pear figure type Every woman wants to always look likemodel from the cover of the fashion magazine. However, not all of us have the same forms and sometimes we are upset because of this. We lean on aerobics, exhaust ourselves on simulators, we sit on rigid diets and - any result! So much effort, and similarities with the models as there was not, and no. Sometimes you even fall into despair, not knowing what to do. The thighs do not want to become narrow, the legs are long and lean ... What else can I do ?! The main thing is to calm down, because in reality there is no problem here. We have different types of figures, and in order to look great, you just need to determine your type of figure and correctly choose the style of clothing. If we have wide hips, well-marked waist and narrow shoulders, then our type of figure is "pear". And this is wonderful, because he is the most feminine of all types of figures! So we stop upsetting and determine what clothes we need to emphasize our femininity.

Rules for choosing clothes and accessories for the type of the figure "pear"

For any type of figure, there are rulesselection of clothes and accessories, helping to emphasize the dignity of this or that physique. The main rule of the dress style for those who have a pear-shaped figure is to visually reduce the volume of the hips, moving the emphasis on the upper part of the body to balance the hips and shoulders. In this case, it is necessary to emphasize the waist, which is with such a physique of a woman its special pride. In general, the advice on what is better to wear with this type of figure, will be:

  • Straight lines should be avoided. They make the figure massive;
  • The top elements of clothing should be chosen with pads. They will expand their shoulders;
  • Cutouts should be wide, diagonal or V-shaped. Then the shoulders will look wider;
  • The pear-shaped figure looks well from the shoulders to the center of the abdomen, made with the letter V;
  • The proportions balance the tightening figure to the hips and the garment that widens downwards;

As for accessories, with this typeThe figure is suitable for a soft, curved, rather than a rectangular shape of ornaments. The neck and shoulders can be emphasized with brooches, chains, patterned handkerchiefs, necklaces and so on. The main thing is that the outlines of accessories should be oval. Now let's see what should not be worn with the type of figure "pear". Do not wear:

  • Too tight clothes. She will emphasize the difference between hips, shoulders and waist;
  • Baggy clothes. She will make the figure formless;
  • Clothing, the style of which hides the transition between the hips and waist;
  • Clothing with a cross pattern, seams and lines on the hips;
  • Clothing made from dense hard fabrics;

clothes for pear figure type

Models of clothes and shoes for a pear-shaped figure

These were the general rules of clothing for pear-shapedtype of figure. Now let's talk about its specific elements. Dresses for the figure type "pear" In this figure, the dresses look just fine. The main thing is that their cut-out or the upper part trim be wide, diagonal or V-shaped. Suits and dresses on wide straps. It should be remembered - thin strapless and semi-circular cutouts should be avoided. Look good on the pear-shaped figure from above light, and from below dark dresses. The bottom is better to choose flared or in the form of a trapezoid. He will emphasize the waist and make the breasts more magnificent. As for evening dresses, they should be with corsets. Then the figure will look great. Blouses, sweaters and tops Blouses, sweaters and shirts with a pear-shaped figure should be chosen decollete, and tops with rectangular cutouts. They visually expand their shoulders. To the upper part of the trunk, attention is attracted by eye-catching buttons, ties, chains, brooches, necklaces. Blouses, shirts, tops, sweaters should emphasize the waist. However, too tight-fitting, as well as too loose their styles, do not fit. Trousers, jeans and skirts The pear-shaped figure looks great models of skirts, trousers and jeans with a slightly lowered belt of darker than the model itself, the tone. Trousers made of soft knitwear will make the hip line smooth and feminine. Look great on this figure flared from the middle of the thigh pants and straight jeans from the bottom. They slash their legs. But narrowed down trousers or jeans will make the figure heavy and disproportionate, and the hips are too wide. They should be abandoned. Also, do not wear trousers and jeans with patch pockets or patterns on the hips - this will make them even wider. It is more expedient to choose models with longitudinal slotted pockets. They are slim. Skirts should be straight or in the form of a trapezoid, from flying fabrics. Baggy styles of trousers and skirts, skirts-tulips and models with an overstated waist with a pear-shaped figure do not fit. Jackets and coats The pear-shaped figure looks great half-fitting jackets long to the waist or slightly lower. They should not have cuts or hoods on their backs. As for the coat, it is better to wear fitted, expanded at the bottom styles with fur or heavy collar shawls. They can be replaced with a large scarf. The main thing is that the coat should have an emphasis on the shoulder area. Swimsuits and shoes Holders of figures like "pear" should wear whole-skinny swimsuits with wide straps. Suit and bikini with a skirt or a swimsuit, consisting of T-shirts and panties. The main thing in this matter is a bright top, a darker and muted bottom, which stands out brightly. Do not choose a swimwear with deep cutouts on a bikini or swimwear with drapery at the top. They will make the figure ugly. As for shoes, it should be on his heels. If it's hard to walk on a stud, a wide, stable heel will do. The main thing that he was present. Blunt socks on shoes and straps, fastened around the calf, do not fit. They will make the legs visually more massive. So, what are the best clothes for a pear-shaped figure?

  • Dresses with V-neck, emphasizing the waist and widening below;
  • Jeans and trousers trimmed from the hips with a slightly lowered waist;
  • Straight or in the form of a trapeze skirt of soft fabric;
  • Not too tight-fitting decollete blouses, sweaters, tops;
  • Jackets without cuts and shorts to waist length or slightly lower;
  • Heeled shoes:
  • One-piece or partially closed swimsuits with a light top.

Well, in general, that's all. It is enough for a pear-shaped figure to always follow these simple rules, and she will look no worse than any beauty from a glossy magazine. We advise you to read: