massage for breast augmentation Massage for breast augmentation - does it work? Ah, how I would like to receive an affirmative answer! But, it's not so simple. Achieve a real increase (1-2 sizes) can only be done with the help of plastic surgery. But to tighten the muscles of the breast, to correct its shape so that it seemed bigger, it is quite possible. As massage is not only useful, but also pleasant procedure. Let's see how useful breast massage is, and what kinds of it are the most effective.

The Benefits of Massage

Regular massage can do wonders! It improves the micro-circulation of blood and lymph, which is reflected both in the appearance of the bust, and on his health. Massage for breast augmentation is a therapeutic procedure that must be combined with cosmetic care and physical exertion. This is the only way to achieve a positive result. Namely:

  • The breast will be higher;
  • The skin will become elastic and smooth;
  • The sensitivity of the breast will increase.

You can perform massage yourself. Just remember that the breast is the most delicate part of the female body. There should be no sharp and gross movements. If suddenly you feel uncomfortable, be sure to change the tactics. Eliminate all kinds of tweaks, twisting and pressing. Never pull the skin - this can lead to bruises and stretch marks. Massage of the breast is of several types, and if you want to achieve a visual increase, follow the tips below. how to increase a breast massage

Water massage of breast

It is necessary to start with water procedures.

  • Adjust the temperature of the water so that it seemed a little cool;
  • Increase the head to the maximum;
  • We direct the stream of water on the chest slightly above the nipple and make circular movements with the hand for 2-3 minutes;
  • The same is done for the other breast;
  • At the end of the procedure, you can increase the temperature of the water by several degrees and simply hold a stream along the décolleté area and bust.

Such a massage raises muscle tone. In addition, it helps with nervous disorders and insomnia, relieves tension before going to sleep, relaxes and cheers up.

Corrective breast massage

The next step is corrective massage. To perform it, you need any fat cream containing softening and moisturizing ingredients.

  • Take a small amount of cream and rub it into the chest in a circular motion clockwise. Grasp and the area above the breast;
  • After this, we perform strokes directed from the nipples to the shoulders;
  • Further we make "sawing" movements with the help of fingertips;
  • Now we grasp one breast with the palm of your hand and tap it lightly with the fingers of the other hand;
  • We repeat the procedure for the other breast;
  • Then you can perform sliding movements, directed from the nipples to the base of the chest. Movements are performed with two fingers. You need to start in the area of ​​the nipples, gradually shifting upwards;
  • We finish the massage with light stroking movements.

If the procedure is performed usingbeloved man, it will bring a more effective result. From his touch in the blood will increase the level of female hormones, and in fact they affect the size of the bust. Water and corrective breast massage can be carried out as often as you want. The more sessions you spend, the faster you will get a positive result. Shiatsu massage for breast augmentation

Acupressure Shiatsu

This procedure comes from China. The secret is simple - by working on certain points of the body, you can enlarge the chest. It is unlikely that you will be able to perform such a massage yourself. First, you physically can not do this, because many of the necessary points are on the back of the head and on the back. Well, and secondly - it's dangerous. Do not risk your health, because incorrectly clicking on the point, you can damage the work of some body. To know all the subtleties, you need to have a special education - it's at least. If you have studied the location of all the desired points and still decided to try to make a pinch massage for breast augmentation at home, pay attention to the recommendations given below and use the help of a friend.

  • The procedure is performed with the thumbs. You do not need to press all your finger, but only with a small cushion, as if from top to bottom;
  • The first points to be pressed,are on the neck. There are only eight of them. To perform a full cycle of massage, you need to walk three times on all points, working on each, five times for two minutes;
  • The next point is located on the back of the head. Where hair growth begins. The impact on this point should be very careful. Pressing time - 5-7 seconds;
  • Next, go to the points on the shoulders. There are two of them, they are located just above the collarbone. Pressing should be carried out in two approaches. Duration 5-7 seconds, a break between the approaches - 20 seconds;
  • And the last six points are located between the shoulder blades. The duration of exposure is also 5-7 seconds per each.

As you can see, shiatsu massage is not an easy process. And it will be better if you use the help of a specialist. Yes, the procedure costs money, but your own health is more expensive, is not it? We advise you to read: