how to return a husband from his mistress Well ... Another wife appeared with her husband. And this is not suspicious and not groundless suspicion. Now it is known for certain - it is. No, he, of course, carefully conceals this fact. But you can not hide the awl in a sack. These mysterious calls to the mobile, late work, absenteeism in the evenings and weekends, a detached dreamy look, unexplained irritability ... One might attribute such strangeness of behavior to something else - how many people sometimes get carried away? For example, a faithful dreamed of buying a new car or spinning, and we are here with our suspicion. Eh, if ... Not so everything, not so. Do not deceive yourself. Already the name of his passion is known, and even the address. The well-wishers tried. And how here to be ?! How to return the husband from his mistress, if he has any thoughts - only about her? And can it be returned? Well, let's think about this question.

Why does my husband start looking for another woman

Of course, each of us very much wants tothe husband remained faithful under any circumstances. But alas, alas! In fact, there are few such men. No matter how good her husband is, no matter what advantages she possessed, she is not insured against the betrayal of the faithful. Severe statistics argue that more than half of the wives sooner or later face obvious signs of the appearance of a mistress. That is exactly sure of its existence. And how many still do not know about it! The situation is very painful. Very ... Well, still, when the faithful of the house continues to behave in a friendly way, tries to help, still cares about the family and solves her problems. But it's often not so! Zaimevshy another woman's husband becomes sullen, petty, forever all dissatisfied with the critic. And you look not so, and you cook badly, and it's tongue-tied, and stupid, and the mistress is useless ... Now try to stand like that! And it would be nice, when the wife actually launched herself, spit on the house, refuses sex and only knows that her precious half day and night sawing. Or the husband is a handsome man, who has a profitable business and all the attendant zavlekalochki - an expensive car, a representative look and so on. Then the appearance of another woman is predictable and explainable. Either the peasant is trying to escape to another house from the infamous woman, or to him the pretty young ladies throw themselves at their feet. And if it's not so? If the wife tries to please her husband with all her might, she is watching for herself, the house is in perfect order, and he himself is a blockhead, and the exterior is not fair, and money is in his pocket - once or twice, and he's screwed? And still, after all, he is carrying to the left! And there, already embracingly embracing the embrace, and with them and the bed, some kind-hearted lady. And often it is no better (and sometimes worse) wife. Why?! Why do men so readily and so easily change us? Really they do not understand, what such action is destructive both for family harmony, and for mentality of the half? Strangely enough, many do not really understand this. Men, even very responsible and serious, have much bigger children in their minds than we imagine. The child always wants to have fun with a bright new toy. And the fact that this toy - a living person, he does not take into account. And often falls due to its frivolity in the trap. Because mistresses are different. Someone will calmly accept the rules of the game and will arrange his personal life, not attaching special importance to relations with a married man. And some one will try to tie him to himself with all his might, without attaching importance to the fact that he is a family man. And there are a lot of ways for this. The big child and gasp will not have time, as it is entangled from head to foot both psychologically and physically. Well, in terms of physical comfort. No, of course, not all our faithful go to fornication only because they wanted a new tsatsku. There are also those who need new impressions and therefore run from one woman to another. And someone needs the keenness and euphoria of feelings, usually present at the beginning of any novel. Someone is looking for warmth and understanding, lost in marriage, someone - the implementation of frank sexual fantasies, which is embarrassed to tell his wife. Or the demon in the rib grasped and whispered that you need to test your male viability on a fresh body. Well, and finally, there are incorrigible males, zatyayuschiesya at the sight of any pretty person. Yes, and not smazlivenkoy too. The main thing is that she is not already familiar along and across her wife. Of course, it happens that with another woman, her husband is the most that neither is love. If this is so, then we have no choice but to release it. And forgive. Because man does not have power over love. She is wayward and does not consider the stamp in the passport as something significant. This, of course, does not at all reassure, but it is necessary to release the spouse in this case. First, even the most ardent feelings once subsided. And it happens the faster, the faster all desires are realized. Secondly, to keep seriously in love with another young lady, a man can be forcibly. But is it possible to control his thoughts and emotions? Not embodied in life, they will become more painful and more doubly stronger. So let him go. It is very likely that he will be back in time. And we will only have to understand and accept. But this applies to really in love with men. But how can it be that if a husband is carried away by another woman, she regularly calls and meets with her, but at the same time she is not going to leave the family at all, because it is so convenient for him? He is comfortable, but what is it to us? To know that the spouse has someone else and easy to look at it can not every one of us. To pretend that everything is all right, sobbing at night in a pillow, is an unenviable prospect. What to do? Collect the suitcase and expose the faithful for the threshold? The prospect of being alone is not any better. So what should I do? return the husband from his mistress

How to behave if you learned about her husband's mistress

I must say that in the vast majoritythe hobby of married men by someone on the side sooner or later passes. Especially when the marriage is several years old and it is quite prosperous. Therefore, after learning about the treason, you do not need to rush to pack your wife things together with a toothbrush. After all, how can you really lose it - and suddenly, even realizing that you made a mistake, he will simply be afraid to go home? Yes, and razluchnitsy pleasure is not worth it. Not for that, we spent so much time and energy on this grasshopper-hopper to at least for a time give it to a wholly and completely alien woman. At the same time, the husband is not a thing, and not property, and take it to unlimited use of this stranger will not work. Therefore, we must go the other way. Namely - to hide the suitcase far away, to bellow secretly, at least to calm down and think about how to behave now. Here are just no ugly scenes, attempts to make the conscience of the faithful writhe in the throes of conscience and so on! Women's tantrums have not spoiled any of the men for total self-denial in the name of preserving the family. Yes, and in comparison with that, the other, the wife, with her puffy eyes and red nose sobbing about the whole voice, will obviously lose. As for conscience, then there are two options: either it is, or not. If there is, then, and so suffers. Therefore, in addition to plague her husband's soul to anything - he will get angry and rush to his passion. If not, what's the point of calling for it? It's like talking about a stone wall with your head ... In a word, you need to try to do without scenes. This, by the way, is a wonderful way to shock a spouse and make him think about what he has done. Usually having a mistress of a man at least an iota suggest that the wife can recognize the adultery. And whether consciously, unconsciously, but ready for her hysterics, reproaches, scenes, icy silence and attempts to expose her half at the door. But to an indulgent, even somewhere benevolent understanding from the side of the wife, almost none of them are ready. This behavior of the woman knocks out of her tracks, touches her pride and makes her think about the reasons for her serenity all the time. Meditate at home, at work, and in the arms of a mistress. But this is what we need! Therefore, we will try to take in our hands and pretend that what we are concerned about is not enough. Say, well, you started, my dear, to yourself another, and what? Think ... Do not erase. All is enough. And it is desirable to save this kind of not only when communicating with her husband, but also in the presence of friends, colleagues, friends. There is no one "more benevolent" than curious pseudo-friends, who often are well-acquainted mistresses. About how they will gloat with her, seeing our despair, it is not worth talking about. Yes, and oil in the fire will be poured diligently. So we call to the aid all our willpower and let no one notices our pain. Except perhaps very close people - mothers, real friends. In short, one who is ready to listen and understand. Here with them we pronounce, we cry, we call the spouse and his passion the last words and imagine how we pull out all her hair. And nowhere else and with anyone. To nothing. It is difficult to do this at first. Extremely difficult. Resentment, pain, offended dignity tear the soul apart. Let's try to calm emotions with the thought that this happens in almost all families. And that the betrayal of her husband is even good, because it allows us to look at the relationship in a new way, both to us and to him. A man needs to understand that his wife is irreplaceable, and marriage should be protected. And how does he understand this, if he does not compare it to another? That's just a comparison should be in our favor. How can this be done? return the husband

How to make her husband forget his mistress

Of course, in order for the comparison withmistress turned out in our favor, we must at least partly know her habits, hobbies, manner of dressing and so on. The best option for obtaining such information is to get acquainted with the "bitch" closer. It would be nice to make her almost a friend. Double, even triple benefit - and doves more often in front of you, and understand that the husband found this in another woman, you can, and arrange so that she quickly tired him, it will. It is enough to invite the young lady regularly to visit, take her with you to some events, pestering the faithful with requests to allow the "lonely poor girl" to go with her family to the nature and so on. Surely, sooner or later there will come a day when he will resent her eternal presence in the house. After all, in a home setting, you want to relax and become yourself. But is it possible, if the rooms are shuffled mistress, in whose eyes it is necessary to look all the way? But for such a feat - as close as possible to the second woman of her husband - not every one of us is capable of doing this. Try to smile all the time this "snake snake", when you want to star her head on something harder! Yes, and the passion of a man is not so easy to observe his communication with his wife. So in most cases, the option of close relations between two women is unacceptable. If they are not longtime friends. Therefore, learn about the habits and passions of her husband's mistress will have to be in a roundabout way. You can ask about it from common acquaintances when they are. And you can make at least some idea, based on changes in the behavior of her husband. Did he often talk about painting or learn to ride? It turns out that she is fond of fine arts or riding a horse. Did he suddenly start running in the morning or go swimming? Most likely, she is a sports woman visiting the pool ... Well, and so on. Such information does not compel us to immediately run to the art gallery or climb the saddle. It is just an excuse for reflection and a push to self-development. If TA woman sticks out in the gym, and we have a completely unweighted figure, then we will correct this mistake and register in the fitness club. If she distinguishes between impressionism and modernity, we will learn to understand literary trends. And so on. In a word, we do not sit still and do not wait for the sea to come to terms. We open the world for ourselves and open the windows in it as much as possible. Do not forget at the same time that the stomach, whatever one may say, is one of the leading organs that govern the behavior of a man. Therefore, it is necessary to feed the husband tasty, surprising each time with his cook abilities. No experience in this matter - we study cookbooks or the Internet. To take away the delicious dishes on the table the second place should not be. Sometimes, however trivial, it is the delicious food that becomes the true cause of the constant escape of the faithful to the side. It should not, of course, and restrict the husband in the intima. Otherwise, he will certainly go to fill his lack to that, the other, always to the proximity of the finished. It is advisable at the same time to show the wonders of diversity in bed, but in such a way as not to shock the believer with his unexpected licentiousness. It's not like we're practicing elsewhere. Yes, and you can experiment only when the husband wants it. If not, it is not necessary to be imposed. Everything has its time. Enough to let him know that his wife is not against the amazing sex. One day a husband will probably take advantage of this. And then it's necessary to get rid completely. In no case can not show her husband his despondency. And to fall into depression too it is impossible - it can not be hidden. A suffering facial expression is rarely what a woman paints. Yes, and sympathy in the faithful it is unlikely to cause. Rather, irritation, as it is as if a constant reminder of his guilt. Therefore, it is better not to sit, feeling sorry for yourself and nursing your own pains, and find yourself a pleasant lesson, surrounded by a host of old friends and new acquaintances. This approach to the situation will not only help to forget, but will also open up new horizons, which we had not previously suspected. As for the relationship with her husband, they should be as friendly as possible. You need to try to be him or a girlfriend, or almost a mother. It is desirable to be interested in everything that happens in the life of the faithful, having previously informed him that communication with another woman is already no secret for anyone. Talking about a mistress should be as calm as possible, but do not go too far, portraying complete indifference. A man can accept such deliberateness at face value and decide that he is indifferent to his wife. Who knows what it will turn out. It is possible that a wounded self-esteem will push him to reckless actions. And the husband will do what he did not think - he will live to his passion. And how to return her husband from his mistress later, it is unknown. It happens that it is extremely difficult to correct a situation, and even it is impossible. After all, she will make every effort to keep him forever. Therefore, we try to expose the spouse as impartially as possible, but letting him know that we are suffering. In general, if a husband has a mistress, this is not the end of the world. Mistresses, in some ways, are even useful for marriage. After all, thanks to them, pretty tired from each other, the couple gets a shake-up. That often leads to resuscitation of feelings and strengthening of the family. We advise you to read: