with what to wear a fur vest Always really do not want to part with the warmbut the cold days have already come. This fact forces us to change the wardrobe to a warmer, though not less fashionable. Collections of winter clothes are increasingly sparkling with furs, which have subdued all the podiums and hearts of our ladies, and their simplest version is the sleeveless jackets, which this season are at the height of popularity. In such a vest, safely go to work, and for rest and walking it is generally an indispensable option. Be elegant, elegant, just great - with a fur vest everything is possible! They are absolutely different in style, cut, material, texture. So with what to wear a fur vest? Today, designers offer a wide range of natural furs: lamb, mink, chinchilla, sable, fox, beaver, rabbit, alpaca, fox, sheepskin, scrawl. In our time, even artificial fur is diverse. His beautiful additions were leather, decorative fur trim, hoods, collars, as well as various zippers, ties and fasteners. To always remain fashionable, it is worth remembering: if there is at least one three-dimensional thing in your image, the rest must be tight-fitting. fur vest with what to wear

What are the possible combinations of fur vest?

  • If the waistcoat is made of long and fluffy pile, for example, alpaca or lamb, it is better to combine it with a tight-fitting turtleneck and jeans, so as not to create additional volume.
  • Owners of a waistcoat with a short pile to the hips can afford to wear tweed trousers, a voluminous skirt or a country style skirt.
  • For work in the office it is possible to combine a fur waistcoat and a strict dress that will accurately emphasize your taste.
  • An excellent addition to your style will be jewelry with large beads or a long chain with a noticeable pendant. The main thing is that the accessories are not fur.
  • For walking and relaxing in nature, a combination of a fur waistcoat with jeans and high boots is perfect.
  • If the weather is cool, obligatory and warmThe addition will be a large knitted scarf, long gloves, matching the tone to the bag or leather belt that will accentuate your figure, especially the waist, making it an "aspen".
  • In autumn weather, the vest is very good to wear on a warm sweater with a throat - it will easily replace your jacket.
  • For the winter variant it is better to put on a vest on a leather jacket or over a drape coat.

Recently, many girls are increasinglywonder - a fur vest with what to wear most appropriately? The famous Canadian designer Todd Lynn at a secular party presented a refined and equally elegant collection of evening and cocktail dresses in drapery and silver fur. About the 70s disco and hippies were reminded of Versace's work with their lush vests of blue color, leather belts decorated with large buckles, and ankle boots on massive platforms. American designer Michael Kors offers to wear artificial fur vests juicy red color and no less beautiful, in his opinion, the combination - a cocktail dress and ankle boots. Armani presented a model with a leopard print. And Dolce & Gabbana is a fur vest with a long sheep's pile. Valentino struck all the furs of emerald and lilac flowers. It does not matter which vest you choose for yourself, be it from natural or artificial fur, curly lamb pile or short-sheared sheepskin - it will always be stylish. A fur jacket, as they say, has been multifunctional and universal in all centuries, as it fits girls and women of any shape and growth. But it must be carefully chosen, because on one figure it will look elegant and elegant, and on the other will emphasize all the shortcomings. So, let's try to figure out how to wear a fur waistcoat. how to wear a fur vest

Vest for your figure

  • If you are the owner of a beautiful slenderfigures, then vests shortened, with buckles, unique large buttons, lightning, will suit you. Good length - to the waist and the line of trousers. In this case, you will emphasize all the merits of the figure.
  • A monophonic fur waistcoat will perfectly complement the belt at the waist.
  • For full girls who would like to visually reduce the waist, you should choose waistcoats made of cut fur. The length is up to the middle of the thigh. A good addition for this waistcoat is the belt.
  • For fragile girls with a small chest, a long-haired waistcoat with a belt that visually adds the missing volume will fit.

A fur jacket can be buttoned,lightning, lacing. In combination with a cotton skirt, autumn and winter fur colors, such as beige, red, black and gray, fawn or white, gray, black, should be selected. An excellent addition will serve as a belt with rhinestones, which is perfect for any celebration. Today in fashion volume. If your vest is fully buttoned, it is better to emphasize it with a thin or thick leather strap. Contrasting buckle will add an image of mystery and raisins. This option is not suitable for everyone, but to give your image of femininity and tenderness, you can choose a more fitting version of the fur vest and decorate it with a belt of silk. Fashionable novelty of the winter season will be a hood with a hood. This option is very good because the hood will easily replace any headgear and will serve as a good addition for the whole image.