The reliability of the refrigerator is the main criterion of choice When choosing any home appliances, you should payattention primarily to technical merits. Especially this applies to equipment that works around the clock. From the kitchen appliances to this type can be attributed, perhaps, only refrigerators. It should be noted that because of the popularity of two-compartment refrigerators there is a large number of low-quality models. At the same time, each manufacturer has in its catalogs a number of models that do not have high quality and reliability. An example can serve as such models as the two-chamber refrigerator Ariston RMBA 2185 LS of the famous Italian concern Hotpoint-Ariston. The reason for this may be an attempt to reduce the cost of technology, although for some reason this model uses a two-compressor cooling system, which is completely unsuitable for models with a total volume of less than 400 liters, to which the specimen belongs. In addition, attention should be paid to the lack of an automatic defrosting system No Frost, which is simply necessary for freezers. As a result, the user must manually unfreeze the freezer at least twice a year, which causes certain inconveniences. In addition, the model is equipped with a not very convenient mechanical control system, which eliminates the possibility of fine tuning of temperature regimes. As a rule, more expensive equipment has fewer drawbacks. However, in a higher price range, it is possible to find not quite practical models. An example is the model of the Toshiba GR-Y 74 RDA TS2 two-chamber refrigerator, which is assembled in Thailand. In appearance, this model is very attractive and has an impressive capacity - more than 570 liters. However, this refrigerator has only one compressor, which constantly works in overload mode, which not only increases the noise of the model, but also shortens the life of the compressor system, which is the most expensive part of any refrigeration equipment. It is also worth noting that this model belongs to the "B" class of power consumption, which affects the large consumption of electricity. For models that cost up to 40,000 rubles, this level of energy consumption is unacceptable. As an example of a refrigerator with a low level of energy consumption, the Liebherr CNes 40030 model from the German manufacturer, which belongs to the class "A", can be cited. In addition, it is worth noting that this model is assembled exclusively at a German plant, which already causes respect. The only drawback of the Liebherr refrigerator compared with the model from Toshiba can be considered a much smaller useful volume, despite the approximately equal cost. However, in terms of noise level, the number of maximally frozen products, the availability of other operating modes, the model from the Liebher company clearly exceeds its Asian competitor. We advise you to read: