useful sweets Are all sweets equally harmful to the figure oramong them there are also useful? And why does man need sugar? Is it possible to do without sweets and favorite chocolate and do I have to deny myself the pleasure of eating sweets? The answers to these and other questions of concern to the fair sex are especially strong before the onset of the holiday period, you will find in this article. First, let's try to understand why it is sometimes so difficult to overcome the unexpectedly arisen desire to eat a candy or a chocolate bar. Did you notice that this happens mainly after the so-called "brainstorming" at work or at the institute, after a heavy load in the gym and during the "critical days"? In addition, the craving for sweets is a constant companion of emotionally unbalanced women, whose nervous system is in a "platoon" state. And the strongest desire to eat a chocolate bar, a cake or a high-calorie cake is experienced by those of us who are on a tight diet. With what are such moments connected?

What explains the craving for sweets?

It's all about the specific structure of the humanorganism. The work of our central nervous system is directly dependent on glucose. Mental labor and stressful situations make it constantly replenish its reserves. Muscles that are physically stressed also feed on glucose. A craving for sweets during menstruation is often due to a deficiency of chromium and other nutrients. In principle, we "diluted" our bodies by snacking on sweet ones, instead of adhering to the principles of regular rational nutrition. So, neglecting breakfast, we come to work and immediately begin to eat up a hungry calorie cookie. A familiar story? Thus, we make it easier for our body to get the glucose necessary for its normal functioning. After all, to extract it from sugar, do not have to expend a lot of effort, so on the brain's message "Eat something!" We react by swallowing a candy. After all, why go the hard way, splitting the "complex" carbohydrates of oatmeal, when you can quickly get what you need from a chocolate bar or a bun? If you came to the conclusion that cravings for sweet are detrimental to your figure, it's time to do self-education. Pay attention to how and what you eat. No, it's not about immediately taking a hard diet. So you just strengthen the body's need for sweets, and after a couple of days of restrictions there will be a breakdown when it will be impossible to keep from sweets and cakes. Just start to accustom yourself to breakfast with foods containing "complex" carbohydrates, such as porridges. The maximum that you want to eat before dinner, so it's some fruit. At noon, organize yourself a full meal, consisting of a piece of low-fat beef or turkey and a large portion of vegetable salad. Do not overdo with dinner, making up for lost time for the day. To return home not to rush to the fridge, an hour before the end of the day, eat a small portion of cottage cheese. Then the feeling of hunger can no longer prevail over the voice of reason, and dinner will not turn into gluttony for the night. "And what about without the sweet? It generally can not be used? "- many women and girls will be sorry to ask. Do not worry, because there are so-called useful sweets. And, although they are too immensely involved, for the figure they are much less dangerous. sweets useful

The most useful sweets

This very word - a delicacy - already contains in itselfthe answer to the question of how many sweet foods can be eaten without the risk of gaining excess weight. If you look at an explanatory dictionary, then it's fun to enjoy something very tasty. Pay attention, it is to enjoy, not overeat! That is, enjoy a small piece of cake or a couple of cookies, rather than eat a large half and barely get up from the table. So what can you eat without harm to the figure? And what sweets are useful to our body? If you ask a few people which sweets they think are the most delicious, then in most cases the answer will be one - chocolate ones. This product is considered the leader in the presence of protein, and the latter contains serotonin - a substance called the "hormone of happiness." Thanks to him, the delicacy favorite from cocoa beans is a universal antidepressant. How much chocolate should be eaten to relieve stress? There is no unambiguous answer to this question, as you understand, for each person there is an individual dose. There are many women who eat 1-2 or even 2-4 chocolate bars every day before the "critical days", which translates to 200-400 grams or from 1200 to 2500 kcal. Is it any wonder, where do the extra centimeters come from at the waist and why does the figure swim? But, as it turned out, the protein contained in chocolate does not flesh up at all - cocoa butter is the cause of all this, the share of which in this treat is 35 to 50%, as well as carbohydrate calories from sugar. However, in comparison with other sweets, chocolate is the best delicacy also because it does not contain cholesterol, it is long assimilated and therefore satisfying. And all this is due to its basis - the vegetable protein of cocoa. In addition, chocolate contains many useful and useful elements: potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, lecithin, vitamins PP and B, which are so necessary for brain function and memory. However, despite the useful properties, a day is recommended to eat no more than 20-30 grams of the product, which corresponds to a quarter or a third of a hundred-gram tile. And choose black chocolate, because it has fewer calories, which means that it is safer for a figure. The next place of our unique rating of useful sweets is taken by dried fruits. These natural products, containing vitamins, fiber, pectins, fructose, antioxidants and bioflavonoids, are the second most useful after chocolate. But at the same time, dried fruits contain a lot of calories, so it's not recommended to get too drunk with dried apples, pears, dried apricots and prunes. It is enough to eat 30 grams of this delicacy a day to satisfy the daily requirement of our body for sweet. By the way, there is no sugar in natural dried fruits, it is successfully replaced with fructose and glucose. Want to eat candy? Prepare it yourself from these healthy and nutritious foods. Take a few pieces of different dried fruits from those that you like most, and fill them with water for 10 minutes. If there are dates in your set, remove the bones from them. Pass the dried fruit through the meat grinder and hands, moistened with water, form from the resulting mass of small balls. You can put a nut inside each candy. Roll the sweet things in cocoa powder or crumb of low-fat cookies and put them in the refrigerator. If the dried fruits you choose have a pronounced sour, add a little honey to the ground mass. As you can see, you can make the most useful sweets in the world without much difficulty, and with them you can enjoy sweets without harm to your own figure. On the third place of the rating is the most popular product of beekeeping - honey. In this natural and many favorite delicacy of calories is contained as much as in sugar, but it is much more valuable. Honey is a whole storehouse of vitamins, microelements and bioflavonoids useful for the body., But it is an allergen, so do not overeat. It is enough to take 1-2 teaspoons a day, and diabetics - even less. If you want to eat something delicious and harmless to the figure, eat a couple of pieces of marmalade instead of the usual candy. This product is made from fruits and berries: apples, plums, apricots, black currants. Due to this composition marmalade contains pectins, which have a beneficial effect on the intestine, have the ability to remove toxins and even reduce the risk of cancer. Try to eat no more than 20-30 grams of goodies a day and learn how to choose it correctly. Quality marmalade should contain pectin compounds, so before buying, carefully read the label. The same can be said about marshmallow and pastille. Otherwise, instead of good you will get harmful sugar calories, destructive for the figure. the most useful sweets

Useful sweets at home - it's easy

In addition to the method of preparation already described aboveuseful candy, almost any hostess, with the desire, imagination and a drop of skill, will be able to please yourself and loved ones with home-made delicacies. They especially like children, because who, if not them, is supposed to receive the most delicious and at the same time useful sweets? And if they are prepared by a caring mother, what can be better? If you do not trust the quality of the purchased marmalade, just replace it with fruit jelly. The recipe for this delicacy is so simple that even a very young hostess can master it. It is enough only to dissolve the gelatin and add it to any home-made juice, adhering to the dosage. Do not buy ready-made jelly formulations in bright bags. In addition to sugar, they contain harmful dyes, which can cause allergies. No less useful and jelly, which is brewed from water and fruits with the addition of starch. Sweeten this wonderful drink will help honey. With the help of jelly and gelatin, you can also prepare a low-calorie yoghurt dessert. Take any berries or fruits, spread them on kremankami and pour yogurt mixed with dissolved in water gelatin. On top lay out pieces of frozen fruit jelly - a useful treat is ready. With a certain skill on the same principle, you can make a delicious low-calorie cake - a dream of slimming sweet tooth. We all loved ice cream in our childhood. That with anything incomparable creamy taste is now a huge rarity. And plombir is completely different from the one that was once. Try to reproduce the masterpiece of the Soviet era at home! True, it will turn out to be quite high-calorie, but as an infrequent treat it will do. In addition, many adults do not really like milk in its pure form, and through home-made ice cream you can "feed" the body with calcium. If you sit on a diet and avoid excess calories, a great alternative is sorbet. Grind in the blender any berries and fruits, pour the mass into molds and put in the freezer. After a few hours, mix and leave for final hardening. Such a dessert will not only refresh on a hot day, but will saturate the body with vitamins. Admit, after all, more than once, when you passed past the stalls with confectionery in the supermarket, your hand reached for transparent containers with ready-made candied fruits or, as they are also called, dried fruits. They are so bright, have a pleasant aroma and, it seems, even useful. But this is only at first glance. Brightness is due to the presence of dyes, and the smell is due to the addition of fragrances. Therefore, the benefits of such products are zero. Remember that the most delicious and useful candied fruits are those that our grandmothers can cook. Fruits and berries must be boiled in sweet syrup, cool and dry. Sure, there is a lot of sugar in them, but there is also a lot of fiber that improves digestion. Do not want to gain extra pounds? Eat 30 grams of homemade candied fruits per day, and you will benefit the body without harming the figure. In conclusion, I need to say a few words about harmful sweets. This is primarily sugar. It does not contain a single vitamin, it does not contain proteins or minerals. Sugar is 100% carbohydrate calories and is pure glucose. The popular cola drink also does not contain anything useful, and its composition harms the teeth and stomach. All without exception ready cakes, even "low-calorie", can not do without trans fats, which are dangerous not only for the figure, but also for health. Are you ready to risk your health for the sake of fleeting pleasure? Instead, it is better to eat a portion of healthy and healthy food containing carbohydrates and proteins than to absorb excess calories, which, after all, can negatively affect our health. In addition, they increase the risk of developing diabetes. To always keep cheerful and not be afraid for the figure, follow the simple rules: sweet, including fruits, you must eat in the morning, until 15-16 hours; goodies can be eaten after main courses, but in no case instead of them. Sladkoezhkam certainly will be useful and small tricks that help reduce the consumption of sugar-containing products. Put your favorite chocolate in the freezer, then eat, or rather, gnaw it in small pieces. Cut the candy into 8-16 pieces and slowly enjoy every moment. Add cinnamon or vanilla to dishes and drinks. These spices, as a rule, reduce the craving for sweets. Eat consciously, so that you do not suffer from guilt. Generously treat your favorite delicacies of colleagues, friends, relatives and friends. We advise you to read: