exercises for the waist Any woman wants to have an ideal appearance,regardless of whether it has fluffy shapes or has a standard figure. The fact is that leanness does not always imply the presence of a thin waist, but all men pay close attention to this part of the body. So that the ladies could create their own sizes with their own hands, and special physical exercises for the waist were developed. But here it should be taken into account that exercises need to be done in a complex way and form not only a waist, but also a flat tummy.

Physical exercises designed for quick results

  • Sit on the floor and stretch your legs in front of you. Grasp your legs with your ankles and lift it, while bending at the knee is unacceptable. The same we do with the other leg. The number of lifts per foot is 15-20 times.
  • Become - legs together. Make the slopes down, without bending the knees. Such inclinations must be made 20 times.
  • Standing on their knees, legs together, arms crossed forhead. We sit on the left thigh, stay in this position for 5 seconds, then rise, the same movement is done on the right thigh. This exercise for the waist is the most effective and gives a quick effect.

If you are tired, then between exercises you cantake a short break, literally for five minutes - dance, jump, just do not lie and do not sit alone. By the way, before you start such a charge, you need to warm up your muscles. Remember that exercises for the waist to do "with a swoop" can not be - you can stretch the muscles and even break the ligaments. With this complex, you can pull up your muscles in a week for two. Just do not expect too fast results in the presence of very lush forms - then you have to work hard. Waist Exercises

Long sessions

Of course, every woman should chooseThe exercises that help the waist individually. If in the process you feel discomfort or pain, then it is better to try another complex. For example, this:

  • The starting position is to lie on one's side, to lean onabout the head. Now we must raise our straight legs. From the first time you will not be able to raise it high enough, but, believe me, in a month's time of such exercises you yourself will be surprised how easy it is to perform this exercise.
  • Standing, raise your legs, bent at the knees and touch just the knees of the elbows. It should be done 20-40 times on each leg.
  • The starting position is to stand straight, legs together,hands apart. And now, straining only the waist muscles, you must reach out to the imaginary object. Alternately in one and then in the other direction. Do not bend or tear your legs off the floor.

One desire to achieve the ideal figure in youit does not work out - at least a month you need to perform such physical exercises. Just do not forget to at least slightly change your diet - to reduce the consumption of foods that a priori are harmful to the figure. By the way, after such charging, too, it is not necessary to run to the refrigerator and there is an unthinkable amount of rolls and pies. This you will not achieve anything. But include in the diet of sour-milk products, fruits and vegetables will be very useful. One more thing will be just fine if you start jogging in the morning. During such exercises, not only the tone of the whole organism rises, but the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and abdominal muscles work, and they are inextricably linked with the waist muscles. It is necessary to combine the exercises and add pressure to the abdominal press. waist exercises

Complex exercises

What activities can transform yourfigure? Exercises that affect the waist are particularly effective - those that are performed with the load. Here also use it - get small dumbbells (a maximum of 1 kg each) and begin work. For example, you can do all the exercises that are indicated in the first paragraph with dumbbells. You can just trivial swing the press, and you can hold a flap with your hands and dumbbells. Thus, all the muscles of the trunk will be worked out, and then your figure will look proportional. Want to find out what exercises for the waist will be most effective? Only complex! Do not neglect at least one of them, do not do one of them, because it's hard, for a full complex, you need to allocate only 30 minutes of your time and then enjoy the results. So…

  • Become, place your hands on your sides. Do the slopes to the side - for each 40 times. In this case, you yourself will feel which muscles are straining - the waist and the press.
  • Sit on the floor and lean on your hands behind your back (on your elbows). Raise straight legs 20 times. With this exercise will work not only the muscles of the abdominal press, but also the buttocks.
  • Sit on the floor and make slopes to your knees. In this case, you can keep your hands on the feet or ankles, and your legs should be straight. Ideally - touch your forehead with your feet.

Exercises that affect the waist, firstit is very difficult to perform - usually these muscles are not developed. Do not try to do the maximum number of swings and bends from the first day - so you only hurt yourself. In everything there should be moderation, do everything as possible and do not "rape" yourself. But just a month later, regular practice will almost miracle - you will see in the mirror an obvious decrease in the waist, tightened tummy and elastic buttocks: you can put on tight things and feel embarrassed about their appearance. Only work, perseverance and patience will help you to be transformed. Exercises that can at least somehow affect the waist, make it thin and at the same time tighten other muscles of the trunk, should be performed every day. But this is ideal, but in fact it is quite enough and 3 times a week. Classes are best spent under pleasant rhythmic music, with open windows and with the right mood. Smile more often, imagine what successes await you in the future, believe in the efficiency of your enterprise, and then you will be transformed! Remember what awaits you at the end of all the "torment" - compliments from others, admiring looks and self-confidence. Agree, for this it is worth the effort and a little work on yourself. We advise you to read: