exercises for the neck How often do you pay attention to your neck? After all, it is she who is able to give exhaustive information about her mistress. Skin flabbiness, muscle weakness, the first wrinkles - it's not only does not paint a woman, but also adds years to it. Of course, you can use a handkerchief for camouflage, but in the summer these tricks do not work. Each woman in some way monitors the health, for the silhouette of the figure, performs some exercises, even without realizing that the neck requires the same care and attention, diligent training as a person, hands, belly or legs. Most exercises for the development of the neck and vertebrae are focused on stretching - actions that contribute to the flexibility of the neck. Such a complex of exercises for the neck is able to relieve its fatigue and squeezing, it is very useful in the presence of a constant stay at a computer or a desk. Perform exercises should be carefully, you need to wait for the adaptation of the neck muscles to the load - this will provide protection from injuries.

Physical exercises for the neck:

  • The initial position is lying on the abdomen. Relax. Hands are placed palms up along the trunk. The chin is flush with the trunk. Head slowly turn left, then return to the starting position and turn your head to the right, seek to touch the ear of the floor. Exercise for the neck muscles is repeated at least 10 times.
  • The starting position is standing or sitting. Maximize your chin to your chest, bending your neck, then slowly tilt your head and try to look as far as possible. When inhaling, do extension, flexion on exhalation. Exercise repeat up to 10 times, slowly.
  • The starting position is standing or sitting. Place the palm on your head and press it for about 10 seconds, keep it still. A variant of this exercise can be a position when the head rests against a wall, alternately with the left and right halves.
  • Exercise for a beautiful neck is as follows: the lips are pulled out by a tube, while you need to articulate, saying "O-U-I".
  • It is performed standing or sitting. Head and back are straight, shoulders are diluted. Tilt your head forward, touch the chin of your chest at the expense of 1. At the expense of 2, 3, the chin presses against the chest with effort. At 4, take the original position. Take your head back to score 1, to 2 and 3 - easily touch the back of your head to your back, into account 4 go back to the starting position. At the expense of 1 turn your head, without lowering your chin, then return to the starting position. This is a fairly effective exercise for the neck, eliminating stagnant phenomena in the vertebrae and tissues.
  • If you perform such workouts on conditionobservance of all recommendations throughout the whole month, you will be convinced of their effectiveness. The main condition is a gradual increase in loads and the addition of new elements. Physical exercises for the neck are very useful, because often the tension in this area contributes to the development of migraine, severe pain and burning sensation. People who work in the majority only with their hands (hairdressers, engineers, computer specialists) often suffer from the neck zone because the muscles that support the hands are in the collar zone. Plus, a lot of blood vessels and nerves are concentrated here, that's why people of such professions have deposits of salts and stagnant phenomena in tissues.

    Effective gymnastics for the muscles of the neck:

  • Do inclinations to the right and left with your chin pressed to your chest, then similarly, only with your chin raised.
  • Sit in Turkish, back in straight position, handsClosed in fists, which are stacked one on the other. The chin rests against the fists, elbows at this moment are in a perpendicular position relative to the trunk. The head tilt slightly forward, heavily resting on the hands, which at this time are resisting. After completing 4 inclinations, the arms are stretched along the trunk. This is one of the most effective exercises for strengthening the muscles of the neck, because the resistance exerted by the hands sets them a tone.
  • Movement of the head - rotation. It is performed 2-3 times in one, and after the other side with an increase in the amplitude of the movements. Such an exercise can be performed with the resistance of the hands.
  • The starting position is sitting. Then "write out" the numbers from 0 to 9 with your own nose. This exercise for neck flexibility effectively copes with its task and makes the neck ligaments elastic.
  • The neck is the connecting link between the head and the body, inmany nerve endings are concentrated. Cervical muscles in abundance are provided with blood vessels that provide blood supply to the head and skin. The level of the tone of the neck muscles surprisingly affects the contour of the face oval, keeping the chin tight is possible due to the constant study of exercises for the neck and chin. Such charging should be an obligatory element of morning gymnastics or other programs of physical culture. Now it is worthwhile to consider in detail the complex of exercises for the neck muscles, designed specifically for a comprehensive impact on the condition of this part of the body, developing flexibility, mobility, stretching, eliminating stagnant phenomena in the vertebrae, relaxing and relieving tension.

    Exercises for the muscles of the neck

    Complex 1:

  • Sharply throw your head back, open your mouth,having relaxed the lower jaw. Then strain the muscles of the chin area, slowly, but strongly tighten the lower jaw in such a way that it slightly covers the upper jaw. Try to get the tip of the nose with your lower lip.
  • With your hands clasped in the castle, bring them under your chin,with resistance, tilt your head back. In this situation, the tension of the chin muscles is quite strong. This element of the neck and chin exercises strengthens the muscles and tightens the skin of this area. Straighten the chest, place your fingers on your shoulders, while lifting your neck as far as possible. Push your fingers on your shoulders, while not lifting them.
  • Relax your shoulders and lower your arms at the seams. Drop your head on your chest, move it on your chest towards your left shoulder as far as possible, then tilt your head back, then onto your right shoulder and then back to your chest. Repeat similar movements, only in the opposite direction. Lean your elbows on the table and put your chin in your hands, closed in the lock. Make intensive pressure with your chin and simultaneous resistance to his hands, the chin should try not to succumb to pressure. This physical exercise for the neck is able to strengthen it, improve the contour of the face oval.
  • Squeeze your fingers into fists, lift them to the level of the neck in the air in front of you. Try to rest your chin and push hard on your hands, which actively resist, tilt your head.
  • Draw a "mask of contempt" on your face - lower itThe corners of the mouth are down, straining the neck muscles. Alternately, relax the muscles and strain, keeping the state of tension for a few seconds. This will allow you to better regulate the muscles, better feel the body - exercises to strengthen the neck in a short time contribute to raising their tone.
  • Exercises of this complex perform first 2-3times, gradually increasing the amount up to 15 times, For better mastery of the technique of charging, get in front of the mirror and start the complex. Before each charge, it is worth rubbing the neck with a towel soaked in cold water - this helps to raise the tone of the muscles. Complex exercises for neck muscles are able to simultaneously work out flexibility, increase stretching, increase muscle tone. After the procedure, wash the neck with cool water, pat the back of the palm on the chin. Complex 2:

  • Perform from sitting or standing position. Head in an energetic rhythm is thrown up, the back of the head should approach as close as possible to the back. Then down, pulling his chin to his chest. To begin it is necessary slowly, movements repeat 25 times, accepting pair "upwards-downwards" for one movement. In case of severe forms of osteochondrosis or hypertension, perform the exercise with extreme caution.
  • In the sitting position, make energetic turnshead to the right and left. Do this procedure at least 25 times, starting with a slow pace, eventually move to intensive. Such exercises to strengthen the muscles of the neck well relieve stagnant phenomena in tissues and vertebrae.
  • The head is made circular movements, as if sherolls over the shoulder girdle. The neck describes the trajectory of the cone - the nose describes the circumference of the maximum radius. Exercise first slowly, then increase the tempo and perform at least 25 times.
  • Circular motion in the horizontal plane. Chin move at the same time parallel to the floor, the nose "looks" only forward. Alternately, one way, then another. These exercises for a beautiful neck are capable of tightening the neck skin, making its appearance more youthful.
  • Make "pecking moves" in the horizontal plane with your head. Repeat the exercise should be slow, otherwise you can pinch your nerves.
  • Twist your arms above your head. While maintaining the vertical position of the head, move it to the left and right in the plane of the shoulder girdle. Move the hands to the side, which will be opposite to the movement of the head. The head does not bend, make up to 8-10 such movements.
  • These effective exercises for the neck were developed by specialists with the goal of providing the most immediate health effect and improving the condition of the neck muscles

    Physical exercises for the neck and chin

    exercises for the muscles of the neckPerhaps during the exercises you havethere may be a slight dizziness. Do not be intimidated by this phenomenon, just all movements must be done with accuracy and slowly. This charge for the neck can be done while sitting and standing, just choose the most comfortable position for yourself, in which you achieve maximum relaxation. In case of dizziness - take a break, and then you can go back to doing it. For beginners, recommend a mirror - it greatly speeds up the process of correctly performing exercises for the muscles of the neck. In case you pulled muscles, it's worth taking a break for a few days, if the pain does not pass, then it's best to consult a doctor. When performing circular movements and inclinations, first alternate the "immobility of the neck", then the shoulders. Observance of all these recommendations will help develop the elasticity of the muscles and the flexibility of the cervical vertebrae. Complex 3: These exercises to strengthen the muscles of the neck will help in the fight against double chin.

  • Imagine that your chin is carried outgreat pressure. Begin a slow rise up the chin, parallel tipping your head back and straining your muscles. Exercises are repeated about 5 times.
  • Straighten your head, stick your tongue out so thathe came as close as possible to the tip of his nose. Make simultaneous serpentine movements with your tongue. Relaxing and removing the tongue, this exercise is repeated about 5 times.
  • Lift your left shoulder to your ear, starting to rotate italternately in different directions, make circles as widely as possible. Then change the direction of rotation and repeat. This procedure relaxes the muscles of the neck and shoulders.
  • Head tilt back, lower jaw should be left up and forward, trying to reach the tip of the nose with the lower lip. Go back to the starting position and repeat the procedure up to 5 times.
  • Walking with a thick book on your head can not only get rid of the second chin, but also make you a royal posture.
  • Such complex exercises for neck muscles are notonly relieve you of the double chin, but also make the neck and shoulders more feminine and attractive. It's no secret that with age, the muscles of the neck weaken, lose tonus, relax, and the skin fades, losing its elasticity and freshness. As a result - the appearance of a second chin, often accompanied by obesity. Therefore, neck muscles deserve no less, and perhaps even more attention, because this area is capable of giving out the age of a woman. Exercises for neck flexibility are optimal for both combating the second chin, and for improving the contour line of the face oval. If you have inactive work, then do not neglect the direct position of the neck - this gives a noble bearing. Give yourself a few minutes and take care of your health directly at the workplace. Do head inclinations back and forth at least 10 times, as well as circular movements in both directions 20 times - similar exercises for the development of the neck improve blood circulation, promote a better blood supply, are an excellent means of preventing salt deposits. You will constantly feel cheerful and healthy! We advise you to read: