breathing exercises for slimming oxysize The problem of excess weight is very familiar to many. Unfortunately, in this incessant struggle it is often they who win - our worst enemies - extra pounds. What women do not do to get rid of them - tough diets and unloading days, exhausting workouts in the gym, regular visits to the sauna and the mandatory wearing of special underwear .... But sometimes even complex measures do not bring the desired result. What to do? The answer is obvious - to look for new, effective ways. After all, we are not accustomed to step back and drop our hands, right? Not so long ago, there was another way to combat excess weight - breathing exercises Oxisayz. Perhaps you've heard of a similar technique before - Bodyflex. This gymnastics for weight loss is quite popular in our country. If this is so, then you will not be surprised that such seemingly different things as breathing and being overweight are related to each other. Both methods are based on the same principle - for weight loss, it is necessary to saturate the body with oxygen, which will oxidize and neutralize fatty deposits. And what is the difference between these systems and is it? Of course. Even a few.

  • Bodyflex assumes a sufficiently long delayrespiration. That is why this technique has a lot of contraindications - from heart disease to pregnancy. Respiratory gymnastics Oksisayz does not require such "victims" from its followers. It is believed that this system simply has no contraindications. However, before you start regular exercises, it is better to consult a doctor after all. Just in case.
  • In contrast to Bodyflex, whichmust be strictly in the morning, on an empty stomach, gymnastics for weight loss Oksisayz easily fit into any schedule. It can be performed absolutely at any time. Well, maybe, do not do it right after a big dinner.
  • Some Bodyflex exercises are accompanied by loud sounds. Oxisayz is spared this shortcoming. So you can not be afraid that you will frighten the household or wake the child.

breathing exercises for weight loss

What is Oxisase?

The name of the technique appeared as a result of the mergertwo English words - "oxygen" (oxygen) and "exercise" (exercises). Developed this system American teacher Gil Johnson. Before that, she had tried for many years to part with extra pounds and, as a result, experienced all the joy of "ups and downs" and the pain of "falls". The results were not encouraging. Kilograms persistently did not want to leave, and if they left their seats for a short while, then very soon, with stunning persistence, they returned back. After reading a bunch of literature on weight loss, Jill discovered that to successfully get rid of excess kilograms, first of all you need oxygen. So, the first step on the way to success is deep diaphragmatic breathing. But in order for oxygen to reach the deepest "deposits" of fat, one breath is not enough. Therefore, there was an idea to combine right breathing with exercises. So there was a breathing gymnastics for slimming Oxisayz. In fact, this is a symbiosis of the technique of diaphragmatic breathing and callanetics - static exercises. Oddly enough, a technique developed by a person without special education - in fact, a dilettante - was recognized as effective and approved by professionals. Several US universities have conducted a series of studies to determine the amount of calories consumed and the level of oxygen consumption during gymnastics for weight loss. For clarity, the results were compared with the popular exercise on a stationary bike. They surprised many. As the study showed, energy consumption during gymnastics is 140% higher than when exercising. In addition, due to increased consumption of oxygen, the metabolism is accelerated about four times and, as a consequence, the long-awaited slimming effect sets in. In addition to this occupation, Oxysize helps to increase immunity and improve well-being. What is this miracle method?

Technique of breathing

Oxysase breathing technology includes three stages.

  • Breathe Stand up, slightly bend your knees andtry to relax your abdominal muscles as much as possible. Do not lift your shoulders. Hands should hang down comfortably along the body. Smile broadly. At the same time, your nostrils should greatly expand. Take the deepest breath through your nose. You must feel the air pass into the stomach, inflating it like a ball.
  • Three breaths Strongly tighten the muscles of the buttocks and pelvis and lift the lower part of the abdomen. While in this position, take three more breaths so that the air completely fills the lungs.
  • Exhale Do you know how to play the flute?Even if not, then, most likely, imagine how to fold your lips. Pull them into the tube in such a way that a narrow slit forms between them. Exhale the air through it, while trying to maximally draw in the belly. Keep the muscles of the buttocks in tension and do not lower your chin.
  • Three exhalations Make three more expirations in a row, trying to remove all the air from the lungs and preparing them for a deep breath.

Repeat this cycle should be at least ten times. Here, in general terms, and all the "wisdom". However, this is only the beginning. Having mastered the technique of breathing, you will begin to combine it with various stretching exercises. It is this combination that gives, according to many, an amazing effect. At least, Jill Johnson states that it was the breathing gymnastics for weight loss that helped her to reduce weight and volumes so that her clothes now are eight sizes smaller. However, Gil herself says that this result is quite average. Many achieve a much more impressive effect. oxysize

Exercises for gymnastics

Well, if you have already mastered the breathing techniques of Oxisayz, it's time to talk about the exercises themselves. At the first stage there will be only seven of them.

  • Side stretching This exercise will help bringin the muscle tone of the press. Very useful for those who want to get an "aspen" waist. Take the starting position for breathing. Now lift your left arm up and tilt the body to the left so that the trunk is in the same plane with the pelvic bones. While holding the stretching, perform four complete cycles of breathing. Repeat three times in each direction.
  • Squats near the wall This exercise is very usefulfor slimming the buttocks and legs. Pectoral muscles also work. Stand close to the wall. Keep your back straight. Gradually, go down, leaning on the wall. When your hips are parallel to the floor, place your arms at the chest level - palm to the palm - and squeeze them hard. Perform a complete breathing cycle. Repeat three times.
  • Push-ups All muscles work. Stand facing the wall and lean on it in such a way that your hands are at the chest level. Keep the palms parallel to each other. Strip off the wall. When you feel the maximum muscle tension, stand on your toes, straightening the body. Perform a breathing cycle. Repeat the exercise three times.
  • Squats Ideal for weight loss most"Difficult" zones - buttocks and inner thighs. Stand up straight. Slightly expand the toes of the legs inward, so that the knees are facing each other. Sit down a little and strain the muscles of your legs as if you are trying to spread the floor in different directions, split it into two parts. Further - all as always. Full respiratory cycle and three repetitions.
  • Push-ups with a chair Take a chair, sit onthe very edge and lean your hands on the seat. Push the buttocks forward, so that the emphasis is only on the toes of the feet and palms. Fix the body in this position and perform a breathing exercise. Repeat three times.
  • "Cobra" This exercise is useful for the muscles of the press andback. Take the rug for classes and spread it on the floor. Lie down on it face down. Place your hands on your chest, placing them on the floor with your hands. Slowly unbend them at the elbows. Make sure that the hips do not come off the floor. Feel the muscles of the press stretch. Perform a breathing cycle. Do this three times.
  • "Rocket" During this exercise workall muscle groups. Lay down on the back, lining the rug. Stretch out "in a string" - the socks are drawn, hands behind the head. Imagine that you are stretched at the same time by the arms and toe socks. Stretch in different directions, while performing a breathing cycle. This is the final exercise exercise. You can relax. Exercise Oxisayz requires methodicity. It is necessary to perform all these exercises every day. When you master them, the whole complex will take you about 15 minutes. Well, if you feel that it is too easy - look for exercises for the second level of complexity.

Here, in general, and all the basic information about theGil Johnson system. What is it, this breathing gymnastics Oxisayz - "magic remedy" for those who want to lose weight or another method that helps units? Apparently, time will judge. But if everything that was tested before did not work, maybe it makes sense to change tactics ... After all, we are not used to giving up, right? We advise you to read: