how to refuse a guy and not offend Here we are all the time talking about how you canwin the heart of a man, how to seduce him, how to make an offer, and so on. This implies that a man likes us something. But there are also reverse situations, when we like a guy who does not seem to be attracted to anything. And he persistently achieves reciprocity, calls, gives flowers, showering compliments. How to be? How can you refuse a guy and not offend him while doing this?

How to properly exclude an unwanted fan

Sometimes it happens that the girl persistentlylooks like a nice, reliable, handsome young man, who for some reason does not pull at all. As a friend, he would have been quite fit. But the guy wants more! He constantly calls, meets on the street, offers his services ... In a word, he tries to be close at hand. And this is extremely annoying. Well, I do not like the guy, and that's it! If he behaved rudely, in a boorish manner, one could answer the same. And then all the gallantry, forethought, correctness! That's how politely to refuse the guy and not to hurt his self-esteem? The only way out is to lead oneself in such a way that he himself abandons courtship, even without realizing that he really wanted to get rid of him. There are several options for this behavior. Option one. Become "his own in the blackboard guy." A man sees in us an unearthly, tender, pure creature? Well, let's prove to him that this is not so. We will be happy to eat sausages with ketchup, complaining of heartburn, to use strong expressions in a conversation, to tell jokes and loudly to giggle at the same time. You can also learn to whistle after two fingers and say that without football we just do not think of our life. And meeting with friends of a young man, shake their hand and clap on the shoulder, wondering how they are doing with sex. It is unlikely that the boyfriend will favorably treat such a transformation of the once exalted being into a mundane, crude girl. In any case, he will cease to perceive us as an object of reverence. And certainly will give up the desire to get married. After all, the young man does not intend to marry Seryoga, Sashka, Yurka, Vovchik. That's just in all this there is one point. Playing the role of "your boyfriend", do not forget that this is just a masquerade. Otherwise, you can get carried away and really become a vulgar person; Option two. Make a boyfriend your best girlfriend. At meetings with him constantly gossip, discuss clothes, cosmetics, pads, diet and dignity of other men. Talk about what is fashionable today, to drag a young man on a shopping trip, to dedicate himself to the details of his state of health in the PMS and complain about the need for depilation in one or another place of his own body. After a few days of such communication, the guy will catch himself looking at his breast in a mirror, trying to determine if it has grown or not. And then he will remember, he will be a man, and go looking for the one next to which he is the man himself and will feel; Option three. Demonstratively idealize the fan and sing him praises to the place and out of place. Generally men like to be praised. But excessive admiration and reverence is tiring, because it forces you to always be on top. And this is annoying. Therefore, zealously fanate with the virtues of the young man, attributing to him all conceivable and unthinkable virtues. Let the man say that this is not so - do not give up! In our opinion, it is perfection itself, and we are simply unworthy of it. Such an exceptional in all respects, a noble, talented, intelligent young man certainly deserves a better party! Being always someone's idol and always on the pedestal is very difficult. Any normal person sooner or later will want to get off the pedestal and become what it really is. Sooner or later, the suitors will start annoying the endless odes in his honor. And he will retire. In this case, praising the guy, we must diligently detract from our own positive qualities. Let him think that we are not all right with self-esteem. This will add to the man's determination to abandon courtship; Option four. To persuade the admirer that we have another man. This is a slightly risky, albeit effective, option. Representatives of the stronger sex can not tolerate rivalry, but behave with competitors in love matters in different ways. Someone just disappears from the life of a woman, and someone starts to fight for it in all available ways. And often the most acceptable of these methods is a banal fistfight. Therefore, deliberately appear in the field of view of the boyfriend with another man should be cautious. Who knows what kind of trick he can throw! What if he grabbed a deadly grip on the collar of an innocent man? If we are not afraid that the admirer will get mad, this option can be practiced. Regularly appear in the field of view of a guy with some pretty young man. We flirt with him, smile, build eyes and kiss, saying goodbye. In short, by its very appearance we demonstrate that this man is not a stranger to us. Acting as a gentleman can be a friend, a friend, a colleague at work, a fellow student. Anyone, if only he was outwardly attractive and agreed to this role. There's no such thing? Then we act differently. When the boyfriend calls, ask someone from the men to pick up the phone and say that we are absent. And when asked who he is, answer: "Husband"; Option five. Refer to the prohibition of parents to meet with a guy. At any suggestion of the boyfriend to go somewhere to answer that he does not like his father and his mother for some reason. And they do not allow to be together. When you call a young man to talk to him half-whisper and do not delay the conversation, referring to what parents can hear. If the guy intends to come home to talk with his parents, we need to agree with them that they behave aggressively. Even if a young man likes his father and mother, well, they will not want the daughter to associate her life with an unloved person! All these options are acceptable mainly when the man is still only caring for the girl. In the case when they have already been for a long time, such methods may not work. Then we need to try to act a little differently. how can I refuse a guy

How to part with a man without much scandal

How to refuse the guy in his attention, if alreadylong enough to meet with him? Well, here it is. Earlier the person liked, and now became uninteresting. What to do, this is life. The most unpleasant thing in this situation is that a young man is probably not only offended, but will also insist on explanations. And how can one explain that there is no more feeling, and not regret it? If you do not explain anything, you will not understand and will begin to pursue. Therefore, it is more expedient to make him start running from us. What can we do?

  • We start to patronize the guy, showing excessive care,similar to tyranny. We scold a young man for not eating well, dressed lightly, not brushed, not on time to go to bed. We tell the guy what to do, what films to watch, how many to sit on the Internet. We control its menu and forbid to eat what is supposedly harmful. We constantly check whether he observes the regime of the day and whether he does exercises in the morning. At the same time, we reproach ourselves for behaving badly, and completely do not listen to an objection;
  • We constantly check where the young manis and what it does. We fall asleep with questions, whether he thinks about us, whether he loves or misses. At conversations meticulously we find out details of everything, than the guy today was engaged. Regularly conduct an audit of his correspondence on the Internet and the phone. We find what to cling to, and we arrange a scandal with hysterics and cries: "You do not love me at all!";
  • When meeting with a guy enthusiastically talking aboutplans for the future, where we will live together, what beautiful children will be, how many should be (not less than five), and so on. At the same time, we try to make it clear to the young man that we are going to live luxuriously, and that he is obliged to provide the family. Plans should be simply insane and obviously impossible. And the proposals are fantastic. Something real like "we go tomorrow to the registry office" can not be offered. Can agree.
  • If the guy after all this does not evaporate, it's worth thinking about. What if it's fate? We advise you to read: