exercises to reduce the waistline I recognize my Natalie at the waist. Where the waist is wider, there is my Natalia ... Someone now smiled. But there is a category of women who are not happy with this joke. And the thing is that they do not have a thin "wasp" of the waist, from which all the men in the district would lose their heads. Of course, not everyone is destined to be embossed, like an hourglass. But sometimes you want to tighten your belt tight in a direct, not figurative sense. Dont be upset. Something to do to return the waistline of harmony is still possible. We have in mind exercises to reduce the waist, which day after day will grind your figure, like the skilful hands of a sculptor. Are you already mentally trying on a short skirt with a wide belt? Do not hurry. First imagine yourself on the treadmill. And now try on yourself hula-hoop. Complete the virtual picture with the long swings of the press and you can assume that you are morally prepared for the struggle for harmony. Now it's time to move on to practical exercises to reduce the waist.

The key to a successful workout

Before spreading the fitness mat on the floor, let's talk about how to make workouts to reduce the waist volume more effectively.

  • Classes will not have a result, if they do notwill enter the system. Did you promise to do yourself every day at 10 am? So, do it, and do not come up with excuses for stalling your workout. Here the most difficult thing is to tune in. It is difficult to withstand a solid schedule and daily loads after so many years of idleness. Of course, you can afford to replace the rug for classes on a soft and cozy sofa. This is your choice. But be prepared for the fact that at corporate parties colleagues will not see you in seductive tight-fitting dresses, and a slender waist will remain in dreams.
  • Do not overdo it. We understand that this condition is somewhat contrary to the previous one. But here we are not talking about the regularity of studies, but about the intensity of the loads. It is not necessary to train on the first day to exhaustion. Otherwise, the next morning you will not only be unable to repeat the exercises, but you will also be difficult to move around.
  • Reduce the waist will not work, if aftertraining you will reward yourself for trying fried chicken or mashed potatoes. Especially since extra centimeters appeared due to delicious and not very healthy food. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, moderate your appetite. You do not live on the North Pole? Then why do you need such a solid fat supply?
  • In order for training to be more effective,constantly make measurements of the waist and put them in a separate notebook. You yourself will not notice how much the so-called "diary of weight loss" will bring. Open it whenever you do not want to practice, and the magic of numbers will have its effect.
  • Exercises to reduce the waist

    Exercises for a slender waist

  • Slopes. The simplest and most effective exercise is to reduce the waist. Put your feet to the width of your shoulders and start bending from side to side, without taking your feet off the floor. The first five minutes of the hands during the exercise are not involved. In the second cycle of training, raise your hands up and continue moving from side to side. Do you feel the tension of the oblique abdominal muscles? The next day you can speed up the slopes or make them deeper.
  • Twisting. Remain in the same position that you occupied before. Throw your hands behind your head. Blend your hands "in the lock" on the back of your head. Now start turning the body of the body from side to side as if you are the man of your dreams, and you certainly need to see it. Just do not take your feet off the body. We just evaluate the potential groom. Running for your dream will be in the next exercises.
  • Now let's imagine that the man behind yourhis back was so stunning that you lost consciousness at his feet. We will not show our weakness, and turn a limp lying on the floor into an effective exercise. Bend your knees. The feet are still securely attached to the floor. Hands are thrown over the head. It's like you are lying on a sunny lawn and listening to the trills of birds. Now imagine that a fly has settled on you. Your task is to group the body. Lift the body (hands are still behind the head), the legs are bent at the knees and are as much as possible pressed to the trunk. Hold this position for a few seconds. Your whole body must be tense. Are you tired? Return to the starting position.
  • Do not rush to get up off the floor. Have time to catch up with the man of your dreams. First you need to get a slender waist, and then to storm a severe male heart. So bend your knees. Hands stretch along the trunk. Now lift the ass off the floor. The head remains on the rug. Hold the body on the weight for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise several times.
  • And again, continue to lie. Only this time you will need to roll over on your stomach. Arm the hands "in the lock" on the back of the head. Now lift the torso from the rug. Heavy? It's still flowers. And now turn the body first into one, then to the other side. Do not worry, if at first this exercise seems to you impracticable. The first two weeks can simplify the task and simply raise the trunk (without turning). After regular training your muscles will get stronger, and you can easily not only keep the body on weight, but also turn it from side to side.
  • Next on the list is irreplaceable hula-hoop. Do not need to tremble startled. The main mistake of women when using this hoop is that they immediately try to choose the most difficult model. Metal, with heavy thorns and sand inside. Such a combination even sounds ferocious. And just at the waist, this hula-hoop turns into a real instrument of torture. Do you want it? Take away from your daughter a light version of hula-hupa made of plastic and start practicing. Just keep in mind that you need to twist the hoop for at least half an hour. Only then he magically will return your waist to the place. It is not necessary to say that you have no time, and extra half an hour in the load to the main exercises is an unacceptable luxury. Nobody says that you need to twist the hula-hoop right after the main classes. Spend this part of the exercise the other half of your free time. For example, the one where you watch the next series on local television. Do not turn off the TV. Just get out of the way, and the whole movie in parallel with watching twist the hoop. So you will be able to combine business with pleasure.
  • You have been studying for a long time, and the waist and notmanifested itself? Can this really be the nature's thing, and not fried pies with potatoes? After all, not all women can boast of a relief body. Some of them are born with a broad bone since birth, and no studies help correct the situation. Do not get upset if you are in their number. After all, happiness is not in the aspen waist. Take a look around. How many around unhappy women with chic figures! So stop fighting windmills and pay attention to the dignity of your body. Can you emphasize the harmony of the legs? Or an exciting chest of the fourth size, which is so often seen by men? Dare! We advise you to read: