how to return a husband to his family The family is one of the eternal values. A strong family gives a person confidence and peace, which is why it is worth fighting for the safety of the family. It so happened historically that the woman is the keeper of the hearth, that's why the woman is guarding the safety of her family. However, modern times do not contribute to the creation of strong marriages. Sexual revolution, civil marriages, the normal attitude of society towards divorce - all this is not the best way to affect the institution of marriage. When a man decides to leave the family - it is always very painful. Even if the relationship in your family was not ideal. Once he singled you out among all, erected a pedestal of his love, and now he wants to level with all other representatives of the fair sex. This situation is not the best way to affect women's self-esteem, the usual way of life is falling apart. Often a woman does not see a different path to finding a balance in her life, except to return her husband to the family.

  • Understand the reason for leaving her husband

Before asking the question: "How to return the husband to the family?", Try to understand the reasons for his departure. Perhaps he went to another woman, and maybe he just left you, from your exhausted relationship. Analyze your relationship, try to understand which life situations hit the most severely by your marriage, listen to yourself. And can you behave differently in these situations, will it suit you? Leave the desire to change her husband. Men do not yield to re-education, if you are not ready to accept him as he is, better look for another man more suitable for you. But if you are sure that you want to return your man, let's move to action.

How to return a husband if he went to another?

Or maybe you need to return the husband to the family frommistress? First of all, be patient. Mistresses may appear and disappear, but the role of the lawful wife is more stable. Scientists have found out that the most violent romance can last an average of 8 months. If you have the strength, patience and wisdom during this time to remain a wife, then you have every chance of winning. The main thing is not to bump into this adventure during this period. Many people use it to solve the problem, to return the husband to the family, conspiracies. However, in search of ways how to return her husband's magic - not the best assistant. You can go to the most famous fortune tellers and guides, but to solve the problem of how to return the love of a man, the conspiracy is not the most effective method. But you can bring any karmic troubles to your family. Better take care of yourself. Critically evaluate your appearance. Perhaps, it's high time you went to a hairdresser, buy yourself a couple of new things, or sign up for a sports club. At the heart of any relationship is the interest. Therefore, in search of an answer to the question: "how to return the ex-husband?", You must first answer the question: "how to return the interest of the husband to his wife?". If you were a housewife all your life together, get a job. Believe me, you yourself will not notice how much the circle will expand to which you can support the conversation. You can engage in some creative work. If you graduated from art school in your youth, buy yourself an easel and paints. In addition, that the hobby will make you more interesting and multifaceted personality, it will help to distract from thoughts about your husband. Find your first love through social networks. Now it is very important for you to feel that you can like someone. to return the husband to the family

How to return a husband after his betrayal?

Here the main aspect is your readinessforgive the betrayal of her husband and live as before. Once you have learned about the treason, try to get as far as possible from the situation. In the first week you are in a state of emotional shock and you can do something stupid. If you have the opportunity, leave somewhere for this time. Further, for several months, work on strengthening the home. Delicious prepare, maintain cleanliness and order, watch yourself. During this period, you can reasonably assess the situation. Do you need such a traitor? If you still need, we immediately change tactics.

  • Do not grumble, do not swear, and in no case do not arrange hysterics. Often we praise our husband and admire him and his deeds.
  • Pay attention to your husband. How exactly - you should know better than others. Perhaps, every morning to spread to him a fresh ironed shirt, or maybe - to brew coffee for his awakening, or just sit with him and watch football.
  • Well and the main thing - an intimate life. In any case, do not give up sex in this difficult period for you. Having refused the man now, you push him to another woman.
  • Involve her husband in family matters. Have you planned repair for a long time? Excellent, consult him for every little thing. Refer to the heap of work and ask him to take the children from the kindergarten. Invite nice friends to visit you. Do so that he feels necessary and important in your home, and his time for campaigns left is reduced to a minimum. You can try to organize a joint vacation together.
  • Withstood the very culmination of the novel of her husband (8 months.) you can release it to all 4 sides. Just do not forget to emphasize what he is depriving (children, home, proven rear, some property). Most likely, the man will choose you.

How to return the husband after the betrayal of his wife?

If you have changed, and really want to stay withhusband, this event means a pure accident, an obsession. It's better that my husband never learn of such a passing betrayal. Male pride is very painful! But if it so happened that he still learned about your treason, take action.

  • Try to talk to him. Play the role of a poor lamb. They say, I did not know, I did not know what I was creating.
  • Confess your love to your man. Only sincerely. So that he did not just hear it, but felt and believed.
  • Be gentle and surround him with attention.

Following these simple rules over time, you can make amends. how to return an ex-husband to a family

How to return her husband after the divorce?

The situation is the most neglected, evidencingthat many mistakes have already been made. However, with the right approach and a strong desire, it is still possible to return. Take on arms the methods of returning a husband from a mistress and into battle. Bet on the best that has been between you in the years of your life together. But be really sincere, if you want to return the husband to the family. Simple hysterics and whims of "I want!" Will never lead to the desired result. Moreover - by such behavior you can provoke the final and irrevocable "escape from the chicken coop." As the centuries-old practice shows, a good man does not face loneliness at all. And believe me - he knows about it. And not all men go on the path of greatest resistance, saving relationships in the family. Often they prefer an easier option - leaving for another woman. Or even "to nowhere." Just closer to silence and tranquility. Therefore, it is on the fragile female shoulders that the responsible task of preserving the family hearth falls. Therefore, clearly answer yourself to a simple question: "Do I really want this?". And if the answer is positive - and he often is just such - go for it. Time, endurance, wisdom and boundless love - these are your best allies in this difficult battle. And remember - the reward will be appropriate. After all, it is impossible to replace love, respect and care of a loved one. And the most important condition, without which further development of normal relations is impossible is forgiveness. Only if you sincerely and sincerely forgive each other, your family can exist. Silences, resentments and mutual reproaches are the first way to defeat. And in conclusion: never forget about yourself. After all, a bright and interesting woman will always be an interesting man. And it does not matter what was there before. Believe me - you can surprise a man in any case - you lived with him for two months or twenty years. Of course, you must make it clear to him that your relationship for you is not an empty phrase and really expensive. But ... Do you remember, as the classic said, "the less a woman we love ...". Believe me, this rule applies to men to no lesser extent. Of course, in no case should not show a man his disdain. But also look in his eyes grief-stricken also not worth it. Believe me - it is worthwhile for a man to understand that your life does not, as a matter of fact, end with his departure, as he will immediately think about it. But this method is good only if you are not listed as a serious fault - for example, treason. Otherwise, the consequences will be very, very sad. But you are a wise woman, are not you? So, you can correctly assess the situation and choose the appropriate line of conduct. We sincerely wish you that on the horizon of your family life there was not just a storm front, but even light clouds. Dare - and you will always succeed. After all, "if you really want to - you can fly to space!" Not that to return to the bosom of the family of a spoiled husband. Be happy! We advise you to read: