how to clean bags under the eyes By the age of 30, every woman should learnonly masterfully cook borscht, but also watch yourself. It does not matter what kind of appearance it has been given by nature. Modern cosmetology teaches you to turn all the shortcomings into virtues, and what has not been able to fix is ​​a personal highlight. But that's what really does not paint any woman, so it's bags under the eyes. Sometimes they can not be washed off with cold water, or hidden under a thick layer of make-up. Help only sunglasses. But you will not walk in them indoors, right? Therefore, it is worth to learn how to remove bags under the eyes, so that your look again turned into a weapon, not an additional proof of your already not young age or a stormy evening the night before. By the way, it is not difficult at all and certainly not painful (unless, of course, you did not register for an appointment with a plastic surgeon).

Why there are bags under the eyes

Before you deal with a problem, you need tofirst of all to determine the cause of its appearance. As a rule, bags under the eyes - this is a genetic predisposition of the body. There are people who drink an immense amount of liquid, do not sleep for days, and at the same time their eyes are clear, and the skin under the eyes, like a baby. But if you were one of them, you would not read these lines now, right? So, with genetics you were less fortunate. Usually bags under the eyes appear after:

  • lack of sleep;
  • excessive use of liquid at night;
  • oily and spicy food.

If you eat only dietary meals, do not eatdrink a lot of water, sleep well (are you exactly a person, and not some saint?), and bags still appear, it means it's time to write to the doctor, because there is no smoke without fire, as well as bags under the eyes without visible then the reasons. bags under the eyes how to clean

Bags under the eyes: prevent the appearance

For some reason, many women, knowing about their problem andeven about the reasons for its appearance, still lead a habitual way of life for them, and in the morning they are again upset when they see swelling under the eyes, and begin to puzzle over how to reduce bags under the eyes. Lovely girls, when you already realize that small preventive measures will not only save you the time you spend in the morning to cover up the swelling under your eyes, but also to take care of your nerves (well, to whom, tell me, you will like the swollen aunt in the mirror responding to your name ?). Especially since you do not have to do anything, only:

  • sleep at least 8 hours a day (inadmissible luxury in our time);
  • stop drinking carbonated drinks (champagne is also included in their number);
  • By the way about champagne: the use of alcoholic drinks, too, will have to be limited (especially at night);
  • c what else you should say goodbye, so it's with a greasy,spicy and sweet food (so we not only get rid of bags under the eyes, but also remove unnecessary creases on the sides and unnecessary divisions on the testimony of the floor scales);
  • Before you go to bed, make sure that you have an orthopedic pillow on your bed, and not a huge feather disgrace from your grandmother's supplies;
  • the head level during sleep must be above the body level;
  • the last rule advises not to drink a lot of fluids at night. Guessed, in which part of the body will the evening tea? That's the same.

How to remove bags under the eyes at home

But what if early morning on you from themirror looked rumpled woman with eerie bags under her eyes? To be written down to the cosmetician? At work late. To walk a working day? It's certainly tempting, but you're not in school, where the unlearned lesson was the reason for not appearing in the class. It remains only to think about how to remove bags under the eyes at home.

  • First seek your salvation in the freezer. Cosmetologists of all countries claim that the ice perfectly removes puffiness and relieves the circles under the eyes. You can pre-freeze tea or a decoction of parsley. In principle, any grass will do. The main thing is that you have 15 minutes left for the ice to complete the healing effect.
  • The next method is a teacompresses. Brew tea in bags, lightly wring out paper bags, put them on your eyes. Lie in this position for about 15 minutes. The main thing here is not to oversleep, because a hot compress relaxes well, and you really run the risk of staying home.
  • In the spring and summer, when the vegetable gardens are greeted with greens, youit is necessary to puzzle less in meditations how to reduce circles under eyes. We need a bunch of parsley and butter. Grind parsley to a mushy state, mix with 20 grams of butter, apply to the problem area. The holding time is 15 minutes. Just do not forget to treat the eye area with a lotion without alcohol after washing off the mask.
  • When parsley does not help, bags under the eyeswill clean potato packs. Cook potatoes in a uniform, let it cool down a little, then cut into two pieces and attach to the swollen area. Lie in a potato "captivity" for 15-20 minutes, then rinse your eyes with cool water.
  • The most impatient readers will helpget rid of bags under the eyes of an ordinary cucumber. Especially since you do not need a mask from it either. It is enough to cut a small piece of juicy vegetable and attach it to the eyes.
  • how to clean bags under the eyes at home

    Blepharoplasty: a cardinal measure in the fight against bags under the eyes

    There are no unsolvable problems. Only, unfortunately, many of them progress with time, turning into an annoying obsession. And with bags under the eyes. It seems like a couple of years ago you could quickly restore the eyes freshness, using one of the above methods to combat sacks, while today and swelling more, and get rid of them all more difficult and more difficult. In such cases, it will help either to come to terms with the lack, or to seek help from a plastic surgeon. And do not be so afraid to back away from the monitor. Today, operations to remove bags under the eyes are not only carried out under local anesthesia, but are also considered to be the simplest. Its essence lies in the fact that the surgeon makes a laser cut in the lower eyelid and gently removes the excess fatty tissue that tormented you recently. And that's all! No puddles of blood and crazy-sized implants, which are famous for plastic surgery. But before you run to calculate the cost of the operation, allow me to give a few tips:

  • Be sure to ask for help only a qualified surgeon.
  • During the visit, look at the photos of the clients your future doctor operated on.
  • Do not forget to "punch" the surgeon at forums dedicated to plastic surgery.
  • Carefully reread the contract that youwill give before blepharoplasty. In our time, plastic surgery clinics are reinsured so much that they shift all responsibility for the unsuccessful operation to clients.
  • Do not be afraid. Hundreds of people went through this procedure and were satisfied with the result.
  • If plastic surgery is not included in yourplans, and home methods quickly get rid of bags under the eyes does not work, accept yourself as you are. Believe me, people consider you for the first 15 seconds, after which they become indifferent to the color of your hair and the presence of edema. They begin to analyze you as a person. And, you see, bags under the eyes and personal qualities are two different things! We advise you to read: