how to choose bed linen In a dream, a person fully restores hisvitality. Sleep is necessary to him, like air, like food. And the more quality a dream is, the better a person rests, the sooner he comes to an efficient state. And for quality sleep you need to provide quality conditions, that is, the bed should be comfortable, and the bed linen - cozy and beautiful, so that a person comfortably falls asleep, slept well and pleasantly wakes up. Therefore, the question of how to choose bed linen is not of secondary importance. A set of bed linen usually includes pillowcases - one or two, a duvet cover and sheets. Bed linen is divided into different categories, which depend on the size of the pillows, blanket and mattress. It is single, one-and-a-half or two-fold. Choosing bedding, you should pay attention not only to its quality, but also the color scheme, which should fit into the overall design of the bedroom.

Design of bed linen

If you are interested in how to choose the color of the bedlinen and its style, then below we gave the recommendations of professional designers. There are classic options that will suit any interior - this is the simplest solution: classic white and pastel colors. For romantic nature bed linen with lace, all kinds of flounces, with a picture of bouquets of roses and a scattering of flowers will do. Strong and decisive people are more suitable bed linens of bright colors or linen in oriental style. Balanced and tranquil people are more to the liking of the colors of warm tones with floral ornaments. Men prefer single-color kits. Red color "excites" the nervous system, so people are nervous, easily excitable, do not choose bed linens of these shades. On the other hand, red color enhances sexuality, so happy loving couples such bedding will be very handy. The blue color calms. In addition, he successfully emphasizes the beauty of wooden furniture. If we talk about coloring in more detail, then the best option is woven drawings, that is, when the pattern is not printed on top of the printing method, but woven from threads of different colors. In order to determine the woven pattern or not, the bed linen is enough to smell. New bed linen with a woven pattern does not smell of dyes, but of textiles. If you feel a sharp acetic and chemical odor, the color is likely to be of poor quality and the laundry fades at the first wash. The quality of used dyes can be judged by the temperature at which you can wash bed linens. If the label indicates a temperature of 60 ° C, you can safely buy such a bed - even daily washings are not afraid of it. If the label indicates that the laundry can not be washed in water, the temperature of which is above 30 ° C, this should alert you - most likely for sewing it is used fabric with low color quality. Even with exceptionally high quality of dyes, do not forget that dark colors are washed faster, which is especially noticeable in black and white colors. Therefore, choose bed linen more quiet, muted shades. For the bedding is very important color strength. And on a five-point scale, according to which the durability of dyes is estimated, for a bed-clothes this indicator should be not less than four. When choosing bed linens, be sure to review the label on which the parameters of its washing should be indicated. For aesthetic perception, the design of the underwear, of course, is of great importance, but it does not have any special effect on the quality of sleep. What really affects him is the quality of the fabric from which the bed linens are made. It is best for these purposes to use natural materials - cotton, linen, silk, viscose, since these materials our body perceives best. Sleeping on such a bed is cozy and comfortable. The material must be hygroscopic, because even in a state of rest, a person sweats. All of the above materials absorb moisture well, unlike synthetic ones. And do not believe the one who will tell you the opposite. how to choose the color of bed linen

Types of fabrics for bed linen

Those who are interested in what beddingchoose, it is necessary to understand the types of fabrics from which bed linens are made. First of all, this cotton is a practical and inexpensive material from which bed linens are made. Cotton tinned is recognized as the most hygienic material for making bed linens, since it absorbs moisture very well. The recognized leader for making bed linen is Egyptian cotton, which has a very smooth shiny surface and is cool to the touch. Satin underwear is better to buy for the summer. Even on the hottest days this material will give you a feeling of coolness. True, such bedding has only one drawback - it is slippery. Therefore, you can choose from it pillowcases and duvet cover, and choose sheets from other material. By the way, pillowcases made of satin least spoil during a hairdo, for which they have always been very beloved by women. A good alternative to this natural material can be a new high-tech lyocell fabric - also shiny and smooth, but, unlike satin, it does not slip. No less common material for bedding is coarse calico - a dense fabric that has linen weave. Bed linen from calico advantageously differs in that it is two-sided. Coarse calico has a matte smooth surface from the front and the underside. The peculiarities of the fabric weave make this material very durable. Coarse calico has a reduced crease, it is very well washed and easily ironed. In addition, coarse calico is made from 100% cotton, and, therefore, it is a natural, environmentally friendly material with good air permeability. Very popular linen bedding, which is considered the most durable. It is worth it, but it will last you a very long time. Linen bed linen is characterized by the fact that in summer it is cool to sleep on it, and in winter it warms, on the contrary. Linen bed linens can have different textures - from very dense to fine. Despite the fact that flax seems to be rough material, it feels smooth and pleasant to the touch. Luxurious bed linen is made of silk. This is an expensive pleasure, but its tremendous lively shine, fluidity and lightness give unique sensations. Silk bed is very practical and durable, and it can be used, like linen, in winter and summer. In the texture, silk underwear is very similar to fabrics with an admixture of polyester. Bed linen from them is as pleasant to the touch, only it costs several times cheaper. True, this fabric is not so hygroscopic, but it does not crumple, and it is not necessary to iron bed sheets from it. In winter it is very good to use flannel bedding. Flannel to the touch is very soft and pleasant, and at the same time warm. For winter, this is just an ideal option. The only drawback of the flannel is that it slides. But it is so warm and pleasant that flannel is used to make children's bed linen and even diapers. For the manufacture of sheets, the use of a cotton jersey - a thin knitted fabric is practiced. Such bedsheets have an elastic band around the edge and are simply stretched over the mattress. They are securely fixed on it and do not get out of bed. what bedding to choose

Hypoallergenic bed linen

Speaking of the tissues that are used formaking bed linen, it is not superfluous to mention the special category of bed linen - hypoallergenic underwear. To make this bed, either synthetic fiber fabrics that do not cause allergies or natural fabrics that are treated with special compounds are used. The cause of the allergy, which causes fatigue, nasal congestion and sore throat, is a dust mite. Such mites feed on particles of dead skin and can live in a mattress, pillow or on a blanket. The products of the mite, which enter the throat and the respiratory tract during inspiration, can cause an allergic reaction. Bed linen from very dense tissue does not allow the pathogenic microflora to develop in your bed, as the tissue structure does not allow even the smallest particles to penetrate through it. This prevents the tick from accessing food, and in such a laundry the mite simply does not survive. Regular washing prevents the appearance of mites, so it is recommended to change bed linen as often as possible, preferably once a week. In order to get rid of the dust mite, it is recommended to wash the bed linen in hot water at a temperature of at least 60 ° C. Therefore, again, when choosing bed linens, the quality wins because it does not shed and does not sit down from washing in hot water. Tactile perception in all people is different. Someone takes pleasure in "crunchy" bed linen, and someone likes to luxuriate on a soft flannel or smooth silk. The most important thing is that the bed was quality, and you slept comfortably on it. And in the rest when choosing bed linen, you should be guided by your own taste.