complex of exercises for hands All women dream to look amazing andto have an impeccable, tight figure. And, first of all, they all think about the condition of the legs, buttocks and the press. In training somehow it is forgotten that beautiful hands also matter, and not small. With the onset of heat, we remove bored turtlenecks and cardigans, preferring light sarafans and blouses without sleeves. Here it turns out that our hands do not look exactly as we would like. Probably, one of the easiest ways to achieve a beautiful figure are fitness classes under the guidance of an instructor. In sports centers, clients are offered a special complex, developed depending on the individual characteristics of the person. They are worth a little more expensive, but the effect from them you will get faster. Classes with the group also give their results, the main thing is to visit them regularly, without missing a single workout. And try to achieve accuracy in doing exercises for the hands and for other parts of the body. And what about women who for some reason can not attend the sports section? First, do not get upset! After all, training can be done at home. Below are the sets of exercises for the hands, which will help you to independently achieve effective results. All you need is a little time, dumbbells and a great mood. Yes, you can not do without the latter! It is very important to tune in to a good result, and then your training will necessarily bear fruit. Begin classes with simple exercises for hands, without using dumbbells, gradually increasing the load. After choosing a set of exercises, you should repeat it every day 5-6 times in 4-5 approaches. Gradually increase the number of repetitions. A little later, you can expand the complex and try training with dumbbells. the right set of exercises for hands

We start with light exercises, without dumbbells

  • Push-up. This exercise for the hands is one of the most effective. However, if you have not worked out for a long time, then first let your support be a sofa, not a floor. It must be ensured that the trunk is fully lowered and raised. Particular attention should be given to the buttocks. You can help yourself, thinking: once - go down, two - straighten up. At the beginning of training, try to press 5-6 times;
  • Straight stand. We put the feet on the width of the shoulders, raise our hands and plant them in the sides. Do not bend your hands, you need to drive them as if you are drawing a circle. Be engaged in one minute;
  • On the floor. Lean on your knees and palms. Knees at this location far from each other, and the palms should lie at shoulder level. Hand fingers in different directions, bending your hands in such a way as to be able to touch the floor with a thorax. Keep your back straight. Repeat exercise 7-8 times;
  • On the floor, lie on your stomach. Hips at the same time, place it tightly to the floor, spreading your legs apart. Rest on the palm of your hand. Hand fingers forward. Raise yourself up on your hands so that they straighten up.

It's time to increase the load - we use dumbbells

  • The "wiring" is simple, but very effective for the hands. We lay on the floor, arms bent at the elbows and spread out to the sides. Snap them in front of the chest and again plant. To perform such exercises, the weight of dumbbells should not be less than one and a half kilograms;
  • "Elevator". Use small dumbbells. Standing straight, lower your arms - the starting position. We begin the exercises with lifting our hands up, bending at their elbows, and then spreading them apart. Exercise is done 5-8 times, then you can complicate the complex by increasing the number of approaches;
  • "Bridge" is an excellent solution for those who alreadyis engaged for a while and wants to increase the load. To perform exercises perfect fit dumbbells weighing two kilograms. We stand up straight and stretch our hands in front of us. Raise your hands and wind them, as far as possible behind the head. Then lift up again. Repeat at least 8-10 times.

a good set of exercises for hands

We train the biceps with a rubber shock absorber

Biceps is a well-known muscle, even for people, distantfrom the sport. This muscle flexes the arms at the elbow and plays an important role in stabilizing the shoulder joint, preventing its dislocation. In order for the biceps to work well and never fail, it should be trained. And this can be done with the help of special exercises for the hands with the use of a rubber shock absorber. Before you start, you need to warm up to warm up the muscles. To do this, you need to rotate your shoulders and hands.

  • Sit on a chair or stool (on any hard surface). Make sure that there is nothing around that can interfere with the exercise;
  • Stand with two feet on the middle part of the rubber shock absorber, and take its ends in your hands. Hold the palms on the width of the shoulders, and the elbows are closer to the body;
  • Exhaling, bend your hands, and lift the ends of the shock absorber up. At the same time, remember that the back should be kept exactly, the muscles of the press and the muscles of the back should work;
  • Exercise repeat 20-25 times, in three approaches with a short break. This exercise can be slightly modified, bending hands in turn.

A few recommendations:

  • Remember the elbows! They should be fixed, position them in one position - as close to the body as possible;
  • Keep straight - the back should be flat;
  • Returning your hands to their original position, leave them bent, otherwise there is a chance to damage the muscles.

Having formed your own complex, and performing itregularly and assiduously, you will get an excellent result. Always remember that before starting a set of exercises for the hands, you should warm up a little to warm up the muscles. For this, you can jump 30 times, while raising your hands. And to fix the complex of exercises you can use usual push-ups from the floor, or from the couch - for beginners, while leaning on your knees and hands. Do not forget that your back is straight and straight, and do not lift the pelvis up. The entire complex should be properly selected, performed in conjunction with exercises aimed at forming other parts of the body. Only in this way will you get an ideal figure, without a hint of folds, fat deposits and saggy muscles. By the way, do not forget about a healthy diet, the right mood and a good mood. From the latter much depends! Just a little effort - and beautiful, tightened hands will become your pride. Now you have at your disposal the most open and seductive clothes, you can drive any man crazy! We advise you to read: