relationship at a distance If you love someone, you want as much as possibleto be near this person, to catch his gaze, to hear the voice, to feel the warmth ... Even a brief separation from the beloved is painful and seems endless. What can we say about long separation? Now people are extremely mobile. They always go somewhere, often parting with their chosen ones for a long time. Relationships at a distance are a hard test, not every couple in love can withstand. At the same time, separation is a test of the depth of feeling, and it can rightly be considered a test of the truth of love. It turns out that she still needs it? Perhaps, yes. However, parting for a long time, one must have an idea of ​​how distance affects relations. We'll talk about this now.

Negative aspects of the long separation of lovers

Relations at a distance mean not onlyFeatures of the union of loving people when they leave for a long time. There are couples who generally originally live in different towns or even countries. They communicate via the Internet or mobile communication and are seen rarely. This is a rather strange connection. To maintain this type of relationship at a distance is not easy. A loved one seems to be there, and at the same time, he does not seem to be. When living together, people get used to being together, decide something together and do something. They experience both good and bad together, and adapt themselves to each other. Those who have never met, usually do not adjust their aspirations and desires for each other. Such relations develop according to their own laws. They can not go beyond virtual confessions and romantic letters to each other. And after a while, in the end, smoothly and painlessly come to naught. But they can also grow into a deep, sincere feeling, which, in the end, will become the basis for creating a family. In this case, talking about separation does not make much sense. It was present initially and served, in fact, a push for further communication. As for those who have already lived side by side, here separation is somewhat like a gap between lovers. They have to re-learn to exist alone - separately to eat, sleep, go to visit. With a long separation in the depths of a person's consciousness, there is often a strong feeling that he is really a loner. The sensation is illusory. However, it can have a detrimental effect on the perception of reality. Guided by the state of inner loneliness, a person instinctively begins to look after a couple. No, looking for a pair does not necessarily mean treason. People have enough moral qualities, as a rule, reduces to finding an interesting representative of the opposite sex in communication. But who can give a guarantee that in time the friendly communication will not turn into a closer union? After all, nobody canceled physiology. Relationships at a distance and real sex with a loved one are incompatible. It can drive anyone crazy. I must say that whoever remains is heavier than the departing. For him, everything remained the same, except for one - there is no favorite creature near. Everything in the environment reminds of a joint stay. Here there was a first kiss, there for the first time met, and on these streets walked, holding hands ... The same who has left, it is possible to tell, has begun other life. He has new acquaintances, new hobbies, new connections. This helps to change goals, priorities and even character. However, the character can change and the one who is waiting. Long separation dilutes the traits of a loved one, and it is perceived differently - flaws are smoothed out, dignities are exaggerated. As a result, it's not the real object that begins to love, but its embellished, uplifting image towards the clouds. The meeting returns to the ground. This can disappoint and cause irritation, fueled by thoughts of possible treason. Even if people, being far from each other, often call back and correspond, they are not immune from the extinction of feelings. A very long time to live in the past is impossible. Life takes its toll. There are new interests, worries, friends, and through time from love at a distance can only be memories. It's sad, but often this is what happens. It turns out that from a relationship at a distance, nothing good can be expected? This is not true. They also have their pluses. how to keep a relationship at a distance

Pros of long separation of lovers

Yes, relations at a distance - a tricky thing andoften destructive and unpromising for love. Nevertheless, they have chances of survival. And not only for survival, but also for strengthening. The chances increase when the separation period is known in advance and the lovers have the opportunity to sometimes see each other. Regular emotional feeding in rare meetings can raise feelings to a higher level. When people are near, mutual attraction is dull with time. Separation allows him to break out with renewed vigor. The dates after it become especially exciting and romantic. And sex - extremely desirable and fiery. This is one of the positive aspects of relationships at a distance. The next plus is that when one person leaves somewhere, the other is freeing up time for self-improvement or doing something they love. It should be used sensibly - something to learn, something to move forward. After all, a person who leaves will receive a lot of fresh impressions and will return with a renewed view of the world around him. Surely it will not be very pleasant for him that the half remaining in the distance during the separation did not change for the better. Observe the development of a loved one in general is very interesting. But when people are always near, this process is not always noticeable. If the meetings are rare, the difference between the image that remains in the memories and what the beloved person is at the moment of the meeting is simply striking. Therefore, we must try to make changes for the better during separation. The situation when loving people can not meet often, allows you to make maximum effort. Another plus of relations at a distance is that they provide an opportunity to look at your partner in a different way. Let's say that we considered him to be a pragmatic person, and suddenly they began to receive very beautiful romantic letters from their beloved. We thought that a close person was not capable of impulsive actions, and he unexpectedly flew for one day, because he missed you very much. They believed that the relationship had become familiar and would not be as exciting as before. And they suddenly acquired a different form and became even brighter than before ... In a word, relations at a distance - a controversial thing. With prolonged separation, people can cool down, and, conversely, get very attached to each other. Parting, lovers, of course, are confident that they will keep their feelings forever. However, time has a special feature to put everything in its place. If feelings are superficial, apart they will just burn to the ground. If they are true, the separation should confirm their strength. But to do this, still have to put some effort. How to maintain a relationship at a distance? how distance affects the relationship

How to keep feelings apart

In general, love at a distance is what you needto prove and strengthen almost every day. Fortunately, today there is a lot of opportunities for this. With a loved one you can communicate daily through the Internet or a mobile phone, calling back with him or sending messages. Communication should not be limited to how alone it is bad. Monotony can get bored and words of love will cease to be meaningful. It is better to ask about what's new and what kind of acquaintances and hobbies have appeared. Of course, without forgetting the expression of tenderness. Often the main destroyers of relations in separation are not time and distance, but distrust and jealousy. Thoughts about possible change of the elect appear almost at everyone who leaves. From this can not escape. But to sound them in a conversation with a loved one and drive him suspicious is not worth it. It will not lead to anything good. It is not necessary and to give him an occasion for jealousy, telling about meetings or communication with other men. The future of any relationship depends on whether the partners are discussing plans for the future. Love at a distance is no exception. Plans for the future need to be determined even before parting. And then, in the process of communication, at any opportunity to negotiate ways to implement them. It is not necessary to consider that this is unceremoniously or intrusively. Our happiness is in our hands. Why waste time hoping for something that will never happen? It is better to find out right away if a loved one needs a joint life. And if so, how does he imagine it. And if not ... Well, then why waste time on empty expectations? In the end, there are other opportunities to become happy! We advise you to read: