how to lose weight quickly in the thighs Any woman desires to have slender legs and hips. However, not every young lady can boast of impeccable forms and afford to wear short skirts and shorts. This frustrates the girls and makes them think about how to quickly lose weight in the hips. In principle, there are enough ways for such weight loss. And if you choose the most suitable and make every effort, find a way how quickly to lose weight in the hips, you will be able to in the minimum period of time. What are these ways?

How to lose weight in the hips with the help of gymnastics

Before you look for a way to lose weight quicklyhips, it should be noted that without a balanced diet and diets, none of these methods will not be effective. In a daily diet, you need to include as many fiber-rich vegetables and fresh fruits as possible. It should contain low-fat cottage cheese, yogurts, kefir. The use of animal fats is undesirable. Admissible white chicken meat, which is better to replace the fish, which contains many useful substances. In day it is necessary to drink not less than two liters of a liquid - fruit juices, mineral water without gas, unsweetened tea. Carbonated drinks and alcohol use is undesirable. Of course, to quickly lose weight in the hips, you need regular exercise. However, exercises with dumbbells or sit-ups with heavy weight in this case do not quite fit. They are capable of provoking an increase in the musculature of the calves and thighs. The excessively muscular lower part of the trunk visually shortens the growth and makes the figure chunky. To correct such a shortcoming is rather difficult. Muscles will be pumped up even after a complete cessation of occupation for a long time. In general, losing weight in the hips should be approached without fanaticism. Otherwise, you can get a sagging belly, stretch marks and flabby skin on the body. At the same time, physical loads should be given every day for at least thirty minutes. Otherwise, the desired result can not be achieved. Exercises must be performed at a fast pace, first four to five times each. Then the load increases to twenty to thirty repetitions. Breathing during gymnastics should be smooth, calm and free. So, what can be the complexes of exercises for rapid weight loss in the hips? Exercises for weight loss in the hips: complex first

  • We lay down on the back, hands on the waist. We bend one by one in each leg in the knee and pull it upwards;
  • We stand upright, legs together. We make the slopes, pulling the toes with fingers. Try not to bend your knees;
  • We sit down on the floor and lean on our hands, put behind our backs. We lift the straightened legs in turn, pull them aside, then up, lower them;
  • We sit down on the floor, bend our legs, pull them to the chest, then in this position we lay down on our backs. Then we get up, without changing the situation, and swing a little;
  • We take a chair and put a foot on it. Hands on the back of the head. We bend and unbend our leg. We change it and repeat the exercise;
  • We stand upright, legs together. We swing from one foot to the other with our arms outstretched.
  • Exercises for weight loss in the thighs: a complex of the second

  • Lay down on the back. Hands stretched along the body. We lift the shifted legs and begin to bend and unbend them;
  • The initial position is the same, but the palms of the hands lie under the buttocks. We raise our legs and make re-crossings, changing the position of one leg over the other (exercise "scissors");
  • We rise on one foot, the second we clasp hands for a knee. Rotate in this position, stop, then change the leg;
  • We kneel, leaning on outstretched arms. Raise your straightened legs as high as possible;
  • Squatting, putting his hands on the back of his head.
  • Exercises for weight loss in the hips: a complex third

  • We lay down on the back, hands on the waist. We stretch the most strained legs and slowly raise them. Then, just as slowly lowered and raised again;
  • Lay down on the back. Hands on the belt. My legs are tense. Pull the socks of each foot forward one by one;
  • The starting position is the same. We stretch out the strained legs, jerk them up from the floor at a 45 ° angle and lower them;
  • We lay down on the stomach. Hands stretch along the body. At the same time we raise and lower our legs and torso;
  • We go around in circles first on the toes, then on the heels;
  • We walk in a circle with bent knees.
  • Of these three sets of exercises, you can chooseany. The main thing is that gymnastics classes are held daily. Then they will certainly give the desired effect. If such a physical culture is not a special pleasure, there is a way to lose weight in the hips with the help of dances. quickly lose weight in the thighs

    Dancing for quick weight loss in the thighs

    At the present time there is a colossalthe number of ways that allow the beautiful half of humanity to successfully solve the problem of excess weight on the hips. Some women struggle with extra pounds, exhausting themselves with diets and disappearing in gyms. However, there is a more pleasant, useful, capable of giving the thighs the desired form. They are dances, which, like diets, there are many kinds. If a woman does not know how to dance, it does not matter - it's never too late to learn dancing, even in old age. The main thing is to have a persistent desire. With regular dance classes, the question of how to lose weight in the hips will become simply irrelevant. Because they allow you to keep fit and keep your body toned. You can learn dances on your own, having bought a self-instruction manual for this, detailing all the movements. And in the event that one can not train alone, the best option is to enroll in dance courses. This will give an excellent opportunity not only to get rid of unnecessary folds at the waist and extra centimeters on the hips, but also to find new friends. Today there are a lot of different dance styles, so choosing the one that is more like it will not make any problems. It is very important to be guided not only by personal preferences and wishes, but also by your physical preparation. After all, if the body is not accustomed to high loads or they are contraindicated, then complex dances can harm and cause bad health and fatigue. It is recommended to start with simple movements and gradually complicate them, improving dance skills. The most popular among today's women is belly dancing, which helps to acquire an aspen waist, harmonious thigh lines, gracefulness, femininity and sexuality. No diet for weight loss can cope with similar tasks better than this kind of dance. Along with him, there is no less interest in strip-plastic, which is aimed at the same number of tasks. For more active, physically developed and mobile women, you can recommend club dances, hip-hop, latino and others, which allow you to lose a lot of calories and put the figure in order. Dancing is a great method of losing weight, which also makes a woman self-confident, cheerful, optimistic. However, regular exercises contribute to this. In short, the solution to the problem of improving the poor depends on the woman's preferences. The main thing is that she should treat this with all diligence. And the goal will be achieved. We advise you to read: