pressotherapy Mankind has long striven forward in allareas of life. It deals with the beauty industry, medicine, and psychotherapy. It's not fashionable to sit on long and debilitating diets, it's not practical to put on warm clothes and run a few kilometers at the stadium. Massage - and that is recognized not the most effective way to get rid of numerous diseases. When combining the latest medical technologies there is a revolutionary technique - pressotherapy. It differs markedly from the methods of treatment with oxygen, cold, water, etc. All these procedures help a person not only to maintain an excellent appearance, but also to keep many internal organs toned. But in them, in contrast to pressotherapy, there is a significant drawback - the short-term result. All methods are designed only for the manifestation of the result in the next few days, pressotherapy begins its operation one day after the procedure, strengthens it during the second and subsequent sessions (up to ten) and continues to achieve the optimal result from one month to six months. Pressotherapy is relatively new for our country. Its essence is based on carrying out lymphodrainage (in which from the intercellular space of all organs and systems of the body different methods are taken out excess, stagnant liquid). Precisely, pressotherapy is called upon to quickly and qualitatively change your appearance and condition of internal organs. Pressotherapy is aimed at normalizing the weight and reducing the amount of fat in the blood and intercellular aggregate, restoring metabolic processes in the body, removing tissue and system edema. In addition, pressotherapy contributes to the restoration of the water-salt balance, the elimination of skin flabbiness, the removal of cutaneous tubercles in those places where the greatest accumulation of cholesterol deposits is observed, the improvement of venous and capillary blood circulation, and much more. Since pressotherapy can save you from stagnant liquids in the body, it also strengthens the defenses of the body, increases immunity, resists the diseases of the viral nature and strengthens the level of stress-resistance of the organism. Especially useful and safe hardware pressotherapy. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), pressotherapy is exactly the technique that spares all your organs when removing excess fluid (unlike diuretics and chemical treatment systems). The technique is based on the latest achievements in the field of advanced hardware medicine. A certain pressure is applied to each part of the body, which creates a certain level of stress on the body and on its internal systems. In this case, during the procedure, the following is observed: a powerful lymph drainage occurs, blood supply and oxygen enrichment of body parts are increased, to which pressure is applied, virtually all metabolic processes are strengthened. The advantage of this method can be considered that pressotherapy at home can be done, for which there is no need for special medical education and very expensive devices. If you do not doubt whether pressotherapy will help, then you should turn to Internet sources. It is best to choose sites of campaigns or beauty salons (where this procedure is carried out). There is everything that can be attributed to pressotherapy: guest feedback will give you full information about the quality and level of the service provided.


Pressotherapy reviews Pressotherapy is carried out, as a rule, precisely inspecialized clinics, although it is possible to conduct it at home. Before you carry out the procedure, be sure to consult with a specialist. The specialist will be able to accurately determine all the risks that arise for you during the procedure. In addition, all contraindications, which will be discussed below, are taken into account. After that, you will wear a special suit, which will be a kind of capsule. In this suit there is a supply of air and pressure, which is regulated by the apparatus, depending on the need to affect certain areas of the body. First, a stream of air is pumped to the tissues. It is fed, as a rule, from the lower and upper extremities to the body. This causes certain fluctuations, which contributes to the emergence of a circle of lymph circulation. The stagnant liquid begins to circulate in a circle and be excreted through the kidneys. At the same time, sweating, urination may worsen over the next few days. After the procedure, it is advisable to take a warm (but by no means cold and no contrast shower). All those who did pressotherapy did not experience any discomfort during and after the procedure. The procedure itself lasts about twenty minutes. You can spend it up to ten sessions a month (that is, you need to repeat the sessions in two or three days), but not more often than once every six months. The effect of pressotherapy can be felt right away. You forget about fatigue, you feel much younger, you do not want to sit any more, but you like to move. Effects of pressotherapy can increase to two or three days. So, first you feel vivacity and a burst of energy. Then - the excess fluid is removed from the body. After a few days, you see that the edema has decreased significantly, that there are significant changes at the level of blood circulation and much more. The sensation of heat can last about a day. Pressotherapy can be done at home. To do this, it is quite convenient to use such a technique optimized for home use, such as vacuum pressotherapy. Today, there are a number of portable medical devices for pressotherapy at home. It's quite easy to use them. To do this, you need to follow the instructions clearly. And in no case should we forget about the harm that can be caused by the frequent use of pressotherapy at home without consulting with medical highly skilled workers. Even for those who do pressotherapy at home, it is useful to know its advantages and be sure to know its contraindications.

Pressotherapy: indications and contraindications

pressotherapy of contraindication You yourself can easily determine whether you needPressotherapy - the results will not be long in coming when it is really needed. You can not only remove the edema of lymphatic origin, restore the circulation of lymph in the body disturbed by numerous diseases, easily get rid of muscle tension (if you have to experience prolonged physical exertion in the workplace or during training), but also restore the biobalance of your body . Today, many women (especially after childbirth) are concerned about such a problem as varicose veins: pressotherapy will help you get rid of this problem. You can get rid of the heaviness in the legs, from the swelling, from the venous branches on the legs, from the bulging of veins under the skin, etc. If you just want to do a prophylaxis, it's worth thinking about how long you can forget about cellulite, veins, fatigue, weight in the legs and varicose: pressotherapy will be your favorite method of getting rid of many uncomfortable body conditions. It is especially useful to hold pressotherapy if you want to get rid of excess weight, adjust the figure and heal the cellulite. With the help of vacuum pressotherapy, you can forget for all time post-traumatic and postoperative edema, cellulite and local fat deposits, overweight, the possibility of thrombosis and cholesterol plaques, venous and heart failure. In addition, when using in the practice of your beauty hardware pressotherapy you can significantly improve the tone of the skin, restore its elasticity, enhance the renewal of its upper layers, align the color, etc. It is generally believed that one of the safest methods of removing excess intercellular fluid from the body is pressotherapy: contra-indications are very important in its implementation, since you can not just not get the desired result, but also hurt yourself. It is important to consider many features of the body when carrying out any kind of pressure therapy: contraindications are as follows.

  • benign and malignant tumors;
  • cutaneous and subcutaneous diseases;
  • menstruation;
  • acute inflammatory processes of the skin and internal organs;
  • edema of various origins (heart, kidney, edema with liver diseases);
  • fractures;
  • suffered heart attacks and strokes;
  • period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • kidney failure;
  • diabetes;
  • cardiovascular failure (2 and higher degrees);
  • serious diseases of the lymphatic system;
  • tuberculosis.

All that was listed above, should be taken into accountwhen conducting pressotherapy: the results of its use without consulting with specialists can lead to unfortunate consequences. If you want to find out if pressotherapy helps, then in this case it is logical and expedient to consider an appeal to numerous women's and medical forums. In many sections, pressotherapy is described: responses about it contain answers to all the questions you are interested in. Remember, no matter what you choose, it is necessary to take care of your health. Address to experts, they will save you from negative consequences and will help to achieve the desired result. We advise you to read: