teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide Hydrogen peroxide is a medicinal product,which is available in every home. It is often used to treat wounds. Any scratches, abrasions and even major injuries should be washed with peroxide - to wash away dirt directly from the lesion. But it turns out, hydrogen peroxide can be used for teeth whitening. There is such a proven method, tested by many people.

How to properly bleach

Note that peroxide hydrogen in its pure formTo bleach a teeth it is impossible - it is necessary to make a solution. Dilute this liquid every time before rinsing and do not store the finished solution for several days. Just remember the proportions: for 30 grams of warm water (this is a small stack) 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. Everything is a miracle solution ready, you can start the procedures. Doctors advise to rinse the oral cavity with peroxide solution twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. Stronger solution should not be done - it will not bring any tangible benefits, but you can burn your gums. If you do bleach teeth with hydrogen peroxide is not the first time, you can simply dip a cotton swab in the drug's drug solution (and not dilute yourself) and just hold them in the teeth. Do not swallow liquid! This method gives an effect almost instantly - a snow-white smile will be guaranteed. But we must also take into account the fact that the use of hydrogen peroxide has a detrimental effect on the composition of tooth enamel. That's why you should know the peculiarities of this method of bleaching. whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide

How does hydrogen peroxide

Plaque on the teeth appears due to frequentdrinking coffee, tea, as well as smoking - this is known to everyone. But only here not everyone is ready to refuse a cup of a fragrant drink under a strong cigarette. Plaque with the help of hydrogen peroxide is removed due to a chemical reaction. Peroxide penetrates into the enamel and begins to corrode it. The result is a quick thinning of the tooth enamel layer, and you can even lose it - this will lead to serious problems. For teeth, you need to choose the most gentle methods of whitening. It must be remembered that the goal is simply a snow-white smile, and not the roots that have been destroyed to the roots. It at first seems that bleaching with hydrogen peroxide is just a universal method. In fact, there are invisible eyes to the destruction of teeth, and in the course of time you can miss a few pieces. In addition, there is a danger that peroxide will fall on the gums - this can cause burns and even the appearance of sores. By the way, if you have a hypersensitivity, then this method also does not work - during the procedure there will be unbearable pain. So you should take care and exclude possible unpleasant consequences. The most ideal option is to seek advice from a dentist. First, the professional will immediately identify all the problems with the teeth and, possibly, prescribe the necessary treatment. Secondly, the procedure of teeth whitening with laser or ultrasound will also give excellent results - then you just need to support them. Well, and, thirdly, there are several types of whitening pastes in the sales, in which there is hydrogen peroxide - the dentist will advise them. You can also buy special carbolic gels that can whiten teeth almost harmless to enamel, despite the presence of hydrogen peroxide in the composition.

When you can not use hydrogen peroxide

The oral cavity is a real paradise for germs andbacteria. That is why all physicians strongly recommend regular visits to dentists and timely treatment. If your smile is impossible without whitening tooth enamel, then first go to a specialist and consult. Of course, now there are so many different mouthwashes on the market that it is difficult to choose. And most importantly, advertising cheerfully promises to bleach all the teeth almost for a penny. So, it should be understood that in their zeal for beauty can and involuntarily harm their own health. For example, in the presence of diseases of the gums or the oral mucosa, one should not use hydrogen peroxide - there are enough means by which it can be replaced. In addition, if you are predisposed to diseases of the stomach or intestines, there are problems with the esophagus, hydrogen peroxide is also prohibited. Today, various methods of bleaching are available: special strips, kaps, gels and professional toothpastes, laser and ultrasound bleaching, removal of tartar. From such a variety, you can definitely choose the method that is right for you. how to whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide

Beauty requires sacrifice

If you still started the process of home whitening, do not forget about the preventive measures:

  • Do not abuse all the known methods of whitening - choose one thing;
  • In time, visit the dentist - this will protect you from illnesses;
  • Do not risk and experiment with your teeth - let the whitening goes gently and gradually.

Beauty requires close attention andconstant support. And your favorite habits will have to be sacrificed. Dentists say that teeth whitening with peroxide will not support a snow-white smile for a long time, for more effective results, you should stop smoking and coffee - at least. Heavy? Certainly! But after all, no one has ever promised that beauty appears and is restored at the click of your fingers - so you will have to try. But, in fairness, it's worth noting - nothing is impossible. A competent approach to business always guarantees perfect results!