correct exercises for the chest There is no such woman who would be satisfied with herfigure. And the first thing any woman would like to improve is her breasts. And regardless of the parameters that the owner awarded nature. As you know, there are no limits to perfection. It is really possible to increase the amount of bust by using force exercises. A question that worries many: is it necessary to go to a fitness room for this? Whether you need it or not, it's up to you. There is no fundamental difference between employment in a gym and a home. Another thing is that the awareness of the need to go somewhere, and even to a certain time, and what you paid for classes, is disciplined. Yes, and the presence of a coach can stimulate the desire to engage. At least, he will not let you shirk and pity yourself, make sure that the load during the lessons was given correctly and in full. But in modern life, too much prevents us from regularly visiting the fitness room. Therefore, you can start with regular training at home. Who knows, maybe you will like it, and you voluntarily purchase a subscription? Only before taking on dumbbells, you should understand two points, without understanding which the final result may not satisfy you or no result will be.

  • The mammary glands can not be increased in any other way, except with the help of implants;
  • Without serious physical exertion, and therefore, hard work, increasing the volume of the breast can not be achieved.
  • Confused? In fact, everything is much easier than it seems. push-ups for breast augmentation

    What are our girls made of?

    More precisely, what is a woman's breast? The word "breast" itself is a literary concept. From the anatomical point of view it is a complex of bones, muscles and glandular, connective and other tissues. Ribs form a thorax, and their volume to us to change is not given. Above the ribs are attached muscles. They are different in form and structure - we do not need to know such details, it's enough to remember that they are, and it's them that we can "pump up". Above the muscles there is a fatty layer - it is necessary for the normal functioning of the body, but excess fat leads to unnecessary folds on the body. We can avoid such consequences with the help of exercises or diets. And only then we can see the most outstanding (in the direct and figurative meaning) part of the chest - the mammary glands. They consist mainly of glandular tissue, and there are no muscles in them, so there is nothing to work with. But we can, first, increase the volume of the muscular skeleton of the sternum, due to which the bust will increase, and secondly, tighten those muscles that hold the glands themselves. Thanks to them, the bust will rise, become elastic, tightened, which will help to give it a visually greater volume. By the way, modern surgical implants do exactly this: raise the bust and increase the volume of muscles. And do not be frightened by the phrase "pump up the muscles." If you do not want them to look like a bodybuilder, then they will not get any extra relief. And it takes a lot of effort to achieve this effect.

    Physical labor has made of primacy a man, and from a woman - a goddess

    Now you can often find the description of the complexphysical exercises with the following content: "a few simple exercises - and after a couple of weeks your breasts will reach ... size." To the great regret - it is impossible. Provided a competent approach, a large enough load and a serious attitude to work, the first changes for the better and an increase you will notice only after a couple of months. A really tangible result will wait and that later. But there is also a very comforting fact: the new form will remain with you for a long time. To engage in daily sense does not matter: the "loaded" muscles require rest - the blood circulation should be restored in full. Therefore, the ideal schedule of classes - every other day. But only without omissions and "shirking". Regularity is the key to success. Do not need to give yourself such a load, so that you do the last exercises as if you are performing a feat in the name of the Motherland. And yet, the tension should be felt, which follows from the favorite saying of experienced coaches: "It's not painful, it means wrong". Although, of course, extremely powerful feelings too to anything. Painful sensations the next day after training, most effectively removes the massage, bath or a small workout, no matter how cruel it may sound. Remember: the more you feel sorry for yourself, the further your result. The increase in the volume of the breast depends only on your own efforts. And now: gathered, exhaled - and forward, for the perfect bust! warm-up for breast augmentation

    Exercise without warm-up - effort to the wind

    Any physical exercise must begin withwarm-up. And now it's not even about the benefits to the muscles (you do not need details about blood circulation and correct reduction), but about your own health. The load on unprepared muscles will then respond with severe pain. And at first, until you enter the rhythm of training and the body will be ill constantly, warm-up will prepare you for the exercises, reducing pain and increasing the effectiveness of training. No special warm-up complex requires. You will be enough for 5-10 minutes of exercise on a stationary bike or a treadmill. If you do not have neither one nor the other, then just turn on the music and dance. But only energetically, "from the heart". This will go not only to the muscles, but to your mood. Well, those who do not like to dance even in solitude, it is worth remembering physical education at school and about to repeat what they did then: twist handles, bowed, poprised. That's enough. Remember: little exercise to do - and you need to do it right! Carefully watch what and how you do. Otherwise, instead of a beautiful bust, you can earn a dislocation, and even damage the joint.

    A competent approach is half the success

    Exercise should be performed on exhalation. And the work of the heart has nothing to do with it. It's just on exhalation that the pectoral muscles work in full force, and therefore the load on them can be given more. If the exercise is not on the account, but for some time, you do not need to hold your breath. Just breathe smoothly and evenly. In order not to damage the joints and not to tear the ligaments, keep your hands slightly bent at the elbows, never straighten them completely ("until you click"). Do not do it abruptly. Try to keep your back straight. So unnecessary strain will rest on the muscles, not on the spine, increasing the risk of injury. If you feel that you are exhausted and can not do the specified number of approaches - do not force yourself! In physical activities, an individual approach is important, much depends on your weight, age, body condition, the presence of bad habits. But you should not be sorry either. Train your willpower! Carry out the complex in the specified sequence. In it, the exercises are given taking into account the gradual increase in the load: from the easiest to the heaviest. The most reasonable, at least at first, to use dumbbells weighing up to 3 kg is the optimal weight for a woman. Over time, it can be increased. Finishing exercises with dumbbells from the prone position, first put your hands with the sports equipment on your stomach, then sit down, only then get up and lastly put down the dumbbells. It sounds, perhaps, not very reasonable, but believe me, this safety technique was not born from scratch. Use someone else's experience, instead of treating your own bruises and repairing broken furniture. That's it. Ready? Have begun! exercises with dumbbells for breast augmentation

    Complex exercises to increase the volume of the breast

    "East" Starting point: stand up straight, best with your shoulder blades against the wall - so you will be easier to control the load (later, when you learn to do the exercise correctly - you can perform it sitting in a chair or even on the couch in front of the TV). Join hands in front of the chest, palm to the palm (like a Buddhist monk before prayer), make sure that the elbows are aligned and parallel to the floor. Fulfillment: Strongly press your palms against each other (not one to the other, but as if you squeeze between them something subtle). Feel that the muscles of the chest are strained (if that did not happen, you are doing the exercise incorrectly). Count to ten and move your palms away from you. Again count to ten - and push it back. And so on, so long as you can keep your hands together. Squeeze your hands, shake your hands vigorously, as if you shake water from them. Repeat the exercise at least 3 times. "Samson" Starting position: stand in the doorway and rest with your arms straightened in a jamb. Hands are on the same level, roughly opposite your chest. Doing: Push your hands against the doorframe, as if you are trying to move the wall. Apply the greatest possible force. Count to 60. Straighten. After each approach, straighten up completely. Before the beginning of the exercise - get up in the starting position. Repeat the exercise at least 3 times. "Skier" Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, we keep dumbbells in the lowered arms. Accomplishment: repeat hands of movement, as if repelled by ski sticks (only both simultaneously, as do skiers in speed races). But you need to repeat the movement slowly, as if in a slow-motion shot. Hands rise from the hips to the chest, then straighten and lower. In no case do not allow jerks and emissions by hand (remember about joints). Repeat the exercise at least 3 times for 5 repetitions. "Push-ups" Exercise, probably, is known to everyone. If it is difficult for you to push yourself from the floor (and, most likely, so it is), start with something higher, for example, a coffee table. While performing this exercise, make sure that the back remains straight. Do not protrude the buttocks - so lifting the body is easier, but there is no benefit from such a performance. Starting position: the palms rest against the horizontal surface, the toes to the floor or the wall (this is easier at first), the back is straight. Execution: inhale - bend your arms in the elbows, go down, touching the surface of the chest, which we rest on. Exhale - straighten your elbows, lifting your body. Repeat the exercise at least 3 times for 3 repetitions (if possible). "Zhim" The most effective exercise for increasing the volume of the muscles of the chest. Starting position: lie on the floor, hands with dumbbells at the chest, elbows are pressed to the body. Exercise is performed quickly (but this does not mean that you need to specifically rush - just do not slow down). Execution: straighten your arms with dumbbells above yourself, then immediately lower them and raise them again. When performing the exercise, do not jerk or throw up your hands. Do not help the back to lift the weight of the dumbbell (it's not clear to read, you'll understand when you try to perform the exercise), only the arms and muscles of the chest should work - they weigh on them. Repeat the exercise at least 3 times for 8 repetitions (if possible). "Push-ups" Starting position: stand with your back to the table, resting on the tabletop with your hands, stretch your legs forward at about an angle of 45 degrees, rest your toes on the wall or furniture. Execution: inhale - bend your arms in the elbows, go down. Exhale - straighten your elbows, lifting your body. Repeat the exercise at least 3 times for 8 repetitions of "Harmony". Starting position: sit on a chair, keeping your back straight. Dumbbells in the hands before the chest, keep the elbows pressed to the sides. Doing: Without taking your elbows from the body, spread your arms out to the sides, as if stretching the harmonica's furs. Try to spread your arms so that the shoulder blades touch each other. Repeat 8 times. Then bend the elbows under the straight to the angle to the body, and again reduce-dilute hands with dumbbells. Repeat 12 times. Repeat the exercise at least 3 times. Complete each exercise complex with a mandatory stretching of the muscles. Just calmly get up, keep your shoulders relaxed, your arms are shoulder-width apart, in your hands - dumbbells. Wait for a couple of minutes until the breath is fully restored. All, your anguish has ended, and you have embarked on the path of obtaining a beautiful and large bust.