what to give to a man Each of us is usually sure that absolutelyknows exactly what to give a man for a birthday or a holiday, whether he is a close person, an employee or just a friend. or the men she knew. And how! After all, it is the weak, not the strong, humanity that has a much greater idea of ​​what color and style of clothing suits men, what accessories one should buy for a suit and what kind of perfumes a male representative should use. Oh, yes, we are more qualified in these matters of our friends, husbands and acquaintances. Therefore, we are going to make a choice of a gift to a man confidently and boldly buy what, in our opinion, he simply needs. And he, like, with great appreciation takes this thing and already shines with gratitude ... And then puts it in the closet and completely forgets about such a "necessary" subject. After all, there are such situations, right? There are, let's face the truth. Why? Well, apparently, we do not take into account anything when choosing a gift, looking at this choice from its own, purely feminine position. This we want a new purse, a ring, spirits ... And for men all this, - purses, purses, ties and stuff, - such trifles, to which they just do not pay attention. No, of course, there are a lot of male representatives who are sincerely delighted with a new tie or cologne! And they will then use them with great pleasure. However, almost all men (except for hardened aesthetes or collectors-fans) would prefer gifts that are more useful for business or entertainment. What kind of gifts do men prefer? And let's go, ladies and gentlemen, take a walk in the shops and try to look at objects that show up in their showcases through the eyes of the stronger sex.

Gift ideas for men

As we already said, men love things,which they will bring practical benefit. For example, a crystal or porcelain vase, which warms the heart of a woman, will seem to them an unnecessary trinket and can not be one of the options for gifts for men. But a good set of tools, fishing rod, backpack and the like will certainly attract the attention of a loved one. "Well, do things like gifts for men suit ?!" - we wonderingly exclaim, - "After all, these are objects of everyday life, and you can buy them at any time! Jubilees and holidays are a special matter. And they demand that as a gift to a beloved man or colleague something original and beautiful was presented! "And we will be right somewhere. But, firstly, the appearance for a loved one does not stand in the second place, and what seems to us too original and elegant, his soul can not touch. And secondly, a backpack or spinning, of course, you can always buy, however, presented as a gift from a beloved woman, they will acquire a slightly different meaning. Namely, they will become a real symbol of her sincere affection and respect, which he will remember with great warmth, using these things. As a gift to a beloved man, it is better to choose a thing that corresponds to his current business preferences and hobbies or plans for the future. To do this, it is desirable to know its tastes and priorities well. If this knowledge is not enough, you can fantasize a little, focusing on the professional activity or hobby of a representative of the stronger sex. It is advisable at the same time that the gift to pick up a man as accurately as possible, consult with those who know him better - with close friends or relatives. Undoubtedly, if a woman chooses gifts for her husband, brother or son, she is unlikely to need such advice. She knows well what is needed at the moment for her close ones, and what gifts to make to men from her family that they are practical and useful. But even here it may be wrong: wanting only good, as a gift to her son, she will get a disk with a new game, and he dreams of a new camera for a bicycle, a husband, a shaving device, and he sleeps and sees a good spinning. Therefore, even considering that we precisely represent, what gift to make to the man, it will be nice to carefully discern his true desires at the moment and act according to these desires and the budget. Our men only seem to be adults. In fact, deep down they always remain children - childish, cheerful, prone to leprosy. Therefore, as a gift to your beloved, you can quite choose some funny little thing. For example, what to give a man a motorist for whom a car is a living and beloved creature? Perhaps he will be glad of some funny bauble for the car, - a keychain or a souvenir. In general, the solution to the question of what to give a man to a motorist is not a big problem. Here, the option of a gift can be a car player or DVD player, mosquito nets, car seat covers, a car seat for children, and so on. In this case, it is not necessary that this gift was chosen for the car. You can choose a lighter, T-shirt or cap with the logo of the brand of this car. In a word, all that, one way or another, will be either practical or interesting to the enthusiastic motorist.

A gift to a colleague of a man

a gift to a beloved man Gifts for beloved men to do very nice andchoose it usually by heart. Women are able to notice many small things and intuitively feel what a loved one wants. But what kind of gift a colleague can give to a man is a slightly different question. Usually all the collective collects money for such gifts, and the collective decides which gift to choose. From the point of view of business ethics, male employees correctly give items of office equipment, good wine, handbags, briefcases, books, sets of glasses or porcelain cups, travel tickets, vouchers for festivals and even football tickets if he is addicted to them. In general, if we are going to make gifts to colleagues of men, this must be taken seriously, given the tastes, occupation and preferences of each. The basic rule when choosing such a gift is that it should not be excessively expensive, even if a person works in a successful company. Otherwise, it can be put in an awkward position. The exception is especially solemn cases: retirement, jubilee, marriage, promotion. In other cases, all colleagues of the same rank should receive approximately the same price gifts. Do not make fellow men such gifts as clothing, religious items, fragrances and comic gifts. But the products of ceramics and metal, a good fountain pen or lighter and a box of good sweets are quite suitable.

What to give a man a friend?

Often we have to choose gifts fortheir good friends - men. The approach to such a gift is more free than to gifts to a beloved man or gifts for fellow men. After all, a friend is the person who is always ready to come to the rescue and does not expect anything exceptional from us. Therefore, the big problem is what to give a man to a friend, no. He will gratefully accept both socks, and a funny trinket and a lighter, and the same set of tools. However, if a friend has an important holiday, and we really want to surprise him, we can make an original and more expensive gift. What to give a man a friend in this case? You can order a good frame with the inscription "Best friend" for a joint photo, you can buy some silver or bronze objects and engrave the same inscription on them, or you can even make a custom banner or billboard with a friend's photo and congratulations to him. But then, when we are going to a friend on the day of his coming of age, it is better to choose some especially original gift. If a young man pays much attention to his appearance, you can buy him a spa - a certificate or a certificate in the studio-suite. If he is fond of sports, - branded sneakers, a good bike, expensive rollers. A fan of football will be incredibly pleased with the ball with the signatures of famous football players, flags, T-shirt, belts with the symbols of his favorite club and stuff. Well, if a friend wants to present something original for eighteen years, it can be a cocktail set, a set of glasses with lights, a globe bar, a laser pod, a chest bar, a crystal picture, and so on. The main thing is that the gift should be unforgettable and express maximum friendly appreciation and sincerity. In general, the question: "What kind of gifts will men prefer?" It is possible to answer: "Universal, if only they were practical and useful". Men willingly accept donations of car or home tools, accessories for computers, fishing and cars, hunting supplies, barbecues and so on. But expensive toilet water or a set of valuable dishes when choosing a gift to a man, even if you want, it is better not to buy. It is unlikely that he will greatly rejoice at them so much. And if we find it difficult to solve the problem, what gift to pick up a man, take him a bottle of good brandy expensive. And nice, and tasteful, and fun! We advise you to read: