Fitness with a bicycle Any fitness involves getting rid of excesskilocalories, the excess in the body of which is the cause of the deposition of fats. If you do not have time and desire to attend special fitness clubs, then you can get rid of them with the help of a vehicle, namely a bicycle. In order to burn up to 400 kilocalories, enough and ride it for one hour. In this case, not only will the extra pounds disappear, but also to form a beautiful and slender body, which the girls dream so much about. Do not believe me? And let's count how many muscles are involved in the process of driving? So, the arms and shoulders hold the steering wheel, and this is quite difficult in the conditions of Russian off-road. A tight spine keeps the body in balance, and the muscles of the thighs, buttocks and calves allow you to pedal. Thus, almost all the muscles of your body are actively involved in the process of riding. Naturally, riding a bicycle is a good way to lose weight, but with the help of small constructive manipulations this method can become even more effective. First, you need to lower the steering wheel to the level of the saddle. With this arrangement, your back will be parallel to the ground level, which will significantly increase the load on the abdominal muscles and buttocks. Of course, it is desirable to use , because their design excludes anydeformation, however, a simple inexpensive model will also work. After you lowered the steering wheel, proceed to correcting the saddle: lower the pedal to the bottom position, put her not a heel and straighten the leg. The saddle should be installed in such a way that a similar location of the foot is maintained during the ride. If you do not, then after riding your legs will be very tired, while the rest of the muscles will not feel tired. Attention should also be given to the routes. To lose weight, the route should be chosen such that there would be ascents and descents. The results of riding on flat asphalt will hardly surprise you, because such a ride, which does not involve loads on the body - is an inefficient waste of its time. Off-road with descents and ascents, narrow paths that would require certain driving maneuvers, is what you need. This way you can lose weight and correct your figure for the better. As for choosing a bicycle, you should give preference to reliable models that would not let you down while driving. Today the market is represented by , the quality of which can not be criticized. Alternatively, you can use them. We advise you to read: