problems in sex Problems in sex - a pretty thingcommon, occurring equally often in men and women. They arise not only among those who have some kind of disease. Dissatisfied with the intimate life of healthy people seem to be quite a lot, and the number of them increases almost every day. The reason for psychophysical and psychological problems in sex is the disagreement between the erotic part of the psyche and physiology. You can treat this as you like, but the fact remains - sexual dissatisfaction negatively affects the general state of a person. Time goes by, and the nervous system and the whole body suffer from this. After all, intimacy is not only a means for procreation, but also a way to relieve the psychological tension that has become today the constant companion of most of us. So what are the problems with sex in the strong and the weaker sex and can we somehow fight with them?

Problems in sex in men

Perhaps there is not a full-fledgeda man who at least once, but would not have encountered a particular problem in sex. Such cases are very unpleasant, and if repeated, they cause fright, which provokes even greater difficulties. In principle, many failures in the intima of the stronger sex - a completely amenable phenomenon. What are the usual sexual problems for men?

  • Difficulties with erection

One of the most common sex problems ismen can be considered those or other disorders of potency. Actually, these disorders are a relative concept. Someone considers an erection as a deviation from the norm for an erection, someone sufficient, but arising once a week, and someone - normal, but short. There are men whose erections are enough for two three-minute sexual acts a day. There are also those that are capable of full-fledged, but infrequent copulations. In principle, to beat the alarm and find ways to heal only after a complete lack of potency. As for other situations, there is no need to panic. Could there be any reasons for such a state of affairs? Sexopathologists say that difficulties with erectile dysfunction may appear after traumas, postoperative operations, after the administration of some medications, in cases of hormonal metabolism, in vascular diseases. In addition, the state of male potency is affected by fear and various stresses. And finally, a lot depends on the partner. Perhaps this is not the woman you want. Or, on the contrary, she, but she inspires timidity. Yes, little does that create a similar problem in sex! Its essence lies in the fact that the program of erection seems to be starting, but the quality of its work is unsatisfactory. Well, there is no increase in the penis as it should, and not at the time, which is necessary, and that's it! Of course, in some cases, without a specialist who is able to provide qualified assistance, one can not do without. But there are also situations when you can cope with this problem with sex, if you always create the most suitable conditions for an erection. Often the appropriate good potency situation or a suitable partner do their work much better than the most competent specialist.

  • Failures in the speed of ejaculation

Violations of ejaculation are one of the mostcommon men's problems with sex. They are usually premature, almost instantaneous after the initiation of stimulation of the penis ejaculation. But it may be difficult. With such problems in sex can often be cured without the intervention of a sex therapist. In general, the time of the onset of ejaculation depends on the age of the man, his sexual experience, the date of his acquaintance with the partner, from when he had the last sex. The outpouring in a very short time after the onset of stimulation often results from intense excitement, in the presence of some disorders of the nervous system, from restraint or excessive overexcitation. Difficult ejaculation is observed under stress, due to the use of alcohol or drugs or an unsuitable atmosphere. To restore the normal time of onset of ejaculation help special techniques that allow a man to control his sexual behavior. The training they provide for this problem of sex is the most effective therapy. They teach the ability to focus attention on the body in moments of total relaxation and independently determine the moment of orgasm. These are fairly simple techniques for regulating ejaculation, the use of which is not difficult.

  • Size and shape of the penis

Male members are different in length, thickness and evencurvature. These features of the structure of the penis sometimes deliver its owner a lot of trouble. So, the small size of a member creates some inconvenience in the implementation of sexual intercourse, forcing its owner to complex. As a result, sex becomes for him a negative impact on the psyche of the test. A large penis also does not get rid of problems with sex. In addition, that he can cause a painful sexual intercourse for the partner and even injure her; an impressive body can not always achieve the necessary state of erection. Because for this condition he simply does not have the strength of the blood flow. As for the geometry of the penis, sometimes it is so contorted that it is impossible to insert it into the woman's vagina. Physicians, as a rule, in such cases are advised to perform a plastic surgery. I must say that its success is doubtful. No, the size and shape of the organ, of course, can be adjusted to the standard. But what to do with the subconscious memory of past problems with sex, which can not be destroyed? Chances are that, after a single misfire, this memory will cause a malfunction in the entire sexual body system. And what the consequences will be, is unknown. How to be then the men who have the specific size and shape of the penis? In the end, in the intima there are many ways to reach the peak of pleasure. So why not apply them, giving pleasure to yourself and your partner? Well, we talked about the most basic problems with sex in men. Now let's see what difficulties in bed women usually experience. problems with sex

Sexual problems in women

It must be said that the weaker sex facesproblems in sex more often than sex is strong. And this is because most ladies do not consider these or other disadvantages of intimacy as problems. Well, there is sex with her husband without any special sensations, and what? Is he satisfied? Satisfied. So everything is in order. And then nervous breakdowns begin, depression, psychosis, from nowhere, there are diseases. And life becomes sad and dull. And the affinity with the husband starts to cause disgust. It's because his Majesty does not forgive Sex of careless attitude towards himself. So what kind of sexual problems do women have?

  • Anorgasmia

Anorgasmia is an inability to have sexual intercourseachieve orgasm, which is observed in almost a third of female. She can exist as from the very beginning of sexual life, and to arise after a long period of normal sex with her husband. And often outside the sexual act - with masturbation, petting, during erotic dreams - orgasm is likely. It also happens that it does not happen only when intimacy with her husband. And with someone else is entirely acceptable. The causes of such a problem in sex in women usually are stresses, neuroses, lack of sensual communication with a partner, hormonal disorders and some diseases. It provokes the appearance of anorgasmia and the perception of intima, as something shameful or intended only for the continuation of the genus. Elimination of such a problem in intima is, first of all, in changing attitudes towards sex in general and towards intimacy with the husband in particular. A woman should understand that the quality of sex depends not only on the state of her physical and mental health, but also on well-being in her personal life. After all, unimportant intimacy is the main cause of conflict with her husband. Awareness of this is enough to start looking for ways to get rid of the problems of sex. They certainly will.

  • Frigidity

Frigidity is a sexual coldness,representing either a very low libido, or its complete absence. Frigid women are not capable of much excitement before intercourse. Although you can get pleasure from him and orgasm. But at the same time they either do not have any need for sex, or are, but very weak. Frigidity manifests itself in different ways. It happens that a lady does not feel attracted to the intimacy with her own husband, while some other man could easily have her. And it happens that the passion in the young lady, with the probability of enjoyment from the process of copulation, can not awaken anyone at all. In general, frigidity is usually explained by the conflict between body and mind. A woman simply psychologically ignores in a sexual relationship or a particular representative of a strong gender, or all this sex in general. It is possible that after meeting a suitable partner, her entire sexual coldness will be lifted by her hand. Especially if you create a suitable environment for intimacy, allowing you to maximally liberate yourself. And give the prelude the right time. In general, the higher the intellectual level of a person, the more inclined it is to different intimate complexes. These complexes are often the cause of problems in sex, usually based on some kind of fear. If you determine what this fear is and try to minimize it with some available methods, the sexual problem will disappear. Well, if you can not cope with it on your own - well, you'll have to turn to a specialist for help. We advise you to read: