trousers breeches 2012 In the coming year in the fashion will be the original andbold models of trousers - you understand, looking at the collection of Rebecca Taylor, Nina Ricci, Alexander McQueen. The shows in London, Paris and New York told us about one of the trends promising to be popular this spring. This trousers-riding breeches of 2016 from the last collections - bold, original and even extravagant and at the same time so interesting and attractive. They will go as fashion-makers and ordinary girls who want to emphasize the subtlety of their taste. The popularity of breeches will partly be explained by the fact that these are very comfortable and "useful" trousers: they do not just look beautiful, but also help to correct the small shortcomings of the figure. They should be worn by girls with thin legs or a narrow pelvis with full hips. With a riding breeches, the waist will appear to be truly aspen, and the figure - 100% feminine, exciting and delightful. But let's go directly to the style: modern fashion tells us about the relevance of the two options. So, trousers-riding breeches, narrowing either to the ankles, or to the hips, will be popular. The first option is freer, while the second is bolder - girls should take this into account when creating images.

Unbeatable variants of "riding breeches" - 2016

  • Business, that is, monochromatic models of classicallength - they will help create an image of a confident woman, collected and strict, but at the same time aware of all the fashion trends. With such breeches, you can create an impeccable look, perfectly suited for work and for going out into the light.
  • Lightweight silk or satin models - they will bea great option for active and cheerful girls, constantly staying in motion, seeking to dress not only modern, but also convenient. These breeches are great for a trip to a party or a friendly get-together - sure, they will choose lovers of holidays and entertainment.
  • Denim, that is, the most original, bold,sports things - this is an option for young people who love dynamism and constantly challenges society with their extravagance. By the way, this season in fashion will be not only jeans, but in general all models from the fabric of hard textures, for example, leather - just what the young people are delighted with.
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    What color should be "riding breeches" in 2016?

    Let's go directly todescribed styles: each of them has its own characteristics - they are quite different from each other not only by texture. The coloring of these trousers "breeches" is also different: Business style is quite strict - in it the tone is set by blue, brown, gray, beige, sand models. These pants are calm and sustained - they see not only beauty, but also the confidence of strong women. It is clear, what color should be a model of light style - airy, unobtrusive, maximally positive. That's why the choice of girls will be white, cream, beige pants for women: breeches 2016 promise to be 100% attractive. But at the same time there will not be too bright colors - design houses are betting on the balance, realizing that everything, and even extravagance, should be in moderation. The most original colors we will see in the case of jeans and other "hard" models. In this case, the girl can choose not only stylish black breeches, but also indigo or even blue trousers, with divorces or dynamic patterns. Any such thing will look bold, so in this case you can experiment with color combinations. trousers breeches spring summer 2012

    With what to wear a riding breeches in 2016?

    There are several rules, and the first one -no volume above the waist. If you picked up stylish breeches, then to create a truly harmonious image, you should dwell on the fitted blouses, shirts, blouses. As you understand, this rule is "iron" - it will not only be relevant in the coming spring season, it always worked. There is one more principle that should be adhered to: you need to carefully choose shoes. For girls of small and medium height, a high-heeled pair of shoes and ankle boots will be a win-win option. Of course, sneakers or ballet shoes should not be discounted, especially since the same denim models of riding breeches with such shoes will look very impressive. Just remember that this combination is suitable only for tall and slender girls. And now we will tell you about the current rule for 2016. Since all the models are quite strict and calm, except perhaps for extravagant options, the whole image should also be seasoned. Therefore, select the top, based on the maximum of 3 colors, and try not to overload your look with an abundance of accessories. Competently chosen trousers-breeches will be an ornament of your wardrobe - this is a must-have coming season. We advise you to read: