stain removal from clothing With such a problem as removing stains from clothes,faced, probably, every woman. After all, if you are at least three times neat, from the spilled coffee to a new blouse, nobody is insured. Situations are different, and we do not always get out of them without spots. It's a shame, is not it? But do not panic at once. You can also try to remove the stain. There are many different ways that can help you keep your favorite thing. The main thing is always to consider the type of fabric with which you will have to work, and the origin of the spot itself. If it is not possible to determine the cause of the stain, it is advisable to use the stain remover first on the inner seams of the clothing, checking to see if the material used by you will damage the color of the material. If the stains from the blood remain on the clothes, the thing, previously dust-free, is recommended to soak for half an hour in cold water, then try to wash it in its warm water, with the usual detergent added. In the event that traces of blood remain even after washing, the stain should be treated with a stain remover or a few drops of hydrogen peroxide added to the water. To remove the old stains from the blood, you need to add a few drops of ammonia in the pharmacies with detergent, and then wash the thing as usual.

How to remove stains from fruit?

Removing stains from fruits and juicesin any case you can not start with washing. Otherwise they will become even more resistant. Prepare a mixture of equal parts of vodka and glycerin, wipe with a tool put on a cotton swab, left on your clothes fresh stain. To get rid of old fruit stains, hold the soiled object over the container with boiling water for a few minutes, then carefully treat the stain with a mixture of lemon juice and vodka, and at the end of cleaning take a cotton swab, moisten it in dilute ammonia water, and treat the old stain again.

How to remove stains from iron?

On clothes often burn marks from an iron. But in this case, do not rush to throw away the corrupted thing - you can still give it a normal look, it's only necessary to make a little effort. The remaining traces should be well wiped with an onion cut in half, so that the pest can be soaked with onion juice. Then the stain from the iron is wiped with a clean rag soaked in cold water, and after completely drying, the pest can be dampened with undiluted hydrogen peroxide. Then cover with a white cotton cloth and iron. If the stain from the iron is not removed by this method, it is recommended that this procedure be performed several times, and you will only have to wash the thing in the usual way, bringing it to a normal state. To remove the scorch marks from the iron from white clothes, you can use a special mixture consisting of several drops of ammonia, twenty grams of hydrogen peroxide, half a glass of clean water. Remains of iron burns are removed in another way. In this case, the treated area is first moistened with water, then it is sprinkled with brown, and after complete drying, the clothes to be cleaned should be shaken well. When stains from the iron remain in their original place even after such a procedure, it is desirable to wet them with hydrogen peroxide several times, and then re-iron the object to be cleaned. removal of greasy stains from clothes

How to remove greasy stains?

If after repairs on your clothes remainedoil paint, help simple method. First, smear the contaminated area with butter or margarine, wait a bit, and then rub the stain well with gasoline, kerosene or turpentine. If, during such procedures, the color of the fabric does not change, treat the stain with ammonia, and then just wash the object to be cleaned. During banquets, celebrations, family holidays clothes often get delicacies from the plate, so after the holidays it is required not only to bring the apartment in order, but also to carry out the removal of greasy stains from their own outfits. With a light fabric fresh fat stain can be removed without problems, immediately sprinkling a dirty patch of clothing with chalk powder. Chalk in this case should be left on clothes for two to four hours, after which the clothes should be shaken properly. The removal of oil stains can also be made with talc. It is necessary to carefully sprinkle a trace of fat from them, then cover this place with blotting paper, then iron it with a slightly heated iron. To talc well absorbed, it is recommended to fill the spots in the evening, and the next procedures to produce the next day. To carry out the removal of stains from wool clothing, you can use a mixture of gasoline, or ammonia, and hot water, This "cocktail" you need to treat the place of pollution. To remove old fatty stains, the cloth should be thoroughly wiped with white soap, which is previously diluted in gasoline, and within an hour such a remedy must be washed away with gasoline, but only undiluted. After that, it is recommended to wash the soiled object in a usual powder. The removal of stains from fat from clothes made of dense synthetic fabric begins with the treatment of the contaminated area with potato starch. And then, the starch is removed, soaked in water with a towel. When the treated area is completely dry, gently remove the starch residues with a conventional brush. And in a situation where a fat mark on clothing still remains, it is recommended simply to repeat this operation. Wishing to clean the greasy collar of your jacket, use a mixture consisting of three parts water and one part ammonia. In this case, it is desirable to place a cloth under the collar, wiping it with the other hand until the traces of contamination are completely removed. In a situation where there are traces of vegetable oil on your clothes, stain removal can be done with kerosene. Dampen the cotton swab with kerosene, wipe it well with a greasy stain, and then wash the soiled clothes in warm water with the addition of a detergent.

How to remove stains from chocolate and coffee?

To remove the remaining spots from the chocolate,wipe them with clean ammonia alcohol or salt water, and with white things you can remove traces of your favorite chocolate with hydrogen peroxide. On such a spot, you can also apply a mixture consisting of egg yolk and glycerin. Leave for a few minutes and rinse with warm water. And if after visiting the bar on your clothes there are coffee stains, just moisten the brush in warm water, treat it well with a dirty place, and then wipe the remaining trail with a cotton swab dipped in a mixture of water and ammonia. As you can see, there is an exit from any situation. Whether it's fat, blood, chocolate or coffee, with a little effort, you'll return things a pristine look. And you will continue to wear it with pleasure! We advise you to read: