pumpkin diet for body cleansing What is a pumpkin diet? What is the peculiarity of such a diet based on a delicious and healthy gourd, how correctly to make a menu for effective weight loss? Similar questions are asked by those who first learn about such a diet. And rightly, one should take care of one's health.

Pros of the pumpkin diet

Why is such a diet so useful and effective,although it is designed for a short time? The fact is that pumpkin products are very rich in vitamins, trace elements, various minerals that help to regulate the body, while contributing to the withdrawal of excess fat. Internal organs start to work correctly, the body gradually rejuvenates without unnecessary stress. This diet has a positive effect on the digestive and circulatory system, on the functioning of the bladder. At the beginning of such a balanced diet, during which it is necessary to take other fruits and vegetables, even meat dishes, the body receives everything necessary. He begins to actively remove accumulated toxins, harmful substances. Such a diet is shown to almost everyone, except in certain cases. Pumpkin diet for dumping excess weight is based on the use of non-caloric dishes made from paunchy berries. It is designed for four phases of four days, that is, the diet is repeated every four days, the fifth one is applied to the menu of the first. Before using this method of weight loss, you need to weigh everything carefully, since any diet is a shake for the body, accustomed to the perfect for other nutritional conditions. Without fail it is necessary to consult the supervising physician beforehand, whether it is possible to use this method for losing weight. This diet is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • pregnancy and the presence of any disease;
  • when breastfeeding (here any methods of weight loss are strictly limited until the lactation period is completed);
  • if after a disease has passed a littletime or in recent months have been postponed surgical interventions. Before you start losing weight, you should consult a doctor about taking a pumpkin, combinations of foods, their quantity;
  • It is not recommended to use the pumpkin menu in the presence of ulcers and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The way out of this diet is also not suitable for everyone, here you have to be careful, go to the usual diet carefully, the first days to eat only lean food. useful pumpkin diet

What rules must be followed during a diet?

If you decide to lose weight with pumpkindiet, it is necessary to comply with certain rules, among which a complete refusal to take salt and sugar. As for the elimination of sweet, there is nothing terrible in this, the pumpkin contains everything you need, the taste is very pleasant, it will perfectly replace the apparent lack of "sweet", and this for many often is decisive. In addition to the pumpkin itself, sweet foods are not recommended at this time, the sour and sweet-sour fruit should be included in the diet. Pumpkin for the menu should be selected carefully, too, for this fruit fits with a pale color, orange vegetables can not be taken, as they can cause significant damage to the liver with prolonged use. The pumpkin diet itself is designed for a four-cycle cycle, this rule must be taken into account from the very beginning, so that the diet was effective. When choosing such methods of losing weight, you need to clearly determine the time of nutrition. So, dinner should be strictly up to six o'clock in the evening, breakfast and lunch can not be missed, the time should be clearly fixed. This will help your body to properly and completely absorb all nutrients, without postponing anything "for later". From drinks pumpkin diet allows you to use the usual pure cool water and tea without sugar, you can use ordinary green without flavorings and fragrances. The caloric content of the menu is only 23 Kcal for every one hundred grams of pumpkin, which makes it very useful, not just delicious. When calculating additives for pumpkin, you can not severely limit yourself in the choice of food, on some days you can eat meat and borsch, but you need to ensure that the maximum number of calories per day does not exceed 1200 Kcal. It is on the correctness of the caloric content and will depend on how effective the pumpkin diet, and ultimately - and the result of losing weight. When the number of calories per day is more than the allowable value, there is a chance that you will not only lose weight, but also gain it! The regime should be observed every day, can not be missed, meals should be carried out at the same time, without missing or delaying. From the fact that you join lunch and dinner, there will be no use. The average time interval between individual meals should not be less than four hours! menu for a pumpkin diet

Menu of useful pumpkins

Pumpkin diet is designed for four days, but in addition to the dishes of this vegetable must eat a variety of fruits. We offer an approximate menu, which includes such a useful and healthful diet:

  • First day. For the menu of this day it is necessary to prepare such dishes:
  • Breakfast. Pumpkin and carrots are cut into small pieces and seasoned with lemon freshly squeezed juice. In addition, you need to cook a small amount of wheat, oat or rice porridge with pieces of pumpkin without salt.
  • For lunch, vegetable soup with pumpkin is perfect, which is filled with finely chopped herbs and a small amount of olive oil.
  • Dinner. Here you can cook any dish from a pumpkin, cooked in the oven.
    • Second day. The second day diet includes:
  • Breakfast. Any cereal without sugar and salt, vegetable pumpkin salad.
  • Dinner. Vegetable pumpkin soup and chops.
  • For dinner, you can eat two or three pieces of any fruit, especially sweet and sour or sour.
    • The third day. At this time, the menu can be slightly varied with low-fat meat:
  • Breakfast. Porridge from a mixture of several cereals and pumpkin;
  • Dinner. Pumpkin soup (it can be wiped) with the addition of a piece of low-fat meat, from which meatballs are made;
  • Dinner. A small slice of dietary bread (bread from bran and siftings is great), a salad of fresh pineapple and pieces of pumpkin.
    • Fourth day. Luring on this day is the most intense, it includes:
  • Breakfast. Pumpkin is cut into small pieces, any porridge is cooked separately. After that, they are combined and slightly cooked together on plain water without salt. As an additive, you can make a pumpkin salad.
  • Dinner. On low-fat broth borsch is cooked, for the second - stewed Bulgarian pepper, which is refueled with tomato sauce;
  • Dinner. With mushrooms and pumpkin, a vegetable stew without salt is prepared.
  • A similar cycle of diet for weight loss is repeatedfour times in a row, to leave it should be very carefully, a sharp exit in this case is contraindicated. To do this in the first days should only eat lean food, returning to the usual diet gradually. The first day after the diet for weight loss is recommended to continue to eat light salads, cereals, low-fat broths, the amount of food does not increase by a lot. Any diet for weight loss is designed, first of all, to ensure that the body continues to receive all the necessary substances, while effectively getting rid of excess fat and self-cleaning. The advantage of the pumpkin menu is that you can safely eat various cereals, vegetable and fruit salads in vegetable oil, low-fat meat dishes. This allows you to provide the body with everything you need, while many other types of diet for weight loss exclude meat, from broths allowed to take only light vegetable soups. This allows you to improve your body, make weight loss easy and do not feel the constant and irritating feelings of hunger.