sleeping poses How nice it is - to fall asleep and wake up inthe arms of a loved one! Sometimes it even seems that people start living together precisely because of these wonderful moments. Like any other significant part of life, sleep can tell a lot about the psychological characteristics of a person. A pose of sleeping alone - about the characteristics of your relationship. Therefore, if you want to learn something about yourself and your partner - just pay attention to what position you both take in a dream. sleeping poses

The phenomenon of sleep

Sleep is divided into certain phases, duringwhose character is changing. The first stage is the stage of slow sleep. The person begins to doze, and his mind is filled with sleepy dreams, strange visions and unusual images. Muscle tone decreases, respiratory rate and pulse slow down, body temperature decreases. It is at this phase that people can come to some ideas and solutions to problems that have long tormented him. Gradually the dream becomes deeper. Somewhere in ninety minutes comes the stage of rapid sleep - it is also called the phase of rapid eye movements in one of the most observable signs. There are several of them all night, and the total duration of such a sleep is about one and a half to two hours. Each such period lasts about ten to twenty minutes and alternates, after which a slow sleep again occurs. It is at this stage that the activity of the cerebral cortex is highest, which is manifested in bright dreams that a person sees. Unfortunately, in the morning memory of them is erased, and it can be difficult to remember what it was that dreamed of. All this, of course, affects how we sleep. In the stage of falling asleep, for example, many of us look restless, jerky, and sometimes completely weird. But this in no way reflects the nature of the person, but only is related to the peculiarities of this particular phase of sleep. Or vice versa, when a person in a deep sleep becomes completely relaxed and calm, although the cortex of his brain is working hard. Duration of sleep is normally about six to eight hours, but individual differences in this matter are quite high: there are people who need only four hours, and there are those who are barely ten. In general, insomnia is one of the most powerful stresses for a person, which inevitably manifests itself in any psychological disorders. And sometimes it acts as an indicator that there is some serious problem in your relationship. In any case, it is better to listen to her voice, rather than brush it off. comfortable sleeping positions for two people

Diagnosis for relationships

So, the sleeping poses together can be differentan illustration to your relationship. Of course, one should not completely rely on their predictive reliability, but something important and unconscious they themselves can "blub". What poses are most often taken by partners in a dream? Pose "Embrace" Partners sleep face to face, while being in mutual strong embraces. They are pressed by bodies, and it is in this pose that the pair has the shortest distance. Rather, we can even talk about its complete absence. Legs can be straightened or even intertwined, which indicates a psychological fusion with each other, as well as a strong sexual interest. This position is rightfully considered a pose for people in the euphoria of love fever. Most likely, they recently meet, live together or are married - in a word, something in each other is new to them, and they are very happy about the opportunity to connect. Unfortunately, such a period in relations passes, and couples who manage to keep it can be counted on their fingers. Nevertheless, if you belong to their small and happy number, then you know: you manage to keep fervent feelings for each other no matter what. And it's very cool! But even if this is only the beginning, then it is a sin not to enjoy it. In this pose, you can also see the distribution of power in your pair. Do not be surprised, but at this stage such processes begin. When you embrace in a dream, your heads are on different levels. The one whose crown is higher, and is the leading partner in the relationship. Pose "Spoons" Partners lie, sitting on one side. One of them is pressed against the back surface of the other by the front surface of the body. In this case, the legs are either elongated, or slightly bent at the knees. The partner behind (it is also called the "big spoon"), as a rule, hugs the one who is in front. By the way, he is the main one in the relationship. Most often it's a man who expresses his desire to take care of his woman with his whole body. In this position, most sex: intimate places adjoin, body contact is maximum. Strongly expressed emotional attachment to each other, which can be estimated from the distance between sleeping partners. Naturally, the smaller it is, the closer and more sensual the relationship. Also in this posture there is a lot of protection and care for each other, so it is usually chosen by couples who are in a longer and more serious relationship than in the first. There are a number of nuances within the framework of this sketch, which are also very psychological. For example, in a dream, one of the partners can too tightly embrace the other. The latter may even experience a tightness and a desire to move away. This indicates the proprietary features of the "big spoon", jealousy and, as a consequence, a hidden insecurity in themselves and their partner. But if someone touches lightly with the other hand or a foot, it's the other way around talking about trust to the object of your passion. Pose "Quarrel" A man hugs a pillow or wraps himself in a blanket, while his woman holds her hands near her face, as if trying to protect herself, and presses her legs. There is no physical contact between them - on the contrary, very often they sleep on different ends of the bed. Sometimes their bodies are deployed in one direction, and sometimes in different ways. This posture is absolutely typical for the moment when a man and a woman are in a quarrel (hence the name has gone). If they look in one direction, the body of the man expresses coldness and resentment, and the woman's body - dual desires: on the one hand, she wants to get support from the partner, turning to him, and, on the other, fears him and instinctively closes. Most likely, it was this scenario that unfolded during the quarrel. But if they look in different directions, then here it is a question of deep resentment against each other. In the case when partners sleep this way for a long time, it is likely that their relationship lacks physical and psychological harmony. It is worth paying attention to possible causes of disagreements and internal disunity. Pose "Tangle" One partner turned away from the other and sleeps in his pose, for example, on his stomach. The other partner turns into a ball in proud solitude. Most often in this position is a woman. This pose indicates the partners' insecurities in their feelings. This is often characteristic of those who meet recently and have not yet decided on the status of relations. It is not clear whether one wants to be together. But this can be a situational phenomenon. In the pose "tangle" you can see that the rhythms and positions of the partner's bodies are not synchronized with each other. Sometimes this means that the idea of ​​independence has been raised in a couple of cults. They live almost separately, especially not taking into account and not being included in the desires of their "halves." Sooner or later, it usually turns into problems in the relationship, because in love, consistency and autonomy should alternate. Pose "Back to Back" The essence follows from the name of the pose. Partners lie on the bed, turning their faces away from each other. It also has many modifications that mean different types of relationships. For example, if in a dream the bodies of a man and a woman do not touch or even are at a great distance, this indicates certain problems. Maybe they came across a banal quarrel. Or something more was broken that hung like a sword of Damocles over their relationship. Between them there is no deep understanding, which makes communication between a man and a woman intimate and energetic. They ceased to be interesting and no longer seek each other. Far from always a diagnosis for the relationship of people who adopt this pose in a dream is so pessimistic. As usual, it's all about distance. If the partners touch each other while they sleep with their buttocks or legs, then probably there is trust and attraction between them. However, we are dealing with such vivid personalities that they need freedom in their self-expression. Do not put a cross on your relationship if you saw any unfavorable signs. On the contrary, you have the time and the opportunity to overcome existing difficulties. As you probably already understood, the most important thing is the proximity and trust in the relationship. They are reflected in a joint dream. That is why a sensible and feeling person has the idea of ​​separate bedrooms only bewildering. Love each other and sleep together. Sweet Dreams!