ingrown hair in the bikini zone Girls, constantly caring about beautyown body, know what difficulties can be associated with the removal of unwanted hair. Each session of depilation and depilation is not safe and exposes certain risks. During the procedure, there may be micro-trauma of the skin and allergic reactions in the form of redness and rash. But, perhaps, the most unpleasant side effect is the ingrowth of hair. Unaesthetic appearance, pustules at the site of ingrowth and dark spots on the skin are not all the troubles that ingrown hair brings. Constant contact of the focus of inflammation with clothing brings pain. And if the inflammation appears in the tender zone of the bikini, the pain intensifies many times.

The causes of ingrown hair

The cause of ingrown hairs is pathologicalchange in the direction of their growth. The hair does not break out, but grows horizontally under the skin. No one is immune to such unpleasant surprises. As a rule, the process arises from own inexperience, negligence in matters of hair removal or unprofessional actions of a cosmetologist. At first, ingrown hair is a painful red pimple. If you do not take timely measures to eliminate it, the inflammation can spread, forming a whole galaxy of dark spots of a very frightening appearance. In particularly neglected cases, spots can turn into wounds and lead to unpredictable consequences. Therefore, if there is a problem, you should not pretend that you do not notice it and endure it to the last. Ask for help from specialists - in a medical institution or beauty salon. If you feel the strength to deal with the discomfort yourself, arm yourself with a sterile tool and learn about some ways to remove ingrown hairs in the bikini area. how to get rid of ingrown hairs in the bikini zone

Ways to treat ingrown hairs in the bikini zone

It is possible to get rid of ingrown hairs only by theirremoval. The choice of means is quite wide. You can use proven folk methods, traditional medical and surgical methods or resort to laser technologies. If we are talking about the delicate zone of a bikini, the question is somewhat complicated. Not every girl will dare to turn to specialists to eliminate such an intimate problem. However, you can not delay in this case, since the treatment may take some time. Get rid of ingrown hairs in the bikini zone usually in several stages:

  • Preparation of skin;
  • Elimination of the hair;
  • Recovery of the skin and its treatment if necessary.

If you decide to fix the problem at home, start with the bath procedures:

  • Take a hot bath with soothing decoctions or tinctures. You can add foam to the water, a few drops of essential oil and a little sea salt;
  • Carefully process the bikini area with a special tool that will help to clean the delicate skin from the peeling particles;
  • Dry yourself and disinfect the problem area with medical alcohol;
  • Prepare a sterile instrument. You will need a tweezer and a thin needle, with which you need to open the abscess and remove the "lost" hair. Use forceps to pull out the hair;
  • Treat the wound with antiseptic means, if necessary, apply an ointment with antibiotics or products with tannins;
  • Give up hair removal in the bikini area for at least a week, so as not to provoke re-ingrowth and give the skin some time to recover.

In no case do not squeeze the formedpustules with fingers or fingernails, you risk getting the opposite result. And remember that using an unsterile tool can be deadly.

Means for ingrown hair

Now let's look at the formulations that will help get rid of ingrown hairs. You can prepare them yourself.

  • Aspirin, in equal proportions mixed with glycerin, is applied to the problem area for 1-2 hours to soften the skin. After such procedures, the extraction of the hair is considerably facilitated;
  • Powdered bodywoman, dissolved in peroxidehydrogen, is applied to the area of ​​ingrown hair for 10-15 minutes. The procedure is carried out for five days. After washing the suspension, the skin is smeared with olive oil or baby cream. Such a tool will help get rid of not only ingrown hair, but also from microcracks, wounds and stains;
  • Acne drugs are capable ofto help in the fight against ingrown hairs, especially in cases of purulent inflammation. Scrubs with fruit and glycolic acids are very effective for this purpose. To eliminate pigmentation spots you can use salicylic ointment.

how to get rid of ingrown hairs in the bikini zone correctly

Prevention of ingrown hairs in the bikini zone

Any problem is easier to prevent than to solve. To never wonder about how to get rid of ingrown hairs, it is necessary to approach with all responsibility to the removal of excess vegetation in the bikini zone. If you do this procedure in the salon, make sure beforehand in the presence of experienced professional masters, in the reliability and sterility of tools. And also in the observance of sanitary and hygienic norms and rules. Do not hesitate to bother the staff with questions, because it's about your health! If you prefer epilation of intimate zones in a cozy home environment, remember a few simple rules.

  • Before the procedure, dissolve the body in hot water. You can apply a compress of a terry towel for a few minutes;
  • Do not use soap when shaving the machine. Give preference to special gels and foams, they moisturize and cool the skin, making it easier to slip the blades;
  • The razor should be sharp, even better - disposable;
  • Your movements should in no case be directed against hair growth, so as not to accidentally injure hair bulbs;
  • Always finish the shaving procedure by treating the desired area with moisturizers;
  • If you are accustomed to using an electric epilator to create an intimate hairstyle, the skin in the bikini zone should be perfectly dry;
  • After the procedure, treat it with an antiseptic, andafter a while, apply body lotion, which will remove dryness and irritation. If desired, you can replace the milk with lotion, slowing hair growth;
  • If ingrown hairs do not stop, you should choose a different method of hair removal.

In order to solve the problem of ingrown hairthere are whole series of cosmetics. These can be sprays, gels and creams, the delicate composition of which allows them to be used daily, including in intimate places. With regular treatment, you can forever forget about this inconvenience, like ingrown hair in the bikini zone. In the arsenal of cosmetologists there are also comfortable napkins impregnated with a special substance that slows down hair growth and prevents their ingrowth. We advise you to read: