breast augmentation methods What distinguishes a woman from a man? The first thing that comes to mind is the chest. Beautiful, elastic and certainly the 3rd size. But what if nature ordered differently, and your dignity quietly fits into the bra of cup B? Have a cabbage? This, of course, an option, that's only from the constant use of this simple vegetable to increase in size can only your intestines. Lie under a plastic surgeon's knife? No matter how it is! No man in the world is worth such a sacrifice. If you still doubt, read the statistics of unsuccessful breast augmentation. And even better - see the photos of the victims of plastic surgery. Have you changed your mind? Well, fine. Moreover, the methods of breast augmentation lie not only behind the walls of the clinic of plastic surgery and certainly not behind the door of the refrigerator. Where exactly can you turn from a teenage girl into a luxurious Pamela Anderson? Now we'll figure it out. ways to increase breasts

Proven ways to increase breasts

First, let's agree to complyproportions. Believe me, the breast of 5th size looks ridiculously on a slender little girl's body. Therefore, using numerous ways to enlarge the chest, do not forget to look in the mirror. Underwear Since it starts not only a wardrobe, but the very female breasts. And the bra can not only increase women's charms, but also spoil even the most perfect form. To prevent this from happening and your breasts always look if not impressive, at least completely, you should always try on your underwear before buying. This automatically excludes the purchase of bras in the market (you will not show your nakedness to an endless succession of customers?) In addition, in specialized salons there is always a certificate of product quality, so you can be sure that when sewing fabrics and high quality threads were used. And it's not even in the desire to buy the best (also, in principle, not bad). Simply quality raw materials do not cause allergies. And this property is very valuable in a situation when it comes to underwear. So, choose a bra. If the underwear presses or wrinkles form on the body, then the bra is small. The same conclusion can be drawn if, after wearing a bra on the body, there are red streaks. Now about the cup. The harder its shape, the larger and more accurate the breast will look. Add a little more foam, and the enlargement effect is achieved. The most optimal option for girls who want to enlarge their breasts is a push-up bra. There is so much foam in it that it will be enough for a good two sizes. Of course, you can put silicone inserts into the bra, but where is the guarantee that they will not fall out at the most crucial moment and reveal your little secret? Makeup for the breast And now we will make up our two beauties. Yes, yes, we are still talking about the chest. Therefore, get your cosmetic bag, we will learn how to increase the bust with the help of a bronzer. Of course, your bust will not grow three sizes, but you can improve the shape with a tone. To do this, it is necessary to apply a dark shade of the bronzer to the area of ​​the hollow, making it deeper, and light tone to handle the protruding parts of the bust. An indispensable condition for make-up is the thorough shading of the bronzer over the skin. Clothes We all wear clothes. But not all of us know how to use a traditional blouse to enlarge your breasts. But it's very easy to do. Take, for example, a cutout. No matter how much he does in our time! A multi-faceted fashion allows the ladies to do everything: from tightly buttoned blouse to deep decollete. But not all these things correctly emphasize the figure. For example, if you have a small chest, you can safely throw out all things with a square neckline. This form visually makes the bust smaller. But round, oval and V-shaped notches will be a worthy decoration of your breasts. What else comes to mind from clothes, visually increasing women's charms, so it's shuttlecocks. They, by the way, are in fashion, so do not turn around in horror on your grandmother's dress with ruches. Especially since the new is the long-forgotten old. Do not want flounces? Not scary. Put on a blouse with folds on the chest line or pinch a flirty bow. In a word, if nature was greedy for the volume, increase it yourself. Only again - look in the mirror! Whether it is not enough that. Or the bow will turn out to be "out of the question", or flounces are too lush. Exercise The most effective and ignored way of breast augmentation. Effective because they really can make a bust more. Ignored because it takes a lot of effort, time and your own sweat. On the other hand, how would you like? Effectively undress in front of a man, but do nothing before this (except how to eat sweets, in which all modern women are just "masters of sports")? This does not happen. Therefore, march to do push-ups from the floor! Yes, yes, the very ones that tortured us in physical education classes. The more and more you press, the better the chest will get in the end. For those who have not lifted anything heavier than a computer mouse for a long time, we recommend starting lessons with push-ups from the wall. Encourage a couple of approaches? Get down on the floor. Those who do not like to work out or just want to supplement the classes, you can try classes with small dumbbells. Take in hand on the projectile (1 kilogram of weight each) and start slowly raising your arms to the sides. Do you feel the whole chest tense? It's good. Now wait 10 seconds in this position and repeat the movement. The main condition of this method of breast augmentation is the regularity of the exercises. Can you allocate a few minutes a day? Your dream will come true. Again become lazy? Hence, firm firm breasts get to someone else, but not you. The most effective way to increase breasts

Controversial breast augmentation methods

Remember the expression "beauty requires sacrifice"? So, some ladies understand these words so literally that they are ready for the sake of an appetizing bust if you do not lie under the surgeon's knife, then smear all the first-aid kit on yourself. Let's see what modern producers offer us under the sauce "non-surgical ways to increase the breast," and which of these tools can be used? Gels, ointments Colorful vial promises that the next morning you wake up Pamela Anderson? Congratulations, you became another victim of the testers of the 21st century! And if earlier they tried new drugs on rats, then today we are doing this role. Apparently, the Society for the Protection of Animals decided that the rats did not need a bust. Well, of course we need a beautiful breasts. But is it really worth it? The fact is that in gels and ointments for breast augmentation phytoestrogens enter, which in a few minutes strengthen the inflow of blood to the mammary glands. Yes, the breasts become larger for a while (exactly as long as you use an advertised drug), but where is the guarantee that in six months of applying the ointment or gel you do not have cancer cells in your chest? They are very fond of blood flow and unfamiliar ointments, the composition of which is written in small foreign letters. Do you want to take a chance? Of course, it is possible. Then it remains to tell you that for the oily skin is suitable gel to increase the bust, and for dry skin intended cream. And just in case, do not forget to pass the examination after your breasts become the subject of gossip of all friends and friends. Supplements Here the fog is even greater than in untwisted creams. It can not be said that in all the boxes there is grass-plantain or rat poison. Undoubtedly, someone worked on these dietary supplements. And this "someone" really wanted all women who drink this remedy to have a chic breasts. It should be assumed that the composition of dietary supplements was chosen not just. But is this tool right for you? Is it possible to drink it with the "bouquet" of your diseases (today 80% of the female population is being treated for something), or can some component provoke an exacerbation of a chronic sore? This question is best answered by a doctor. Vacuum breast massage This method works on the principle of good old cans, which we once put on our backs during a cold. Only here the effect is not on the back, but on the chest. Place your humble bust in a special bowl and start creating pressure with the help of vacuum. All this will ensure the flow of blood to the chest, and it (according to the manufacturers) will begin to grow. But is it not harmful? Here, opinions diverge. Some, looking in the mirror at an enlarged bust, are allowed to write on the Internet laudatory ode to vacuum massage. Others take a book in the hands of anatomy and are closest to the truth. Since, if you carefully consider the structure of the breast, there will be a minimum of chances that you will throw yourself a bust with a vacuum. Why? Because there are no muscles in the chest itself. Accordingly, and there is nothing to pump up. And the volume that appeared after vacuum massage is nothing but an edema. And after he falls, your breasts will remain the same ... Though not always. Do you think that now we will promise you to fix the 3rd breast size obtained after the procedure? No matter how it is! Experts say that vacuum massage can not only increase the bust, but also stretch it. Therefore, if you want the "ears of a spaniel" instead of a strong but small chest, then - please! Those who want to preserve the beauty of the bust, we advise to think three times before carrying out a vacuum breast massage. Can we finally ask a question? Why do you want to enlarge your breasts? To please a man? Or just want to enjoy your reflection in the mirror? Surely you think that the world has never seen such a terrible breast? But we are just convinced that you are beautiful. God does not create imperfection. This we draw for ourselves a framework, we come up with ideals and try to match them. In fact, it is your chest that is beautiful. And it does not matter what size it is. The main thing is that she is able to feed the baby. And all the rest is your whim. Learn to love yourself, then you do not have to spend money on questionable ways to increase your breasts, rub your ointments or do vacuum massages. We advise you to read: