belly button piercing Recently, the phenomenon of piercing in the navel has becomevery popular direction of one of the forms of avant-garde art, called body art, when the human body plays the role of a creative object and is subjected to a kind of decoration in the form of tattoos, punctures and so on. These actions can have several meanings, for example, be a form of teenage protest, be an attribute of some youth movement or serve as a way to increase sexual attraction.

How the belly button piercing became popular

The belly-buttoned navel is not a new phenomenon,but among Europeans it has become popular relatively recently. For a long time, the navel belonged to that part of the human body, which is indecent to demonstrate everywhere. However, morals change, fashion becomes more and more relaxed, and emancipation takes its toll. If earlier the bare navel could be perceived as a sexual provocation, now you will not be surprised at the exposed display and the decorated ringlet or earring with a navel. And an increasing number of women want to make piercings, then to flaunt a beautiful tummy, changing his jewelry, when he pleases. Insert in the navel can and earrings, and colored balls, and small pendants of steel and gold ... In the late eighties the result of piercing this part of his belly was first demonstrated to the general public by the famous top model Christy Turlington at the Fashion Week in the English capital. Not wanting to yield anything to the rival, another catwalk star, a dark-skinned beauty with the obstinate temper of Naomi Campbell, immediately followed her example, decorating her body in this way. In our time it is already difficult to say how many famous actresses and models made their appearance more piquant by such punctures. The piercer in the navel added popularity and a famous clip of the famous American rock band Aerosmith. In it young Alicia Silverstone also demonstrated the decoration of the earring of the lower part of her abdomen. Young girls at the age of twelve or seventeen consider navel piercing a very convenient way of expressing themselves or giving sexuality to their bodies, also because it is easy to hide under clothes, so as not to cause condemnation in school or at home. After the piercing of the lips or nose as a way of manifesting the individuality often encounter a negative reaction in the people of the older generation. As for the history of the piercing in the navel, a fan of all piercings of his own body, a certain Doug Maloy published several articles in which he and his colleague Jim Ward claimed that even in ancient Egypt there was a tradition to mark representatives of the aristocracy of that time in this way. However, more reliable sources indicate that the navel piercing is just a tribute to modern fashion, which does not have deep historical roots. No matter how things really are, but today this form of body art is popular with very young girls, as well as with more mature representatives of the beautiful half of humanity in many countries of the world. After all, thanks to the piercing, the belly button looks beautiful and sexy. And the most interesting is that now even male Europeans and Hispanics have begun to make piercings of this part of their body. True, they pick up jewelry much more modest than that used by women. This article is devoted to the topic "Navel Piercing: Pros and Cons", allowing you to carefully read most of the most important points. piercing at the navel

Nuances of the procedure for piercing

On one of the most frequently asked questionsas to whether it is painful to pierce the navel, those who have undergone the procedure respond in different ways. Much depends on the threshold of sensitivity, which can not be the same for all. Owners of thin skin more often than others say that they were not hurt. Indeed, such a girl puncture was given easily because of natural features. Other members of the fair sex in general are able to endure much to see how thanks to the piercing the navel has become more sexual. And they will never admit if they really hurt. If you are stopped only by possible discomfort during the procedure, or your pain threshold is very low, now it is not a problem either. Many specialized salons offer non-strong and safe anesthesia. In this case, it will not hurt at all. However, it can be used only if you are sure that there are no allergic reactions to the anesthetic components. How long does the place of the piercing heal on the navel? It is difficult to unequivocally answer this question: sometimes the process takes a month, and in some cases lasts up to six months. What is the reason for this? First, with that, where and how you were rendered this service. Do not perform the procedure of piercing at the navel in places with a dubious reputation - it is better to contact a qualified master working in a specialized piercing salon. Secondly, how much the puncture site heals depends on the precise fulfillment of your recommendations for caring for it. This will be discussed below. And thirdly, the quality of the decoration that you insert into the piercing hole on the navel also affects the healing speed of the wound. Is it possible to shorten this time? Yes, if you properly care for the wound at home and do not save on the quality of the earring. How safe is the piercing? Almost completely, if it was made by specialists in the salon or in a medical institution. The navel is such a part of our body, the wound on which heals for a long time - up to four months. At first, the piercing in the navel requires very careful care: it must be treated with disinfectants and kept clean and dry. This, perhaps, the main ways of healing it. In the case when the operation of the navel piercing was performed competently and professionally, in the first few days of the wound usually does not cause any discomfort. Then it can blush or become covered with a scab - this is a completely normal process, which indicates that the wound heals. If you follow the navel as required, after a few weeks the cow will fall off and the navel will gradually return to normal. But how much time it will take, it's hard to say, because much depends on the characteristics of your body. In the same case, when someone tries to make a navel piercing at home or on their own, focusing on a questionable property instruction, the consequences may be the most undesirable. Not only can it suddenly turn out to be painful, but an infection in the wound will cause a big inflammatory process, which will be very difficult to eliminate. The umbilicus is a scar-fossa that constantly collects dirt inside, so the occurrence of inflammation with an improperly made puncture is very, very likely. Do not forget that the piercing is at least a small, but still an operation. Therefore, it is better to entrust it to specialists, and at home you can simply take care of the puncture site. After all, thanks to a well-conducted procedure for piercing, the navel will please you and those around you with a beautiful new look. If you still decide to decorate your body at home, then take care of the sterility of tools and your own hands. The needle should be boiled, and the ring (or other accessory) should be thoroughly wiped with alcohol. Do not forget about medical gloves. Remember that before the piercing first make the markup. If it is wrong, then the puncture itself will turn out to be distorted. As a result, a tempting and exposed paraphernalia with a piercing at the navel will have to be forgotten. Because the correct puncture of the instruction does not help. This requires skilled and professional human hands, whose work is quite inexpensive. Therefore, do not take risks and do a puncture at home, because the influence of non-professional piercing on the navel can subsequently prove very negative. piercing at the navel

Care of the place of piercing in the navel

It is best to make a navel in winter or in autumn. Then by the summer you will have an opportunity not only to show off on the beach, but also to swim in open water without fear of bringing an infection. And to care for the wound in the cold season is easier, because you sweat less, the body tissues do not swell from the heat, the reproduction of bacteria and harmful microorganisms slows down, so the risk of possible inflammation decreases. In general, caring for the navel with high-quality piercing is not complicated, but adherence to a number of rules will shorten the healing time of the wound. Perform the simple procedures described below, you will yourself - do not worry, it does not hurt. It is necessary only to observe hygiene and try to wear loose and soft clothes, not constraining the figure in the waist. The ring in the navel at the first time after the piercing is inserted is undesirable - it will cling to the clothes and irritate the wound. There are special ornaments for the navel that do not create inconvenience and, if desired, easily change after wound healing. It is undesirable to play decorations and without the need to touch the navel with your hands - this can cause infection of the wound and its irritation. Treat the puncture site with a cleaning solution once a day, after a shower with a mild antibacterial soap. After finishing the treatment, the wound should be lubricated with lavender oil. Once or twice a day, it should be washed with a solution of half a teaspoon of sea salt and one hundred and fifty grams of boiled water. The same solution is desirable, for the prevention of infection, used to wash the navel and after the wound heals. The jewelry for the piercing and the navel should always be clean. It is very useful for quick healing of the wound with a tan that contributes to the production of vitamin D. The earring during the healing of the piercing is better not to be taken out, waiting for the end of this process. When replacing jewelry in the navel, you must follow certain rules. Take them out should be very careful, since the skin inside the puncture is very tender, it is easy to damage, thereby hurting yourself. After the decoration is removed, it is necessary to lubricate the piercing place with baby cream or lavender oil. In order to easily insert a different decoration into the navel, you can insert its tip into the hot wax for a few seconds. After installing the decoration, the wax is cleaned, and then the ball is tightened very tightly. You need to fix it well, but you should not be hurt.

Selection of earrings at primary piercing

How long does the place of the piercing heal in the navel? This, as already mentioned above, depends primarily on whether you have performed this procedure correctly, whether all the recommendations for caring for the wound you observed and, of course, on which earring now decorates your stomach. And it is not the shape that matters, but the material from which it is made. After all, not every decoration for piercing the navel affects positively and makes it an object of female pride. If you are thinking about decorating yourself with a piercing in the navel, then before piercing it is necessary to come to the question of the earring necessary in this case beforehand and correctly. This is very important, because the metals from which cheap jewelry is made are not suitable for everyone. They often cause allergic reactions and do not contribute to the rapid healing of the wound. And you may be so hurt at the same time that the joy of piercing will disappear. The most hypoallergenic are earrings made of Teflon and fluoroplastic. At their primary application for a piercing on a navel usually does not appear reddenings, and he does not suppurate. These materials have long been used in surgery around the world, as they have truly unique properties to "get along" with the human body. Earrings made of them, especially suitable for those who are actively involved in sports or planning a pregnancy. They are elastic and soft, and time does not affect their properties in any way. Jewelry from silver by many specialists is not recommended even when the healing process is over. This metal has the ability to oxidize on contact with the skin, so it often inflames not only the place of piercing at the navel - this also happens with the piercing of the ear lobes. Therefore, if the earring made of silver caused irritation, no matter how carefully you try to process the wound, it will not give results. Just admit that this metal is bad for you, and find an alternative. Ornaments made of gold in this sense look much safer. But that the place of piercing in the navel healed faster, and the process itself did not cause you inconvenience, pay attention to earrings 585 and higher. After all, low-grade gold, although cheaper, but not suitable for a person who has increased sensitivity to metals. Choosing an earring from this material, it is better not to save on its quality. There is also a metal like surgical steel. Ornaments from it are sold in many salons that provide a piercing service on the navel, and are called medical earrings. It is their many not very qualified specialists recommend for the primary puncture. However, consciously or not, they keep silent about the fact that the alloy itself is harmful to the human body, since the ornaments made of it are capable of secreting dangerous components into the blood and skin. This leads not only to allergies in the place of piercing at the navel, but also causes unwanted pigmentation and even scarring. A healed injured in this way, a puncture for a long time, and caring for it is often painful. The choice, of course, depends only on you, but first of all it should be dictated by the care of one's own health, and not a purse. navel piercing

What problems can occur after a navel?

The most important condition for preventingThe negative effect of the piercing on the navel is that you do not touch clothes (especially during wound healing) inserted in it. This is not only painful - you need to understand that any shear of the earring can cause an inflammatory process by getting into the wound infection. And in the future excessive squeezing or friction (for example, belt of trousers or skirts) of the place of piercing on the navel will affect negatively. Therefore, it is better to prevent possible problems in advance, than to treat their consequences later. Sometimes you can hear about such an unpleasant process as rejection. It is most often associated with the wrong choice of jewelry, for example, from the same surgical steel, or an inadequate puncture. This process, associated with the negative impact of piercing on the navel, usually occurs 10 to 15 days after the procedure. If the puncture was not done correctly, the skin is formed under the decoration itself. This leads to the fact that the earring as it rises above the skin and is pushed out. It's impossible to skip such a moment, because you, most likely, will be hurt or unpleasant. Inflammation is also one of the unpleasant moments of the negative impact of the piercing on the navel. It can occur after bathing, close contact with clothes, touching the puncture site with dirty hands, traumatizing and so on. Incorrect care in the process of washing and turning is also capable of provoking inflammation. And how much in this case will heal the puncture site, depends on the competence of the specialist, which should be consulted in order to find out the cause and purpose of further treatment. Sometimes it consists of compresses or application of antiseptics, for example, levomeleol or tetracycline ointment, in case of infection of the wound. If a week after the treatment procedures inflammation persists, the jewelry is removed, and the puncture is overgrown. This is necessary so that there is no process of deformation as yet another negative impact of the results of unsuccessful piercing on the navel. By the way, and this is very important, there is an opportunity to implement a recapitulation without any unpleasant consequences, if you see the shortcomings in the initial puncture. But this should be done before the wound heals. In the case of long wearing an earring, repeated piercing can be performed only after the complete overgrowth of an already existing canal. Everyone knows and the negative impact of double piercing on the navel, because such punctures interfere with the correct formation of holes.

Belly Button Piercing and Pregnancy

Is it possible to preserve the piercing in the navel whenpregnancy? This issue worries all young girls, because in time they will become mums. Yes, it is possible. To do this, after the stomach becomes particularly noticeable, you need to change the usual decoration to a larger ring or a piece of line that will not allow the puncture to overtake. After birth, the puncture is re-inserted. If it still closed, the hole can be restored - this is done with a special needle. As you can see, navel piercing and pregnancy can be combined quite possibly. But not everything is so simple and perfect - there are also problems. Pregnant women who have a navel-studded navel are also worried because of possible stretch marks and scars in the process of growing their baby's waist. Indeed, the more rounded your belly, the higher the likelihood that the hole itself from the puncture may increase, the navel will start to bulge, thereby causing unwanted contact with clothing. In this case, it may not only be painful - there is a risk of breaks. As for stretch marks from piercing, it all depends on the type of skin, its elasticity and your genetic predisposition to them. No expert with a high probability will not be able to predict how your belly-studded navel will behave. Those who want to keep the puncture are made so that the clothes are as free as possible, and on the skin of the stomach they apply moisturizing lotions to increase the elasticity. They also carry out more thorough care of the piercing place. However, in any case, in late pregnancy, you still have to remove the jewelry from the navel, and insert a fishing line into the hole, as already mentioned, a Teflon rod or silk thread. Do not worry if you have stretch marks at the site of the piercing during pregnancy. This is such a trifle compared to what you will soon take in the hands of your baby! And after giving birth, you can always go to a modern clinic where you can quickly get rid of a distressing cosmetic defect with laser resurfacing. This procedure is done quite often, and it is completely safe. Most risk of losing after the birth of the original look of the pierced navel decorated with those women who make a puncture while in the planning of pregnancy. This is certainly an erroneous step, because the positive test result will negate the effect of the puncture. The rank will not have time to heal, and in any case you will have to take out the ornament and cover the hole. Even for those women who have pierced a year before the onset of pregnancy, there is a possibility that a pierced belly button may lose its original beauty. After all, such a period is often not enough for the final formation of the channel, and it is able to deform soon. It can not be said that pregnancy is a direct contraindication to piercing, because in itself it is not harmful to the future child. However, all sides to such a decision should be weighed. In addition to the risks of catching a serious virus (HIV-AIDS or hepatitis), if you unsuccessfully choose a salon for the procedure, you need to take into account that the puncture site for women in an "interesting position" heals longer, despite careful care for it, causing pain. This is due to the fact that the immune system of a pregnant woman reduces its protective functions, and the risk of inflammation in the wound is increased. Therefore, it is better to pause with piercing. In conclusion, I would like to note in what cases the navel puncture is contraindicated. This, in the first place, concerns people with increased body temperature, since such a fact often indicates an inflammatory process in the body and is therefore incompatible with the possibility of performing a piercing procedure. The same applies to people in the state of colds, exacerbation of chronic diseases and other ailments of an unknown nature. In piercing salons and other places of this kind, where employees value their reputation and respect the law, underage teenagers will not be provided with piercing services if they come there without written permission from parents or official guardians. This is a very important point, often indicative of the level of specialists working in salons and performing piercings of the navel and other parts of the body. If they accept all comers without taking into account their age, it's worth thinking about who you trust your health with. Piercing today is very fashionable. Almost everyone can do it, except for people with a very flat stomach. This process passes quickly and almost painlessly. If you want to get more information, look at the photos and on the videos that come with this article, what a navel piercing looks like. The materials presented here will help you to make sure that the jewelry on your stomach is very beautiful, and that piercing the navel is not scary at all and does not hurt as much as it seems. It is important only to properly care for the puncture site and adhere to all the recommendations in the process as long as it heals. And then, with the onset of summer, you will be able to boast of a beautiful belly and stylish adornment in it.