exercises with dumbbells for the press A good physical form of one's own bodyis the basis for good health and joyful mood. Beautiful lines of the female figure, meeting modern canons of attractiveness, give its owner more confidence in her own irresistibility. Gone are the extremes: massiveness and transparency are not equally fashionable. At the peak of popularity, a slender sports figure that looks taut and energetic: a flat press, tight buttocks, a beautiful relief of the back, arms and legs. It remains to be seen how to act in order to generate such data in a short time. Of course, in the matter of harmony, the main thing in the process of obtaining the desired body model will be nutrition. But physical activity also plays a significant role. It is not possible to disclose all the nuances in an article alone. Therefore, here we will talk about training complexes, which every young lady can afford. Even if you have never been with sports for "you", memories of physical education lessons cause only unpleasant emotions, and the fitness club is closed to the area, exercises with dumbbells will interest you with its simplicity and effectiveness. Even if you do not want or can not attend gyms, doing dumbbells at home, you will achieve quite obvious results. exercises on the press with dumbbells

General recommendations for sports action

Do the exercises consistently, starting withthe largest muscles (legs and back), then go over to the chest and arms, and finish the workout by pumping the press. Before classes it is necessary to warm up - to warm up the muscles before giving them a load. After the end of the training session, do not be lazy to stretch tired muscles. Do not engage in hungry or full stomach. In the first case, you will not have enough energy for effective training, and in the second case it will just be hard to do. After training, stand the time for about an hour before embarking on a meal. During the execution of any exercise - it does not matter whether you do it with dumbbells or without it - control your breathing. Breathe quietly, without holding the air in your lungs. This is especially important when you are training a press. Try to breathe deeply. Watch for the accuracy and accuracy of the technique. It is the guarantee of the effectiveness of the training process. It is better to do a small number of technically correct exercises, rather than many times to make erroneous movements. In addition to lack of the necessary result, it can cause quite a definite physical harm to your body. For example, if you do not adhere to the correct performance of exercises on the press, especially when lying down, there is a danger of injuring the spine in the cervical and lumbar spine.

What are dumbbells used for?

Why do it better with dumbbells? Of course, any physical activity is useful and brings benefits to your body. But if you need to get the result a little faster and more clearly, then take as a basis that the heavier physical load is always more effective. This is because the energy costs of the body during the exercise with dumbbells will be higher. For example, a press can be rocked for at least an hour daily, but never see the coveted cubes. Spending much less time on exercises for the press, performed with dumbbells, you will notice progress much earlier. Among other things, it is more than a budget sports equipment. You can get dumbbells from one to three kilograms in any specialized store. This weight is enough for long-term studies. exercises with dumbbells on the press

Cubes, bricks, or how to "build" a dream press

For the overwhelming majority of women, theFlaming dreams are strong muscles of the press. Some young women even dream of depriving their tummy of feminine roundness and softness, giving it a relief - they like a hard pumped press. Of course, this is a matter of one's own taste - on the one hand. On the other hand, the issue of genetic predisposition and fierce persistence. But on either hand, a flat and even girlish press causes equal enthusiasm for both men and women. Make the muscles of the press ideal (or come close to the ideal), we will help the following exercises with dumbbells:

  • Lie down on the floor.the surface of the rug. The legs are bent at the knees and are set shoulder width apart. Heels rest on the floor. Hands behind your head, in them you hold a dumbbell. Do not try to start with a lot of weight. Start lifting up, while raising your hands and twisting the press. Do not tear your lower back from the floor. Pumping is due to the concentration and clamping of the muscles of the press. Do not straighten up completely, bringing the position of the body to the vertical. Stay in position at an angle to the floor. At the last point, hold for two to five seconds, then start the reverse movement. As soon as the shoulder blades touch the floor again, start lifting again.
  • You are still lying on the floor, not changing the positionhands. But lift your feet upright and hold them together. Point your socks at yourself. Start to lift the trunk, again feeling that you pull it, twisting the muscles of the press. At the extreme point above, you can do a little springing movements. Make sure that the legs do not change. This exercise has a variation of execution. You can simultaneously start lifting the arms and legs up. Strictly watch that the loin is always pressed to the floor.
  • Stand directly in each hand on a dumbbell. Hands stretched along the body. Begin to sink to the side, very smoothly, without sharp inclinations or jerks. Alternate direction - go down once to the left, once to the right. With these movements, you train the oblique muscles of the press, which "draw" the waist. Not all women do this exercise, fearing later to get a less narrow waist, since it can slightly increase the oblique muscles. Do not be too afraid of this. Perhaps by measuring yourself, you will see an increase in one centimeter, but it was due to the tight muscles, and not due to fat.
  • This exercise is also done standing, but hands withdumbbells are divorced in the sides You are leaning, moving your hand towards the opposite leg. During lifting, strain the muscles of the press, keep your back straight, without sagging. Hands should also be kept taut and straight.
  • Again lie down on the floor, but not on your back, but onside Rise into the side bar, leaning on the elbow. In a free hand, you hold a dumbbell. Simultaneously bending the opposite arm and leg, try to pull up the leg to the chest. Bent at the elbow, the hand moves to meet her. Repeat the exercise, turning over on the other side. In the very center of the press, near the solar plexus, tension should build up.

All exercises need to be performed in an amount notless than thirty times. Perform a better complete set of exercises for the muscles of the whole body, but even if you pay attention only specifically to the press, the result will not be long in coming. The main thing is to show perseverance by regularly doing the exercises. Do them at least three times a week. Experienced athletes prefer to give a load to the body in the morning. Since the execution of this complex does not require much time, try to perform it before work. You will get a charge of cheerfulness from the first day, and after a while you will begin to listen to compliments about how flat your belly began to look. We wish you great sporting victories!