Correct communication with different types of personality What kind of incomprehensible term is the art of communication? Many people, hearing it, are perplexed: does this really need to be learned? It seems there is nothing difficult in talking, telling each other about what is happening, expressing feelings and emotions. Another question is how perceived heard by different people. How many interpersonal problems would not arise if people could communicate correctly. People are divided into several types, and each has its own style of communication. Knowing how to build a conversation with a vis-a-vis who has this or that type of temperament, misunderstanding and misunderstandings associated with it can be avoided.

Types of personalities

It is necessary to consider the basic features of the personality in more detail and give them a description.

  • Introverts: they find it difficult to communicate. Their experiences are deep within themselves, they avoid unnecessary contacts.
  • Extraverts: they need to communicate is maximized. They constantly inform others about their experiences, they give their view of the circumstances, find new acquaintances in any situations.
  • Of course, such psychotypes in their pure form are rare. Most likely, in some characters, these or other features predominate. Correct communication with a guy

    How can we communicate with these or other people?

    First you need to find out your typecharacter. If his qualities are closer to the characteristics inherent in extroverts, then in order to make it easier to build communication with others, it's worth trying not to talk about yourself all the time. It is more to listen to other people's opinions, not to express in open disagreement. As soon as it is possible to establish communication in this way, people themselves will begin to drag on. Leadership positions in the team can be easily won at the expense of the openness inherent in nature. The resulting offense of seeming disregard will disappear. For an introvert to communicate correctly is more important than for an extrovert. Such people find it difficult to find new acquaintances and friends. This affects the professional sphere. Therefore, despite the difficulties, you need to overcome yourself and go for rapprochement. As a result, there will be those in the environment who value tacit approval and participation. Entering into a dialogue, you need to try to analyze to which psychotype the person with whom you are communicating. To introverts? You should try to introduce it into the course of the case, listen attentively to rare replicas, express how the situation looks from different points of view. His silence in the future can lead to serious misunderstanding. Will help to understand his attitude to the subject of conversation facial expressions, facial expressions, tone - all this needs to be taken into account. An extrovert can not be allowed to speak. You always have to keep an eye on him. If he tries to deviate from the topic, one must firmly translate the conversation into the channel of interest. Give him to speak out necessary, but firmly at the same time to communicate and his point of view. You can even do this with a certain amount of stiffness. Such people are usually uninvolved, and if this feature is present in the character, then they are quick-witted. Speaking with the interlocutor, it is required to show interest in communication. It is very good to emphasize important points in intonation. It's not worth arguing. If the arguments are unconvincing, it is better to finish the conversation on a friendly note and continue at a more appropriate moment. You can not raise the tone, go to scream. Only benevolent, calm communication promotes mutual understanding.