Kremlin diet Surely you have repeatedly heard about the Kremlindiet - then one star has lost weight on it, then the other has changed beyond recognition. But does everyone know what the Kremlin diet is? Let's understand together. This name is due to the fact that this type of diet was used by well-known politicians - the inhabitants of the Kremlin. Especially often you can meet rave reviews about the Kremlin diet from men - meat eaters and lovers of spirits. So, does the Kremlin diet for weight loss allow unlimited consumption of meat and strong alcohol? How can you lose weight, without limiting yourself in nutrition? After all, the very fact that it is possible to eat and lose weight delicately seems to us a fairy tale. But the Kremlin diet is dispelling our usual ideas about weight reduction. Indeed, all sorts of delicacies and delicacies are included in the daily menu of what nutritionists call the Kremlin diet. The recipes for dishes offered by the Kremlin's food system include four basic postulates:

  • more liquid
  • all types of meat and cheese
  • a lot of vegetables
  • almost complete absence of carbohydrate-containing products

Are you ready to tolerate such limitations? Then it's decided! It is for you - this notorious diet. Menu for a week you will compose without much difficulty. Moreover, it will be very diverse, and most importantly - a delicious menu. After all, you can eat absolutely all kinds of meat. Poultry, pork, beef, lamb, fish, sausages and other meat delicacies - choose whatever your soul desires. Shrimp, mussels, oysters and other sea delights, hard cheeses and cottage cheese, mayonnaise! And butter - about such a Kremlin diet did not dream only lazy! But remember about moderation - if you eat all of the above products in huge quantities, you are unlikely to achieve the desired result. The recommended portion of a dietician should not exceed the size of a person's fist. Of course, at first you may feel hungry - this is normal, because your stomach has been stretching for years due to huge portions. Fortunately, the reverse process will not be so long - the stomach will return to its normal volumes in just a few weeks. This means that the feeling of hunger will almost completely disappear.

the Kremlin diet

Underwater rocks

But there are also "pitfalls." As a rule, the most difficult for lovers of meat food is the refusal of bread and potatoes. And for the fair sex - from sweet. Deciding to choose a Kremlin diet for yourself, remember that you will have to refuse carbohydrates! After all, to achieve the desired effect and lose excess pounds, you can only strictly follow this rule. The meaning of the Kremlin diet is to make your body draw energy not from carbohydrate-containing foods, but from body fat. Therefore, from now on, forget what bread, potato, porridge, sugar, all sorts of sweets and flour products. All this diet strictly forbids. In addition, very many people with difficulty are given the mandatory condition of the Kremlin diet - fluid intake. If you do not drink about two liters of water per day, the process of losing extra pounds will be extremely slow. Please note that it is a question of pure drinking non-carbonated water - tea, coffee and other drinks do not count. First time you will not be easy - often have to drink through strength. By the way, many advise to put a slice of lemon in a glass of water - so drinking will be much easier. But after about two weeks, such a drinking regime will become your habit and you will not experience any problems with water. This is a mandatory item - it is necessary to take into account the fact that during the observance of the Kremlin diet, the burden on the kidneys increases. Therefore, such an important place in this food system is given to liquids. It will help the kidneys cope with their work. Drink as much as you want! But not drinks containing sugar. Tea - black, green and herbal, coffee, sometimes you can afford and Coca-Cola light, which does not contain sugar. And now the most pleasant for men - alcohol is possible, but within reasonable limits and only strong drinks without sugar. You can drink vodka, whiskey and cognac. A glass of natural dry wine is allowed. But about beer and weak alcohol with liqueurs - do not even think about it. The same applies to juices, lemonades and compotes. All this strictly forbids the Kremlin diet. By the way, people suffering from hypertension and any problems with the urinary system before the beginning of this diet should definitely talk to their doctor. In addition, you will also have to follow the schedule of food - you will not be able to eat when you have to, as before. The food should be fractional - small portions in a short time. A person should have at least five meals a day. And there is no need to excuse that you are working - you can take food with you.

What vegetables are allowed?

Menu, united by the absence of cereals and otherproducts containing carbohydrates, you can make up for eating vegetables. Moreover, according to the Kremlin diet, it is necessary to consume carbohydrates in an amount of about 40 grams per day. Vegetables just contain a small amount of carbohydrates, but most importantly - they include fiber, which is indispensable for normal bowel function. The most useful are green vegetables: zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce and cabbage - your best friends. It is also recommended to eat radish and radish. By the way, it is desirable that all vegetables are grown in your region of residence - they are much more useful than all those brought from abroad. Vegetables are equally useful in both raw and thermally processed form. And it is even better to use both, and others. Such an overseas fruit, like avocado - the only allowed by the Kremlin diet of all fruits. The rest will have to be forgotten. Bananas, apples, grapes - they all contain a huge amount of carbohydrates, which are strictly forbidden to you. If it will be quite unbearable - eat a small apple. But not more than once every three days!

Drink more fluids!

Have you decided yet whether this diet suits you? Feedback, read and heard by you, make you think? Then we will tell you who will definitely benefit from using this power system. The first applicants are meat eaters. People who do not represent their lives without meat in the daily diet. The second contenders are athletes. A huge amount of protein in food contributes to the development and buildup of muscle mass. Still others are people who are overweight. If you - just a couple of extra pounds - most likely this diet is not for you. It is designed for a very long time - is it unlikely that you will agree to wait a few months? The fact is that the Kremlin diet is very effective in combating tens of kilograms. Strictly speaking, this is not even a diet, but a kind of food that a person must adhere to until he reaches the desired weight. And then it would be nice to follow the basic principles of such a diet - at least so that with such difficulty the dropped kilograms did not return back. There is a "kremlevki" and their contraindications. This diet is not suitable for people suffering from kidney and gastrointestinal diseases, pregnant and lactating. Also, her sweet tooth will not survive, and those who can not give up beer for any good - they just do not have enough willpower, although of course you can try. To all the rest - welcome to the Kremlin diet! Moreover, unlike other diets, "kremlevka" permits both acute, and salty, and fatty with smoked. Just do not forget about the reasonable limit. Lose weight on health, enjoying delicacies and other goodies! We advise you to read: