exercises with dumbbells for women Each of us, regardless of tastes, habits andpreferences, I want to be slim and fit. After all, it is the beautiful physical form that is the guarantee of health and a guarantee of elegant sexuality - men always pay attention to the refined and graceful female figure. But not everyone has time for regular training and constant visits to the gym - many study, work and household chores take away everything, up to the last free minute. And not everyone has a desire to hurry somewhere in the early morning or immediately after a busy working day, when the physical and moral strength is already running out. Fortunately there is an alternative - exercises with dumbbells for women at home: each of us can be engaged in a comfortable environment for ourselves and achieve the desired result - to become more beautiful and sportive. And for all its effectiveness, training in your own apartment can be much more convenient than going to the gym - this is what the following advantages tell us:

  • Catching up at home, we can plan our timetrainings, do exercises in between business and cares, when several free minutes will appear. Moreover, you can even comfortably settle in your favorite room, conducting classes during your favorite TV series or TV shows, and combine two things at once, without spending a single minute of your precious time.
  • An important role is played by the fact that a visit to the gymand coach lessons cost money, while classes at home are free. Correctly picking up a set of exercises, each of us can maintain his physical form without harm to his wallet.
  • Often trainers develop and offer a wholeprogram, which includes a series of exercises with dumbbells for women: for pectoral muscles, legs, biceps, back. Doing on it with a specialist, you will develop several muscle groups at once, even if you had to pull up one thing. Home workouts give you the opportunity to focus on those problems that you want to fix first.

Let's think about our gentle pens - theyshould always be beautiful and sporty so that we can proudly wear a T-shirt or T-shirt, appear on the beach in a swimsuit - there is no place for long sleeves in the schedule of a sunny summer day. Remember that the trainer from the gym can choose a program of employment in which emphasis will be placed on the press, chest or thighs, and the hands will be given far not in the first place. Therefore, we need to take the situation under our control and take advantage of one of the ready-made complexes - then by the summer each of us will forget about blouses with long sleeves.

Exercises with dumbbells at home

Of the whole variety of sporting equipment dumbbellsare the most convenient and versatile "simulator": you can easily choose a weight that is perfect for beginners with any level of training. At the same time, this sports projectile complex effects on the body: it strengthens various areas of the body, even when you are going to do exercises only for the hands. Because at the same time the abdominal muscles are trained, the lower back is strengthened, the cardiovascular system is strengthened. As a result, dumbbells are very effective, and this is in view of the fact that they cost much less than a complex sports simulator, and that you will not spend a lot of time on the complex of exercises with them. So forward - we choose sports equipment, we reserve ourselves with good mood and desire to work on ourselves, and we begin to strengthen our body and burn calories.

Simple and effective exercises with dumbbells

exercises with dumbbells for women for handsWe want to talk about enough lightexercises that give a good result: regularly doing them, each of us can be in great physical shape. And to be convinced of the effectiveness of such trainings, it's enough to look at the girls who performed similar exercises with dumbbells for women: photos of slender figures and tight sports bodies will be best told that it is worthwhile to be engaged. Note that we focus on those techniques that even the smallest and fragile of us, even beginners with zero level of preparation, can easily do. An excellent exercise, well reinforcing biceps and triceps, is the "lift". To perform it, the girl needs to take a pair of small dumbbells, the weight of which should be a maximum of 1.5 kg. "Elevator" must be done standing, on the bill, according to the following scheme:

  • initial position - arms relaxed and lowered along the body;
  • at the expense of times - hands bend at the elbows and rise;
  • at the expense of two - hands are divorced to the side;
  • at the expense of three - through the sides of the hands are bred down, returning to the starting position.

Each girl can determine for herself how many timesshe should perform an "elevator": we recommend starting with a small number of times and gradually increasing the load. Another simple exercise with dumbbells for women for the hands - "bridge": it will help strengthen your biceps. And all that is needed for him is a pair of two-kilogram dumbbells. "Bridge" is also done standing up, and the scheme of its execution is simple:

  • the starting position - hands are stretched out in front of you;
  • at the expense of times - they go up;
  • at the expense of two - hands with dumbbells are put behind the head, and as far as possible;
  • at the expense of three - they again rise up, and then return to the starting position.

Recommendations for the implementation of the "bridge" aresame as in the case of the "elevator": start with one approach and several times, gradually increasing the load. Choosing for yourself exercises with dumbbells at home for women, do not forget to include in your comprehensive program "wiring". After all, making it easy enough, and the effect it gives is impressive - when you are engaged, you will happily notice how your biceps and triceps strengthen. To perform the "wiring" you need to take a couple of half a kilogram dumbbells. Note that this exercise is performed lying on the floor, according to the following simple diagram:

  • the starting position - arms bent at the elbows and spread apart;
  • at the expense of times - they need to be closed before the breast;
  • at the expense of two - hands need to be set apart, returning them to their original position.

With the number of times and the number of approaches, everything is simple: again, start small, increasing the load over time. It is necessary to say about what it is necessary to begin the implementation of the "bridge", "elevator", "wiring" and in general any exercise with dumbbells for women at home. Remember that too sharp a start only hurts, and does not bring you to success: starting with too much work, you simply tear yourself up and the next day you can not do it properly. Here is our advice: take the above exercises for yourself, complement them with techniques for another group of muscles, (for example, for the chest) and start each of them 15-20 times in 3 sets. In this case, all your muscles will be warmed up in a timely manner without any overload, and the exercises themselves will be easy and interesting.

Simple exercises with dumbbells for pectoral muscles

exercises with dumbbells for women for pectoral muscles We propose to supplement the training program for biceps and triceps with the following easy and fairly effective methods:

  • It is necessary to lie down on a bench or, for example, onset stools so that you can bend your arms in the elbows, placing dumbbells at the chest level. After that, you just need to raise your hands up and return them to their original position - despite all its simplicity, this technique gives an excellent result.
  • For the next exercise with dumbbellsfor women for pectoral muscles it is necessary to accept the same initial position, that is, to lie on a bench or stools. Then it is necessary to straighten the arms and place them in the sides, placing the dumbbells below the chest level. And then you need to take your hands over your head so that the two sports shells touch.
  • The next easy exercise is performed standing, itprobably for every one of us. Hands with dumbbells stretch forward, palms up, and then bend at the elbows and slowly pull themselves to the shoulders - it's all simple.
  • In order to perform the following exercise,you need to stand up straight, putting your feet to the width of your shoulders. Then it is necessary to take a dumbbell with both hands, placing it on the chest level. Then you just need to press your hands to the chest, holding a sports projectile, bending and placing elbows to the sides.
  • There is another effective and well-knownexercise with dumbbells at home for women - "scissors". It is carried out standing: you just have to plant and cross arms outstretched, holding a sporting projectile.

We recommend that you select a couple of such exercises andsupplement them with a training program, which already includes the "elevator", "bridge", "wiring". Then your classes, for all their lightness, will be able to strengthen several groups of muscles at once, paying equal attention to each of them.

The program of exercises for hands

We talked a lot about the program of your futureclasses, its compilation from several effective techniques, so it is just necessary to say how to approach it. Remember that any training begins with a warm-up: we advise you to perform a couple of exercises from the selected complex, but without sports equipment. You will well warm up the muscles in a similar "sparing" mode, without dumbbells. You also need to remember that to perform this or that exercise you may need shells with different weights. We advise not to change the program: if you need dumbbells of 1.5 kg for "wiring", take them, and not two or kilograms. After all, otherwise you risk overstraining the muscles or vice versa, not enough to load them, and then the training program will be disrupted. Let's think about when to do exercises with dumbbells for women for the hands: you need to develop a plan for the intensity of the exercises. Muscle beginners need a day to rest, so we recommend practicing 2-3 days a week. Now about the approaches: each exercise should be repeated 2-4 times, with a break of 45-60 seconds. For beginners, we recommend doing exercises 10-15 times: if this is easy, you can increase this figure to 15-20. To train more interesting and effective, it is worth changing the program of the complex of classes every 1.5-2 months. To do this, simply include in the complex other exercises or at least rearrange them in places. In short, the development and strengthening of biceps and triceps depends only on ourselves, on our desire and desire to be even more beautiful and attractive. This is a step that should be done - let's do the exercises with dumbbells for women without too much hesitation: photos of slim, smart and athletic girls will tell us that we are on the right track. We advise you to read: