how to understand that the guy fell in love with you When a guy is in love with you, it's always nice. And when he is still in love with the one to whom you are unevenly breathing, it is pleasantly doubly pleasant. But after all, what a misfortune - sometimes it is quite difficult to determine what the young man really feels. Someone sometimes skillfully depicts feelings, but someone, on the contrary, carefully conceals them. How to understand that the guy fell in love? After all, having no experience in such matters, you can either get into the trap of an experienced seducer, or miss the one who is carried away seriously. So, what are the signs that can be recognized as true love?

How to determine that a guy is in love, when you are not dating him yet

Actually, every person, falling in love, behavesdifferently. Someone on his face says that he lost his head from you. And someone so well disguises feelings - for what you will not understand, whether they are or not. One young man in a relationship with a pretty girl takes care of her, and another jokes jokingly, stupidly jabs, bully, tries to offend. So, guess where there is love, and where it is not in sight. You can easily accept the usual flirting for a serious feeling, and then be disappointed. On such rake very much it would not be desirable to attack. Sometimes they do not go through a lifetime. Well, in general, everything is not so bad. Signs that a man in you is really in love, there are. Only for each stage of the relationship they are their own. Let's say, how to understand that the guy is not indifferent to you, if you do not meet with him yet?

  • He will behave a little strange. Usually a lively, sociable, self-confident young man can suddenly become shy and timid. A shy and timid little fellow suddenly begins to behave cheekily, demonstratively someone out of himself, rude, loudly laugh. Moreover, such changes occur only in the presence of the subject of sighing. It is worth the girl to disappear, as everything returns to normal.
  • The man continually meets with you a look andhe immediately turns his eyes away. In principle, he can not take them away, on the contrary, look closely and defiantly. But this is more likely to be skillful seducers than young men who have sincere feelings. The one who is in love usually is embarrassed when a girl looks into his eyes.
  • The guy is always on your way, turnsin the places where you are, it turns out in a common company. At the same time he tries to pretend that all these coincidences are accidental and that he just passed by. When a young man falls in love, he finds a girl anywhere, having spent a lot of time and energy on it. And will wait for her appearance for hours. So, if someone constantly finds himself on the path, then in the store, then on the way home, then near the entrance, it is worth paying attention to it. It's not for nothing that it flashes before your eyes.
  • In short, when men fall in love, in theirbehavior there are noticeable changes, which can be called symptoms of the disease called "romantic insanity." The longer it lasts, the more a guy becomes like a bumpy eccentric knocked around the corner. But only in case he watches the object of cordial affection from the side. When a girlfriend becomes a girlfriend, a young man comes to his senses after a while. This does not mean that feelings disappear. They just get a different shape. How can you understand that the guy you've been dating with is still in love with you? how to understand that you fell in love with a guy

    Symptoms of falling in love with a guy you are already dating

    Often happens so that after some periodthe man begins to behave a little differently than in the first days of courtship. He becomes more restrained, rarely compliments, more often recalls matters. It seems as if there is no love anymore, the guy is disappointed, cold and does not want to see you as often as before. How can you in this case determine if a young person has any feelings?

  • He cares about you. That is seeks to help something, tries to solve some problem, is interested in business, brings home heavy bags, tries to give a rest if she is tired and so on. Only a boy in love will take such an active part in the life of the girl, thus demonstrating a non-indifference to her fate. The one to whom the young lady is indifferent, she certainly will not refuse to help either. But to do this constantly is unlikely to be
  • A man remembers various trifles associated with yourlife. It can be the date of birth of the mother, the nickname of the puppy, favorite spirits, dishes, books and movies, grandmother's residence .... In a word, everything that strangers are not interested in, and what remains in the memory of only the guy not indifferent to the girl.
  • A young person can abandon his ownplans if you need his presence. A man in love often even changes his life priorities and passions, wanting to have as much as possible in common with his passion. For example, earlier he was convinced that money is more important than anything else in the world. And now he considers the most important sincerity and reciprocity of feelings. Or before he was fond of racing, and now began to give priority to hiking, which is so beloved.
  • Talking about plans for the future, the guy says "we". If a person does not feel deep feelings toward you, when discussing such plans, he usually says "I" or "you".
  • The man practically does not hide anything. He frankly answers questions about his past and present, without eluding the answers and not trying to keep silent or laugh it off. This means that the guy is serious about the relationship and understands that without trust they can not be built.
  • A young man willingly takes you to his homeand invites friends to the company. If he is not going to meet with the girl for a long time, it is unlikely to specifically acquaint her with a circle of friends and close people.
  • The guy notices even minor changes in your appearance or mood. The one who is not in love, and the details of appearance, and especially the mood of the young lady are of little interest.
  • A man is not afraid of talking about family and children, and even starts such conversations himself. This behavior is usually in seriously-minded guys who want to see the girl in the role of a companion of life.
  • The guy tolerates your whims, condescending to not very beautiful deeds and forgives much. Such excerpt is peculiar only to a young man in love.
  • Here, perhaps, and all the main signs thata man perceives you not just as a temporary hobby. Determine his attitude is simple, if you are careful and judicious. The guy looks more at the legs than the eyes, says mostly about himself and does not try to discuss some general plans? Then, most likely, they are guided by passion and lust, and not romantic feelings. It is possible that the feelings will then appear, but so far the fact of their absence should alert. Otherwise, there is a risk of unrequited love of a roasted ladies' man, so capable of hampering his head that you forget your own name. In general, in order not to step on such rakes, it is advisable to delve literally into everything that is said by a man. Psychologists claim that their true attitude is manifested in reservations. The phrase, thrown accidentally, often gives a guy with a head, because it is not thought out in advance. Of course, not every spontaneous remark has any special meaning. But it's better to note them than to miss the ears, highlighting what is especially important, and drawing the right conclusions. We advise you to read: