what to do to make a guy fall in love Oh, what an interesting, what a full andcolorful life becomes when we fall in love! The world seems like a fairy tale in which miracles happen at every turn. Love fills him with a joyful light and promises much happiness ahead. When it is mutual. If reciprocity is doubtful, instead of joy, we experience anxiety, accompanied by uncertainty and painful reflections on what needs to be done to make the guy fall in love. And can you do anything at all?

How do I get a guy to pay attention?

When we do not yet have experience in the affairs of the heart,falling in love with someone, are able to head off with new sensations. And as a result, run into underwater reefs of relations of the sexes. Uncertainty that a young man is also in love, makes you torment and constantly think about how to be further. What it is necessary to make, that the guy too fell in love? Of course, for this he must notice us. That is, select from a lot of other young ladies and become interested. For this, one must have an idea of ​​who loves a young man and who does not. How to get such a view? It is necessary to look at the guy and pay attention to what kind of girls he is more willing to communicate with, and which is shy. Collect the necessary information will help to talk with people who are well aware of our subject of love. There are no such? Well, then we send him a scout - a girlfriend or a reliable friend. Let them get acquainted and explore more about the tastes and habits of a young man. From such espionage is a double benefit. First, we will determine what methods should be won by his heart. Secondly, at least in part we will understand that the guy has disadvantages and can be reconciled with them. It is likely he is not a man of dreams, and we fell in love with a fictitious image. Then you should not be upset about him. Quietly forget about the unsuccessful love and go to look for another prince. If we are ready to accept the shortcomings of a young man, then we are starting to fight for his heart. Of course, not every girl is ready for such a fight. The characteristics of upbringing, modesty, shyness, self-esteem sometimes do not allow to show activity in relation to the strong sex. For centuries, we were taught that men should choose and conquer a woman, and not vice versa. But time goes and morals change! Today we have no less rights. Therefore, we can also choose the object of attention, and we can also achieve its reciprocity. If you humbly stand aside, hoping that the guy suddenly comes up and confesses love, you can generally lose it. Carried by some more enterprising person, and write was gone! No, this does not mean that a girl must cling to a young man like a bull terrier in a sacrifice, and keep up with him one step. It is unlikely that this behavior will cause a response in a young man. Rather, anger or scare. Acting must be subtle, unobtrusive, delicate, but persistent. But as? Are there any common ways to guarantee the sympathy of a guy? In general, the methods of attracting men to the female half of mankind have been invented since time immemorial. I must say that she did not really succeed in this. We are still trying to defeat the beloved by stunning looks, spend a lot of money and time on fashionable outfits and beauty salons, torment ourselves with diets and drive seven sweat in fitness clubs. Or, considering that the heart of a man is controlled by the stomach, sticks out at the stove, inventing culinary masterpieces. No, sometimes such titanic efforts give some result. A young man can be tempted by the beauty of a girl and it is with great pleasure to eat cooked meals. And then take and even get in the way of the ears in some kind of chef's almost devoid of abilities, not of a model appearance at all. What's the matter? We are here from the skin we are climbing, we are trying, and she, without making any extra gestures, took and drove the guy straight from under the nose! The thing, in all likelihood, is that the boy, who is still inexperienced in these matters, falls in love with long legs and a thin waist. And only the adherent of the food cult can fall in love with the stomach. And the fact that in this nondescript person there is a charm that we lack. Let's try to use some of its techniques and we. What are these tricks? what should I do to make a guy fall in love

How to behave so that the guy falls in love

So, we already have some idea,what type of girls our favorite likes more than others. Being guided by this information, we correct our image. Of course, do not try to completely remake yourself. It is impossible to radically change a person's personality without prejudice to it. Yes, and identity has not harmed anyone. Correction of the image is to change the appearance and some habits. For example, a young man does not like too bright young ladies. So, we try to look more modest, but not less attractive. Or the guy does not like being too free in communication. Then we will behave in his presence more restrained. In order to attract the attention of the guy, you need to become your own in his company and like the friends of the young man. However, if the society of a loved one does not suit us at all, it is better not to do so. You can not change your life principles and positions even to please the most priceless prince. For a girl, this can end badly. Firstly, the young lady will lose the disposition of those who used to treat her well. Secondly, for certain will cause a disdainful attitude on the part of the beloved. Few of the men are able to respect a woman ready for his sake to give up on herself. Therefore, we join the boy's society only in the case when it will be relatively comfortable. And if not, just try to meet him as often as possible one on one. A very great service is for the young man to fall in love, give us at least a partial separation of his hobbies and interests. No, it does not have to be a football fan, a car expert or an inveterate fisherman. It is enough to get an idea about the game of football clubs, machine brands and fishing gear types. And in conversations it is easy to insert phrases concerning such topics. This will make the conversation more lively and will cause the guy's desire to continue. But his desire for communication is victory! In order for a guy to want to be close to the girl as much as possible, she should not constantly demonstrate her independence and the ability to solve any problem independently. Still, men dream of being patrons and protectors of the beloved, not her henpecked. Therefore, we become a fragile, needy protection by the creature that we need to patronize. Do not bend the stick. If we will whimper all the time, then in the end, instead of sympathy, we will give rise to animosity and dislike in our beloved. A wonderful way to bribe any man - to be interested in his opinion. Whichever question we decide - what to buy, how to rearrange the furniture, where to go or go and so on - it is necessary to find out what he thinks about it. May we even do it our own way. The main thing is for the guy to understand - they listen to him and appreciate him. Excellent effect on the strong sex of the woman's praise. How to make a man fall in love? Yes, you should admire the mind of the chosen one, his golden hands, the ability to find a way out, strength, courage - he will certainly want to like even more. So, it will look for meetings and try to look better in the eyes of the girl than before. But this effect will be caused only by a sincere compliment from the heart. Otherwise, the guy will suspect us of deliberate flattery, and this will negatively affect his trust. To break the trust can and rude interference in the private life of a young man. The girl's attempt to find out about his ex-girlfriends, inquiries about where he was, who called, where he was going to go and so on would be perceived as the desire to "get lost". Of course, a man is concerned about the safety of his freedom and will begin to avoid frequent contact with a woman. Or it will close in itself, not allowing any (at times and necessary) frank conversations. Therefore, do not bother your prince in the soul, if he does not open it. The boy's love largely depends on the attitude towards the girl surrounding. Our dear strong halves are extremely suggestible. If a young lady is sociable, friendly, quickly finds a common language with people, and they are drawn to her - this is a big plus in her favor. Since it is appreciated by others, it means that the girl is worthy of attention. That's only when communicating with other men you have to be careful. You can cause a flurry of jealousy, the consequences of which are unpredictable. And finally, to fall in love with a guy, we must impress him with his eccentricity. It does not matter what it is - in the ability to knit well or jump with a parachute, in collecting icons or in helping homeless animals. If only the hobby was real and allocated us from the general mass. In general, for a smart and persistent young lady, deciding how to make a young man fall in love does not have to be too complicated. The main thing is not to become too intrusive, capricious and demanding. Many ladies, it is worth the man several times to call and invite on a date, this is how they behave. Say, if he is looking for meetings, then he lost his head from love. Nothing like this. Men have a very powerful instinct for self-preservation, whose voice can drown out the voice of the heart. And if they feel the threat of their personality on the part of a woman, they begin to defend themselves or retreat. Neither one nor the other does not suit us. Therefore, we will be softer, more benevolent and more gentle. We advise you to read: