how to get rid of pigment spots on the face Pigmented spots on the face are a problem with whichmany women are familiar not by hearsay. Usually the skin of a completely healthy person has a uniform color, while someone is darker, someone has a lighter color - it all depends on the amount of melanin. But sometimes in a woman's body there is a malfunction, after which this substance starts to reproduce in a larger amount, because of what appear dark spots, or ceases to be produced, which leads to the appearance of white islets on the skin.

Why could there be spots

Before you begin to fix thisproblems, be sure to determine its cause. Otherwise, it will take six months or a year, after which you will again find pigmentation on the face, and it will be much more difficult to fight with it. Sometimes such marks on the skin indicate a more serious disease, which is easier to overcome in the early stages.

  • Stress, illness and metabolic disorders

Sometimes the pigmentation manifests itself afterthe girl strongly perenervnichala, has had been ill with chronic, urogenital or female diseases. Dark spots on the face are also encountered by those who have problems with the liver and thyroid gland. Another reason is the acute shortage of vitamin C, which often happens if women sit down on serious diets.

  • Birth Defects

If, for example, a girl was born with a pigment(birthmark) spot, getting rid of it by the usual methods will be much more difficult than from the one that appeared recently. In this case, only a specialist can help, who will prescribe a certain course of procedures.

  • Exposure to sunlight

"Use a sunblock!"- constantly reminded doctors, but a fair number of women ignores these recommendations, thinking that they do not need such products. In fact, cosmetic products that protect against ultraviolet radiation - it's not a waste of money, but a must-have of every self-respecting girl who takes care of her health. When you sunbathe under the sun, the rays affect the skin cells and injure them. Subsequently, the melanocytes responsible for the production of melanin begin to darken. In most cases, strong pigmentation does not appear immediately, first small, hardly noticeable spots appear on the skin, which gradually grow in a certain area. Enhance the negative impact of UV can be cosmetic products, which include alcohol, perfumes, fragrances (perfume, deodorants, regular cream). Therefore, if you are going to take sunbaths, rinse the makeup off your face, and on the beach itself, apply a cream with ultraviolet protection on the skin.

  • Pills, Chemistry and Cosmetics

Oral contraceptives - one of the most popularin the twenty-first century methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies. They are increasingly preferred by the fair sex, who do not want to have children yet. But, unfortunately, even a small amount of hormones contained in tablets can adversely affect the skin, and as a result, there are pigmented spots. The same can happen if you use cheap and low-quality cosmetic products. Creams, powders, ointments must necessarily be certified, and in their composition - no harmful chemical additives and components that cause irritation and allergy.

  • Skin Trauma

Which woman at least once in my life did not squeeze outpimples on the face, hoping that thanks to such manipulations they will quickly pass? The consequence of this effect can be sad, from the growth of the focus of inflammation, ending with the pigmentation of the skin. This can also happen if after such a procedure, treat this area with a cauterizing agent (peroxide, alcohol, etc.). how to get rid of pigment spots on the face at home

Prevention and control of dark spots on the face

Small, barely noticeable specks appearing in thethe first days of spring, when the sun began to warm the earth a little stronger, look funny and sometimes even sexy, especially if the girl is red-haired or blonde. In such cases freckles rarely deliver any discomfort, so the fair sex does not even think about their removal. But how to get rid of the spots on the face that are too dark, like blots, or too light, which creates the feeling that the lady - a serious skin disease. This can be done both in specialized salons with the help of equipment, and at home, using folk methods, which our great-grandmothers still knew. The most common areas of pigmentation on the face: the forehead, which the girls have to hide behind a long bang, the line above the eyebrows, the border of the hair, cheeks, nose. To cover up such kindness with a thick layer of a voice-frequency cream and powder is difficult enough as the basis which is more dark than more than two tones of your skin, looks ridiculously, and usual light does not hide all lacks. After a couple of hours in the sun, pigmentation spots may appear even through cosmetics, as soon as it absorbs. We get rid of the pigment spots ourselves

  • Cosmetical tools

If you decide to eliminate the hated freckles inat home, preliminarily it is worth consulting in a dermatologist to exclude the possibility of the occurrence of adverse reactions, allergies, inflammation. Use strong bleaching drugs that are sold in pharmacies, you can only under the supervision of an experienced specialist. Firstly, you will not get a burn, and secondly, he will choose the right proportion so that you evenly lighten the skin, and not become covered with even darker and larger spots, which will be much harder to get rid of next time. Since in such products there are potent and dangerous substances to health, previously (one day before the procedure), the cream should be tested on a small area of ​​the skin. If after this time no reactions occur (itching, redness, the appearance of scars), you can begin to apply the substance on the face. However, remember that regularly get rid of pigmentation with the help of such drugs, especially at home - is strictly prohibited, otherwise it can lead to intoxication. Completely contraindicated bleaching products girls in the position, nursing mom, people who have problems with the skin, teeth, kidneys. The first time after such a procedure, you will have to wash the treated areas with a tonic or lotion, which does not include alcohol, since water, even purified from impurities and chlorine, can cause serious irritation or infection if the bacteria remain there. If desired, you can use less harmful cosmetics, which is not so toxic and dangerous to health. However, it is less effective - the result will last for a maximum of two weeks.

  • Folk methods

Getting rid of age spots in your homeconditions - the procedure is not simple, so you will have to show maximum patience in order to achieve the first positive results. But in this case you do not risk your health, and if you constantly use one of the recipes, you can forget about freckles on your face once and for all. One of the most famous methods is a tonic of cucumber and alcohol. Take two or three small fresh cucumbers, cut them with rings, place in a glass half-liter jar, then pour in two hundred milliliters of water and add three tablespoons of alcohol. Leave the mixture for a week in a dark and cool place, not accessible to children and animals. Wipe the problem areas in the morning and evening, after which the skin is applied nourishing cream. Pigmented spots are easily removed with sauerkraut juice or tomato juice. Take a thin rag napkin or gauze, soak it well, then put it on your face for ten to fifteen minutes, then wash with plenty of water. If the spots are not too dark, it will be enough for one or two weeks of such procedures. Do you want to achieve positive results faster? Mix one tablespoon of home-made fatty cottage cheese with a teaspoon of ammonia (about ten drops) and a teaspoon of peroxide. Use this mask should be every two to three days, not more often, so as not to get burned. Whiten the skin with a single teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice and twenty-five grams of yeast, diluted in a tablespoon of milk. This remedy with a normal cotton swab is applied to the skin for twenty minutes, then washed off with water. It is better to resort to such procedures either in the evening or early in the morning, so that for another hour or two the sun's rays do not get on your face. What products can be used to make masks The first place of honor is taken by a lemon, since it is able even to rid itself of dark spots without any additional ingredients. Next on the list is a cucumber, which is enough to grate or grind on a blender to make a magic mask. Also, the sour milk, the juice of parsley, onions, and aloe are very good at this problem. And in the last place are berries: strawberries, strawberries, currants. Prevention: it is better to warn at once than to eliminate later! So, first of all, start to properly take care of the skin, choose high-quality cosmetics, which will contain as many natural components as possible. In some cases, tonics, creams, masks can be made independently at home, and the ingredients for them you can find in the nearest pharmacy or even in your refrigerator. In addition, the cost of such products will be much lower, and efficiency - an order of magnitude higher. Every year in winter, drink the course of vitamin C, because at this time, its shortage is particularly acute. But remember that even these incredibly tasty and useful dragees have side effects, so consult a doctor beforehand, read the instructions, do not exceed the dosage. How much to drink to an adult - usually indicated by the manufacturer on the package. Also do not forget to take breaks, otherwise later you will come across another problem - hypovitaminosis. Drink green tea with honey, eat as much fruit as possible, especially citrus fruits. Lemons, oranges, tangerines, lime, grapefruit, pomelo, bergamot are just a small list of things that will not only completely improve your body, but also protect your face from age spots. Very good cope with their tasks, sour milk, which should be washed every day (instead you can use serum). It is recommended that every night before going to bed, wipe your face with a small slice of lemon or a cotton swab soaked in lime and parsley juice. But be careful if there are scratches on the skin, pimples, it is too dry, then the liquid should not contact the areas where there is no pigmentation, so as not to aggravate other existing problems. And last but not least - use cosmetics that protect against ultraviolet radiation. For example, on a tonal cream SPF should be from 15 and above, even if you apply a base in the winter or autumn, when the sun's rays do not so strongly affect the skin. We advise you to read: