what men like women For centuries, the strong half of humanitydo not give rest, washed about what women want. Our mysterious female logic has more than once smashed into the logical chains of inferences of men. Yes there are men, we sometimes do not fully understand what we want from this life. Especially mysterious and incredible are women in the matter of choosing a companion of their life. Why on all sides is a positive kid, looking at you with an adoring look, does not cause any reciprocal feelings, but a bully from the next yard makes the heart beat faster? What men like women and on what do we base our choice? what do women like in men

What women like about men

Being very young girls, the mainPriority in choosing a boyfriend we consider his appearance. He should be tall, handsome, sexy, preferably with well-developed muscles. Becoming a bit more mature, we change our mind about what an ideal man should be. External attractiveness along with the relief of the body become only a pleasant addition to the image that we paint in our heads. Now the main thing when choosing a man of his dreams is his personal qualities, which should correspond to our ideas about the ideal husband. Now we like not only his charm and charisma (although it is still important), but also something more important. So, what do we value in the representatives of the stronger sex first of all? Honesty and honesty These are the qualities most often put on the first step of the pedestal by any woman who wants to meet her man. A person who will never deceive you and betray you, will support in a difficult situation - who among us does not dream of such a companion of life? Even if he honestly says a couple of times that it's time to lose weight or that you do not go these sandals, you will forgive him, because in all other matters he will be extremely honest with you. And this means that in your relationship there will never be lies and betrayals. What do we like about honest and respectable men? Yes, the fact that they do not need to wait for the shock to stealth, and you can safely enjoy a normal, sincere relationship. The present defender At all times, women sought in the face of men defenders, and in our days this postulate has not changed. We want to be sure that in case of danger the man will not falter and will be able to protect us from any enemies. In the age of emancipation, when women become stronger and more courageous than men, I would like to rely on a really strong man's shoulder and be sure that at the right moment you will be saved, protected, and helped. And it's not about the physical strength of a man, more precisely, not only in it. It is very important that a companion of life is strong in spirit and not afraid to endanger himself for the sake of his beloved woman. Get up and go. We love it when men do not stop at the achieved results and move on, constantly evolving. It does not matter what - in building a career, in achieving sports success or creative development - the main thing is that he does not stand still. There is nothing sadder than a picture when a bored husband spends every day at the TV with a fixed bottle of beer in his hands, not striving for something new and constructive. We women stop appreciating men as personalities at a time when they are turning into bored idlers who do not want to take the fifth point off the couch and start acting. Belief in our strength It is important for each of us that a man believes in our strength and supports in any endeavors. Do we want to completely change the direction in a career, open a new business or just learn how to cook borscht in Ukrainian - it does not matter, if only he supported us both mentally and physically. There is nothing worse than a man chuckling at the desire of his woman to develop, to leave the beaten path and create something new, unusual for himself. Support and faith provides an opportunity to believe in oneself and to move to a new step in the development of one's own qualities. Kindness A man with a good heart will never offend and will not betray. He will love children, take care of pets and help his family and friends. In our aggressive age, we are often surrounded by angry, bilious people who suppress us with their negative energy. And so you want an island of peace, trust and happiness in your own home! That's why we are looking for men with a good heart who can become reliable life companions, which you can always rely on. Sense of humor Surprisingly, for many of us, a sense of humor is almost the most important quality in a man. The person who makes us smile and walk through life is easy and fun, will never go unnoticed. Well, tell me, who do you pay more attention to in a big company: a guy who always jokes and makes others ride around on the floor laughing, or a man who is always absolutely serious and unable to smile even the most successful joke? "I fell in love with him because he can make me laugh," that's how many girls talk about their guys who have an enviable sense of humor. what women like about men

What men do not like women

Now let's talk about the masculine qualities thatthey turn women away. Sometimes a pretty nice guy can cause a woman to have a strong dislike just because of his terrible untidiness or inability to behave in society. But if you can fight with these "vices" if you want, then there are qualities that sweep away the very possibility of a woman to look at a man as a possible life partner. Self-doubt Chronic self-doubt - this is what causes women to turn away from men with a similar character trait. We expect from our companions great achievements, feats, support and protection. And what to expect from a man who does not believe in his own strength so much that he is not capable of providing a decent life for his woman, but, on the contrary, depends on everything from the opinions of others and is not able to solve even the most trivial problem himself. Do not like us weakling, and that's it! Greed Some of the men may accuse us of commercialism, but the fact remains: we can not stand greedy guys. Who will like it when men tell you how much money was spent on your date, when instead of a birthday present they give only "themselves loved ones" when they are indignant at your every expense and count how much money is "wasted." And it's not about commercialism at all - we are ready to spend money and give our beloved - but only if we feel that this desire is mutual. And the men-skuperdyaev try to avoid. Tyranny. Perhaps, two hundred years ago, not a single decent woman would have thought of complaining about her husband, who behaves like the last tyrant. A man with a bloated conceit that does not give a woman the right to her own opinion, which guides her every action, every sigh. Times have changed and now modern women do not tolerate totalitarian control over their thoughts and feelings. Of course, we like it when a man has a strong character and knows what he wants from life, but as soon as he starts to turn into a tyrant, forcing a woman to live by her pointer, she runs away from him without looking back. Egoism Any woman knows that living with a man-egoist is torture. Such a lady will come from work - tired, exhausted, - and begins to bring order in the house. A man-egoist will lie on the couch all the time, he will never come to the rescue, because his other people's problems do not concern him. He does not care about his wife's health, whether he has money for food in the family and whether to take children out of school. The main reason for the existence of such a person is the satisfaction of one's own needs, albeit at the expense of the quality of life of others. We talked about the good and bad qualities of our men. But if you review all of the above, then you understand that the most important, the most important quality for a man is missed. This is the ability to love. To be gentle, affectionate, loyal, faithful, need of us and wish to see next to each moment, every second. Want to have common children, be together in sorrow and in joy and die in one day. Without these desires, everything else loses its meaning. If men are still puzzling over the question of what women want from them, we will finally open the veil of "mystery" and say frankly: we want them to love. So there is a woman that she has this need - to love and be loved, for the sake of preserving these feelings she can go to many things, including forgiving a hundred shortcomings of her chosen one. We advise you to read: