvious. But remember: success comes only with regular classes, and passing through a well-designed program and bringing maximum benefit, not harm. Make a jogging plan with the coach, pick up the site and start practicing. Be healthy and like to run! We advise you to read: