exercises for slimming hands Women always take care of their appearance. This useful habit has been developed since childhood. After all, beautiful forms attract attention and allow a woman to feel like a real queen. But "forms" are not only hips, waist and stomach. An important point are the hands of a woman, and they always remain "in last place" in terms of training and shaping an ideal figure. It is believed that physical loads for this part of the body, in principle, are not needed. However, this is not quite true. Physical exercises for losing weight hands are very important, and they must be done in a simple way, and with burdening - here we mean exercises with dumbbells. Making your hands lose weight is not so easy, and pumping them - this is not our goal, we are not bodybuilders, after all. slimming exercises for hands

How to achieve a positive effect?

So, what exercises for slimming hands can be used at home? Let's start charging without dumbbells:

  • From the initial position (we stand exactly, handslowered) raise our hands up and bend them to the sides, then return. That the result was obvious it is necessary to do this exercise at the level of own shoulders, 30-40 times for one approach;
  • Swing your arms in a bent position - your arms should be bent at the elbows and be in front of your chest, swing to the left and right, turning the whole body. We repeat 30-35 times;
  • One hand is lifted up, the second one is lowered down, we stand straight and start waving our arms back. Then change the position of the hands, repeat 10 times for each position;
  • Make circular movements with your hands in a standing position. Exercise should be done intensively, while we try not to take a breath, repeat 20 times in each direction;
  • Push-ups from the surface, which contributeslosing weight shoulders. Of course, it is very difficult to do this from the floor, but you should not give it up altogether-it is too effective for the triceps muscle. Simplify it - wring out from a chair, bench or sofa. Do 10 times, then break for 5 minutes and again approach to the "projectile" for 10 exercises. In order to achieve a quick result, such approaches must be done at least three.

Having made this complex for slimming your hands and a littlehaving had a rest (minutes 10 - only to not sit and not lay, it is better dance), it is possible to start exercises with use of dumbbells which as it is possible to carry out houses:

  • Exercise for the biceps: in the hands of a dumbbell, they are lowered down. At the inhalation we bend our arms in the elbows, on exhalation - we lower them down;
  • Weight loss for the shoulders - the arms are raised upwards, we lower them by inhaling them by the head, bending at the elbows, exhaling - we return to the starting position;
  • Examination of all kinds of muscles - we stand exactly, handslowered (with dumbbells), raise our hands forward to the level of the chest, divorced and lowered down. In the elbows do not bend - the line of shoulders and all hands should be straight.

It would seem - not a complex complex for weight losshands at home, the same charge that everyone else did in schools. But it is these physical loads that will help to create the ideal forms of arms and shoulders. Classes can be held not only at home, but also in fitness centers, with you will be a specialist - a coach who knows perfectly which muscles need to be tightened in each particular case, and how to do it correctly. Do you think that for the shoulders of any occupation is not necessary? Is it enough just to pull up the muscles and that's it? You are wrong! Only work on all the muscles in the complex will help to improve the situation. Unlike home classes, gyms offer not only dumbbells, but also running tracks and weight lifting equipment - they will also affect the muscles of the upper limbs. By the way, it is not necessary to do such exercises for 2-3 hours in a row. It's enough to spend 20-30 minutes to your beauty and do it regularly. Classes from time to time, "overslept and do tomorrow," "today is a holiday and you can postpone" - these are all simple excuses, ordinary laziness. But beauty is work that requires some sacrifice. For example, in the morning wake up half an hour earlier ....

We fix the results

It should be noted that only charging, evenwith dumbbells, will not help to achieve full results. It is necessary to slightly change the diet, exclude fatty and baked, eat less sweets, and limit the use of liquid. The fact is that after all, fat is put aside not only on the tummy and thighs, the hands are also a kind of storage of stocks. Regular exercises for slimming the hands of women will help reduce the fat tissue, improve blood circulation, lead to an excellent muscle tissue tone, which is sure to be displayed in appearance. It would be nice to combine not only charging with dumbbells at home and diet, but also include a massage. Here, a subscription to the fitness center is useful, there are similar services. Massage the shoulders, for example, will help prepare the muscles for the load. But after training to conduct a relaxing massage is not only useful, but also nice. A quick result does not wait, like any procedure it will take some time. It is not necessary to run to the mirror after a week of training and compare your shoulder and arm volumes as a whole. Only regular implementation of the proposed exercises, persistence and perseverance will cope with such a non-aesthetic disadvantage. We are women, and we are capable of much for our beauty! We advise you to read: