retro style in clothes Every woman is inclined to experiment, changehis image and knowledge of something unusual and unusual to her. Especially such desires appear, when in a lady's life there comes a critical moment and there is a need to renew, throw off all the old and enter into a new era. Then the girls radically change their habitual style: they make haircuts, repaint hair, completely renew the wardrobe. The new image - this is a completely different woman, in the soul of which, too, there have been changes. The lady becomes more confident in herself, strong, proud, she has a feeling of her own beauty.

Transformation of the retro style

Today, the popularity ofstyle retro in clothes, filled with echoes of the past. However, these are not just outfits from the grandmother's chest - this is a special mood that appears when you try on this image. It can not be designated by any specific things or tendencies. Here it is appropriate to talk about specific time frames, which were characterized by different details in the clothes. So, in the 1920s, the atmosphere was dominated by emancipation. Ladies sought to get as close to the image of a man, defending their opinion that all people, regardless of gender, are equal. Women declared their beliefs by means of clothes: they wore shirts and strict suits, shortly cut their hair and put on hats. Also in fashion were dresses with a low waist and wide skirts. Bright representatives of the retro style - Marlene Dietrich and Lilya Brik. However, over time, the female image becomes more elegant and refined. Designers of the 30-ies wear representatives of the beautiful half of humanity in magnificent dresses, which favorably emphasize all the curves of the figure, wide skirts with a narrow waistline. Fashion includes stockings with arrows, as well as high-heeled shoes. All these attributes of the women's wardrobe give women sexuality and make them objects of male lust. Girls no longer fight for gender equality, now their main weapon is weakness, beauty, the ability to seduce and flirt, and they skillfully use it. The war affected not only the fate of people, but also left a mark on their style of clothing. In the late 40's and early 50's, military fashion shades are in fashion, but their appearance is not at all the idea of ​​designers, but rather the need for practicality. The main motto of that time is modesty and restraint. The high heels are replaced by simple comfortable shoes, the dresses are mostly of moderate length just below the knee. The same puritanical simplicity is different hairstyles and makeup ladies. However, the great Christian Dior, who carried out the revolution in the fashion world, brings a new trend - bright, screaming and simultaneously feminine images. Now the girls wear dresses that are tightly tied at the waist, and lush skirts long for the knee. There are such accessories as gloves to the elbow, small bags, similar to modern clutches, elegant wide-brimmed hats and lacquered straps. In the 70s-80s, two completely different, but, undoubtedly, bright directions emerged. The first is the style in which the ladies sought to emphasize their sexuality and femininity. In this image there was an inimitable Brigitte Bardot. Cabinets fashionistas bursting with bright outfits in a flower, peas and a cage with a collar-stand or with a naked back. Girls began to put on big glasses in a light frame, on their heads to tie elegant scarves and scarves. Fashion included mini and maxi dresses, wide flared trousers with loose belts that dropped from the waist to the hips. The second direction, radically opposite to the first, is the hippy clothes, which defied the society and the traditions rooted in it. Women wore narrow torn jeans, various colored T-shirts and T-shirts with inscriptions, scarves and suede shoes. The styles of clothing, as well as the accessories of these periods, are reflected in one way or another in modern fashion, which is completely democratic. Every girl who has a sense of taste and knows how to combine even seemingly incongruous things, will be able to combine retro elements with today's outfits and look stunning at the same time. retro style in clothes

Modern clothing in retro style

Today's fashion does not exactly repeat the motivespast and does not copy the retro style of that time, but it uses some details of the past decades and makes its own new decisions. Thus, in the wardrobe of women of fashion returned such elements: lace trim, embroidery, wedges on skirts, ruches on dresses and sarafans, gold accessories and silver threads. A certain set of materials from which you can create an outfit in retro style does not exist. In this case, the main thing - your imagination and imagination, as well as the spirit of the time, which you would like to recreate. The main features of the romantic retro style include:

  • flying, light and gently enveloping the figuretransparent, and also translucent fabrics. It can be chiffon or natural silk, thin knitwear or wool, elegant lace. As for the color of the future attire, then give preference to pastel, muted and light colors, a small floral pattern is possible. Dark and harsh tones are forbidden, and strict and angular ornaments should also be avoided;
  • half-fitted and fitted silhouettes that emphasize the beauty of the female figure and emphasize its merits;
  • elements such as ruches, bows, frills, lace inserts, flounces, jabots on blouses and cuffs made of lace, satin or velvet;
  • a combination of large and small volumes, as well as coarse and gentle, for example: a fitted bodice and a wide skirt, a translucent flying blouse with simple jeans;
  • drapery on the chest, waist, bottom of the dress or skirt in tandem with decorative buttons or an unusual brooch.

For a wardrobe made in retro style,suit clothes of different colors. Particular attention should be paid to bright dresses, skirts or suits: pink, red, blue, with a pattern in polka dots or a cage, in a flower. Fabric for your outfit can be absolutely any: kapron or satin, silk, velvet or krimplen, crepe de Chine or nylon. All this will be in harmony with the image of the retro diva. Today, many designers suggest that girls get a "ticket to the past." So, in the collections of Donna Karan, Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs, Prada and others, elegant and elegant miniature envelopes, stylish long gloves to the elbow, wide belts of patent leather, glasses and accessories of various designs prevail. High slender models pacing the catwalk in broad-brimmed hats. Therefore, if you decide this season to try on a retro style, refer to the creations of famous couturiers. In addition, do not forget that a mandatory attribute of this image is shoes on a massive platform. Also, stylists recommend diversifying their wardrobe with worn jeans and vests with metal zippers and buttons, jackets with unusually high shoulders, decorated with epaulettes and embroidery from stones, and mini skirts. beautiful retro style in clothes

We are assembling a retro wardrobe

So, we hope that the above tips helpedyou understand what retro style is. Therefore, if you decide to change your image, pick up the basic things that should appear in your new wardrobe. For this, follow some recommendations:

  • choosing a blouse, pay attention to models with a bow on the collar - this detail will help to emphasize the retro-image. Preferably, the article is made of fabric into a large or small pea;
  • buy a pencil skirt, preferably with an overstated waistline, - it sits superbly on both slender girls and full-grown ladies, helping to hide the flaws of the figure and narrow it visually;
  • shoes should be either high-heeled, or on a heavy platform. Do not bypass always topical pumps;
  • mandatory attribute of retro wardrobe - dress withwide skirt and belt. This model will advantageously emphasize your breasts and, if necessary, make the figure visually slimmer. It should not be either too long or short, the best option is slightly below the knee;
  • as for outerwear, then you should choose your coat-trapezoid of any color: red, black, white or other suitable shade.

No image is complete without the correspondingaccessories, because they make it complete. Therefore, get the necessary jewelry - it can be a thin belt, bright butterfly-colored glasses in a color frame, a small handbag matched to the clothes for a wide hair hoop. We hope that your transformation will succeed! The main thing - love yourself, and then in whatever clothes you appear, your person will always be in the center of attention. We advise you to read: