Prague for the New Year 2011 The New Year is coming, the time of the fairy-tale redsgnomes, slender Snegurochek and, of course, a kind and wise Santa Claus. A time when even the most convinced skeptics begin to believe in miracles a little ... Anyway, it is with the advent of the winter holidays that we wait for fairy tales. We are striving for new impressions, for a vibrant life and unforgettable emotions. We are looking for the answer to the age-old question - where to go for the New Year? This article offers you a short excursion to a beautiful and magical city, which strikes the imagination with the rarity of lights, the grandeur of castles, the color of small streets. He can melt the ice even in the coldest hearts and give a fabulous weekend. This city can rightly be called one of the most beautiful in Europe. The city of knights and beautiful ladies, the city of music and art. We will make a virtual trip to the magnificent and enchanting Prague called "Prague for the New Year 2011". Believe me, the New Year in Prague can be one of the most memorable trips in your life.

A bit of history

Prague, or as it is also called, "the city of hundredsspiers ", was founded in the 10th century. It originated in the delta of the largest river in the region - Vltava. According to the legend, the mythical princess Libushe on one of the banks of this river said: "I see a great city, the glory of it will rise to the stars ..." This is one of the few cities that all the time of its existence was the residence of kings. That is why he collected the best architectural styles in himself - from Gothic to Cubism. Prague is a pearl that has managed to connect such different images and at the same time to remain spectacular, beautiful and original. tours in Prague for the New Year 2011

Warm breath of antiquity

"Golden Prague" for hundreds of years attractstourists from all over the world. It attracts people with narrow winding streets, medieval buildings and an amazing atmosphere. If you like cities with a history, beautiful and proud, great and mighty, then Prague will become one of your favorite places. Beautiful, old, magnificent. In this city everything seems to be enveloped in a strange fairy tale. Passing through the streets, now and then you expect that some knight will come out from behind the turn, and the princess will race along the pavement in a gilded carriage. The center of Prague is the pedestrian zone. This part of the city has been an untouched monument of architecture for many hundreds of years. Each building, each turn is unique and unique. Every stone of this enchanting place seems spiritualized. That is why you can walk for hours in the center of the city, viewing its wonderful buildings, real works of art. All tourists are interested in the question - what to see in the capital of the mysterious Czech Republic? What can surprise the New Year in Prague? After all, any rest, in the first place, should be interesting. In the center of the city in the Old Town Square you can hear the battle of the ancient clock. At this time, the clock seems to come to life, the dolls begin to move on them, the figures of the apostles appear. They are unique, because they show time in the new and old calendar. After that you can go up to the Old Town Hall. Perhaps, it is from its top that the best panorama of Prague opens, a truly unforgettable sight. Take a picture for memory and these photos in many years will immerse you in the amazing atmosphere of this unique city. Also, be sure to visit the Prague Castle - a collection of the world's best architectural monuments - palaces, cathedrals that simply can not remain indifferent. And then go for a walk on the Charles Bridge. Many people consider it to be the heart of Prague, the place where all dreams come true, you just need to wish. The romance of this stone "idol" in the evening lighting of the lamps will give you unforgettable memories. And there are many such buildings in Prague. new year in prague

New Year in Prague - winter fairy tale

All year round, Prague draws attention to itselftourists from all over the world. It, like a treasure, hides in itself monuments of architecture, sculpture and painting. But it is in winter that this great city can be seen from the other side. The fairy tale becomes a reality in the stone walls of medieval castles. She lives her life in the small streets. Fun with carefree tourists, dancing with girls at concerts, walking with loving couples along the embankment. If you decide to go to the New Year in Prague, you will discover a new and unique city. This fairy tale is created every year by the painstaking work of local residents - the incredible beauty of spruce, the lights of arches and the small golden rain on the trees. All this is so subtle and beautifully emphasizes the basic mood. Every light seems to tell us - the tale is very close. And such a miracle extravaganza allows you to completely relax, forget about all the problems and worries. New Year in Prague is not just an event, it is a journey to another magical world. Prague seems to live in its time and all tourists become hostages to this marvelous atmosphere. It is not necessary to think that the New Year in Prague is a holiday for romantics, who simply admire the beauties of the city. This is not all that can be seen. The cultural center of Europe is able to surprise with theaters and cinema, fairs, classical concerts, as well as rock clubs, jazz performances, cafes and bars. Such diversity attracts people of different nationalities, ages, and tastes to this city. All of them find something of their own in this diversity of different styles. And this is the whole of Prague - a harmonious mix of contradictions, charming with its own identity and color. Amazing and subtle, great and ancient. She is waiting for you always. And, believe me, you will never forget the New Year in Prague! We advise you to read: