first date The first date with a guy ... Every young girl withwith great excitement, waiting for him, presenting how the offer of this meeting will occur and how she will respond wisely and gracefully to this proposal. But if one of the guys really does invite her to meet, how the girl is lost, frightenedly mutters something to herself, blushes, looks away, and eventually still agrees. Experiencing a young lady for his confusion is not necessary. This is an absolutely normal reaction, because the first date in a girl's life is an event very significant, extremely exciting and unforgettable. And after many years, already mature and experienced in such matters woman, she will remember him with the same excitement as now. The main thing is that to this excitement one does not mix a feeling of embarrassment for their absurd behavior on this date. After all, we all experience it so much and are nervous that, quite often, when we meet with a nice guy, we begin to behave quite differently, as usual, and become unnatural. Often, a modest and tender girl on a first date suddenly turns into a real hamster, and sincere and open - in a cutesy crook. And dumbfounded by such changes, the guy after the first meeting no longer wants to continue the meetings. Such a result can be caused either by the girl's causing make-up or by an unusual outfit in her everyday life, the incorrectly chosen topic of the conversation or the absence of this topic in general, the scent of the spirits, the unpleasant odor of the boy, the impetuous, angry gestures of the young lady, her attempts to command the youth or lack of communication ... In a word, all that can destroy the young man's interest in the girl and make him disappointed in his expectations. What should be the behavior of the girl on the first date and what should be her appearance, so that the interest of the guy to her after the meeting not only grew, but also increased several times? Let's see what advice people will give us in these questions.

The first date in life: anxiety and excitement

So, ahead of us is a very important event - the firstmeeting with a boy who really likes. And we worry to such an extent that we are already starting to panic, absolutely not imagining what to choose from clothes for this meeting and how to behave on it. To really not fall face to face in the mud, first you have to pull yourself together and calm down. If we are very nervous, we can hardly sleep well. From insomnia, dark circles will appear under the eyes, and this, of course, will not adorn us at all. Therefore, we try to worry as little as possible. In the end, the first romantic encounter is not a worldwide catastrophe, and it was for all the fairer sex. And they all just said to themselves: "Oh, how I'm afraid to go on a first date!" And puzzled over what to wear, what to talk about and what behavior to choose so that the young man did not lose interest in them. And then, through time, being already mature women, recalled their experiences before the first meeting with the young man with a warm condescending smile. After all, now they already know that if a young man is invited to a first date, then the girl already likes him very much. And its main task in this case is not only to keep the guy's interest at the same level, but also to try to make it grow. Provided, of course, if he likes the girl. Therefore, too afraid to go to the first meeting with a man is inexpedient. First, fear will generate insecurity, and secondly, under its influence, we can do foolish things and completely destroy the prospect of further relationships with the young man. And is there any sense in such fear? After all, the young man who appoints the girl the first date, going to him, very rarely thinks about whether this girl becomes a companion of his entire life. To him it is important, first of all, to meet alone with the one who likes the most. Without a doubt, that before the first date in life the young man also worries and also does not know how to behave. But the excitement is different from the excitement of the girl, because it is important for a young person not to sit in a puddle as a man first. Over the prospect of further relations with the young lady, he almost does not reflect. As for the girls, most of them, if they like a young man, dream of having a meeting with him became the starting point for a long and happy connection with him in the future. Therefore, they experience before the meeting so much that they can not find a place for themselves. However, the experience of all previous generations shows that the first love, however strong it may seem, almost never leads to a stable and prosperous marriage. No, of course, it also happens that, having met on the first date with a guy, the girl stays with him for the rest of her life. It happens ... However, to go to a young person to a meeting, being obsessed with just such a goal, you can not. It is unlikely that she will then be able to control herself and not ask questions on the first date about the possibility of marriage with a young man. He is completely unprepared for this, and, frightened by the assertiveness of the girl and not knowing what to say to her, she simply refuses to meet again. Therefore, on the first date with a guy not to push him completely away from himself and not lose the opportunity of further meetings with him, the girl should not build far-reaching grandiose plans, even if she really wants to. It is these plans that create a strong nervous tension that does not allow the young lady to act reasonably and as faithfully as possible and behave naturally when meeting a young man. Therefore we put aside our dreams of eternal and great love far away - there will be time for their realization - and we try to be on top of bliss from the fact that we have to go to the first meeting in life. This moment will never happen again, so is it worth spoiling it with inner tension and unjustified fear? Of course not! In order to finally cope with the strong excitement, the girl, of course, it is necessary to at least approximately determine what to do on the first date and how to behave in order to prevent a blunder. But how do you know which behavior and appearance will be most suitable for the first meeting? Let's see what advice is given to us by those who have successfully had their first romantic date, relating to the girls' outfits for this occasion, and the conversations, and the manner of behavior. first date with a guy

How to look on a first date

In order to determine how to prepare for thethe first date, we must remember that the main task of the girl is to be as natural as possible on this date. Therefore, if she does not know how to easily move around in high heels, she should not wear shoes with such heels trying to match fashion, - the young lady will look awkward and ridiculous in them. Of course, it is not worthwhile to get into such shoes and when meeting with a young man assumes rest on the nature. It is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous, to walk in them along forest paths and rocky or sandy banks of water bodies - you can, having tucked a foot, get injured. And in the end turn the first meeting into a living hell for both itself and for a young man. Therefore, in order not to be in a similar situation, it is advisable to ask the young man where to go on the first date he plans. If he, for example, intends to visit a disco or sit in a bar, high-heeled shoes, if we know how to wear them, will be in place. Well and in that case if the guy has desire to wander on a wood or even to fish with the girl (and such happens!), It is necessary to pick up more convenient for similar pastime footwear. As for clothes, it also depends on where you will go on the first date. In general, the meeting place should choose a girl, but inexperienced young men usually do not yet know about this unspoken rule and often offer this place themselves. Insist on his young lady in this case is not entirely correct. A young person for one reason or another can not always satisfy her demands, and, not wanting to disappoint a girl, he can simply refuse to meet. At the same time, if the young man offers the girl to hold the first meeting in some pretty fashionable institution, and the girl does not have the attire to visit such an institution, she can offer him her own variant of the venue. Do it gently, but quite aggressively, because do not go to the expensive cafe in an inexpensive modest dress, worn jeans or a familiar and comfortable sports suit! So, if the guy decided to invite a young lady to an elite club or a restaurant, and she does not have the opportunity to look, according to her status, she has to come up with a good excuse like: "I would not like to have strangers present at our meeting. And the stuffiness of the crowded premises is bad. Let's meet somewhere in the open air! "As for the question of how to dress for the first date in general, then the answer to it is simple. Dressing is necessary so that you feel comfortable. At the same time, the outfit on the first date should emphasize all the charm of the girl, her femininity and hidden, restrained sexuality. In this case, the provocative, very short skirts and overly open blouses and T-shirts are not suitable for the first meeting with the young man. Despite the fact that male representatives like these clothes on girls, in the first meeting, they can cause a misconception about the young person. However, the puritanical, baggy style of dress and unisex style for the first date is also not suitable - they will destroy femininity, which for sure does not like the guy. So how to get dressed for the first date, that the young man was fascinated by us finally? First of all the girl should be dressed with taste. It is desirable, that the style of clothes had smooth lines, and it was sewn from soft, flowing fabrics. Do not put on new things - not yet refurbished, they can be uncomfortable and curb traffic, making them awkward. As a dress you need to choose something convenient, maximally highlighting all the merits of the figure and hiding its shortcomings. Something we feel confident and relaxed about and look pretty good. As for make-up, he should be moderate at a first date with a guy, rather modest, but, at the same time, emphasizing the most beautiful features of a face. Combat coloring of the Amazon at the first meeting with the young man will be out of place - it is too aggressive and does not have a romantic attitude. But the complete absence of makeup is also undesirable - a gray mouse instead of a seductive girl can hardly help to increase the interest of a young person to a girl. Rather, on the contrary. Do not contribute to this increase on the first date with the guys and fancy hairstyles of girls, and too long nails with a bright manicure, and an overly intrusive smell of perfume. The hair should be simply washed and gently laid, the nails covered with a clear varnish or a varnish of pastel tones. And in order to smell the perfume was unobtrusive, a couple of drops of perfume should be applied to the inside of the wrists, over the ears and in the hollow near the neck. All these rules of the first date, relating to the appearance of the girl, will help her feel more confident and do not concentrate her thoughts on how she is perceived by the young man. Knowing how to look on a first date, so as not to disappoint a young person and not scare him away, the young lady is already making a significant step toward further development of relations with the guy. However, one knowledge of how to look at the first date, for the success of these relations is not enough. The girl must also be able to behave properly with the young man. Let's look at the main aspects of this behavior, based on the experience already experienced in dating women.

Talk on the first date

As we have already said, the question, what should beclothes for the first date with a guy, is by no means paramount in this case. Any, even the most refined attire of a girl does not have such a strong impact on a young man, as her behavior. If a young lady, dressed in an expensive dress from a famous couturier, behaves unnaturally or vulgarly, she can hardly expect deep feelings from the young man. And no, even very carefully selected clothes for the first date, nothing in this case can not change. In order for a representative of the stronger sex to seriously and for a long time became interested in the girl, she needs to present herself correctly. A young lady needs to remember that being present at the meeting, being saddened and very concerned about some problems, is highly undesirable. She should try to look as positive and joyful as possible and make an impression of an optimist. Why? Just because the guy and the girl are still very new, and they are still very far from the true sympathy for each other. A frank, confessional psychoanalyst on a first date can completely dispel his romantic atmosphere, and eventually spoil everything. The guy politely listens to the girl, and then as politely leaves her and no longer wants to meet. From the behavior of the girl on the first date depends not only the degree of development of further relations of the couple, but also the position that the young man chooses in communication with the female representative. Therefore, we must try to communicate with the young man easily, without stress, but rather modestly, while avoiding excesses in the form of loud laughter and ironic bantering over everything that the guy will say. How to communicate on the first date, inadvertently not to offend a young person, not to put him in an awkward position and not push him away from himself? After all, the fact that a girl gets pleasure from her chosen method of communication, is not yet a pledge that he likes a guy. Men are vulnerable and rather proud. Often they react to phrases that are completely innocuous from the point of view of women, not at all, as we would like. Only one such phrase can completely destroy the desire to meet in a young man, so the girl should choose such topics of conversation on the first date, which will be interesting and pleasant for both. How to find such a topic? If the young man is already at least a little familiar, we must try to remember what he is addicted to, and insert into the conversation a few phrases related to this hobby. Well, in the event that we do not have an idea of ​​the interests of the guy, we'll have to get to know them better, ask him leading questions on the first date. This will help not only to maintain the conversation, but also to determine what to talk about with the young man in the future. In addition, and the girl herself with the help of the necessary questions on the first date will be able to learn as much as possible about the young person's preferences, his inclinations and aspirations. Being an interesting companion is much more useful for relationships than being just a very attractive person. Men greatly value in women the ability to maintain conversation, the ability to listen carefully and the presence of a sense of humor. Of course, not each of the fairer sex has these qualities and can listen to the speeches of men, picking up the topic and inserting really funny jokes. What to do on the first date in order not to be silent glumly, looking at the floor? Communicative is a property that can be developed in oneself, and this issue should be worked on. After all, communicability is needed not only on the first date with a guy. It essentially helps in many aspects of our life, contributing to the advancement of the career ladder, and to establishing contacts with others. However, the upbringing in oneself of the quality of sociability is a rather lengthy process. And a few hours before the first date with the boy he will not develop. In the event that a girl is excessively shy and withdrawn, she should try at least occasionally to put into conversation with a young man, even if nothing meaningful phrases. This will help over time to overcome shyness and let the young man understand that the young lady is interested in talking with him. If the communication is all right and the question of how to communicate on a first date, for a girl is not relevant, she should remember - to talk about something you need confidently. A young man should feel that the young lady has an inner core, this quality appeals to men and promotes the awakening of excitement in them. We do not really understand the topic of the conversation on the first date? Nothing wrong! It is impossible to understand everything well. Therefore, just as confidently ask the guy concerning this topic questions, because of such issues are double benefits! Firstly, we will receive new information, and secondly, we will give the guy an excellent opportunity to feel himself significant and authoritative for his companion. And finally, when talking with a young girl, one should not chatter, constantly interrupting, whining, criticizing one's own actions and actions, constantly arguing with him, negatively speaking about someone, frivolously blabbing out all his secrets and asking the young man too frank questions. In other words, the conversation should take place in a measured, calm, unconstrained manner and without the slightest strain on both sides. first date with a man

Behavior on a First Date

One of the main rules of the first date is: communicating with a young man, a young acquaintance, it is inappropriate to exercise power. Even a very self-confident girl should still try to remain always soft and sweet and not be capricious for anything. Such behavior, if a young man is carried away by the girl, can make him constantly give in. As a result, he will cease to make independent decisions and perform some willful acts. And who of the girls dreams of her lover being a weak-willed man? We all want a strong and reliable shoulder next to which you can lean at any time. Those ladies for whom the first meeting was crucial, the councils give unequivocal: to bring up and raise in a potential spouse masculinity is necessary from the first minutes of communication. And for this we need only to gently let him know that, despite external independence, we still remain weak, in need of protection by women. And in any case, do not talk with a young man in an imperative tone, fully demonstrating his own despotism. However, on the first date with a guy you can not fall into the other extreme, showing your excessive interest in him and the willingness to immediately fulfill any whim of a young man. This behavior is fraught with the loss of his interest in the girl, because it will become predictable and understandable. Men prefer women of mysterious, elusive and incomprehensible. Therefore, the girl should always try to be at least a bit mysterious and not open up to the guy until the end, telling him everything about himself, to the smallest detail. One of the important moments on the first date with a guy is the looks that the girl throws at the young man. Each of them must express the feelings of a young lady, but these views should not be direct. Firstly, because a direct look can confuse the guy, and secondly, because many young people regard such views as a complete victory over the girl. And this is already a significant disadvantage for her. Experienced women on the first date are advised to look at their companion as if squinting, from under the eyelashes, and to keep his eyes on him for no more than two or three seconds. Such views intrigue men and keep them in constant tension, forcing them to doubt whether they like a woman. It warms up the original love and promotes its hardening and even ascending. As for gesticulation, it should be moderate and moderate. If the girl is too emotional, at the first date with the guy, she will have to control her movements and do not swing randomly with her hands, telling about something that is too interesting. A young man can decide that he is a very unbalanced person, and you should not contact her to avoid making trouble. Of course, it is too stiff and unnatural to stumble too - stiffness and coercion in the behavior of young ladies also do not appeal to young people. Therefore, we choose the golden mean and try to gesticulate and in moderation, and at the same time maximally liberated. It is not necessary, thinking about how to prepare for the first meeting, rehearse some role that we intend to play when we meet with a young man. It is likely that he will feel it and cease to trust the girl even when she is already herself. It is not necessary to invent an image uncharacteristic of yourself - every young lady is beautiful and in a natural form, in which she, in fact, liked the young man. Otherwise, why would he invite a girl out on a date? Therefore, when preparing for the first meeting, it will be better to think out a manner of behavior that will emphasize the merits of the young lady and not show off all her shortcomings. What to do after the first date with the guy and how to finish it? It is desirable that the girl did it first and not too late. After the young man spends the young young lady, you need to thank him for a great time, in no case letting the young man understand that the next meeting with him is extremely desirable. In that case, of course, if she really is welcome. At the same time, when there was no special attraction for a young man, one must express it in a mild form. For example, saying goodbye to him, you can say: "Thank you, it was very interesting with you, I very much hope that we will remain friends." If the young man is adequate, he will understand these words correctly and take them with restraint. Well, if not ... Then you have to use more precise phrases. It also happens that the guy really liked, but after the first meeting disappeared and does not make itself felt. What should I do after the first date in this case? The times when the young ladies, keeping their maiden pride, tormented by uncertainty and swallowing tears, submissively waited for the news from their beloved, without showing any initiative, they vanished into oblivion. Today it will be quite decent if the girl calls the young man herself. Communication after the first appointment is natural and normal, because a young lady and a guy are now quite familiar and can maintain friendly relations. Why not ask how things are with a friend? At the same time openly offer a new meeting the girl is not worth it. If the young man intends to meet again - he himself will say so. Not stated? Well, and this must be prepared ... Who among us has not gone through this? It is necessary to go through this bitter failure, realizing that it is the next step towards our true chosen one. Well, now, based on all of the above, we'll try to formulate the basic rules of the first date.

Rules of the First Date

  • When preparing for a meeting, we gather with our thoughts and try to relax as much as possible. Think about the topic of conversation with a guy, choosing from them the most familiar to us and, presumably, interesting for a young man.
  • Do not try our best to make a very good impression on the guy. We try to be as natural and unconstrained as possible.
  • On the first date with a guy do not trylead in conversation and deeds and give way to the initiative in these matters to the young man. At the same time, we actively support the conversation, but do not keep silent and do not just giggle with a stupid look, nodding our head after every phrase of the young man.
  • According to the rules of the first date,a girl openly show her feelings for the guy, if any. His interest in himself needs to be warmed up, so we try to look mysterious and unpredictable. Therefore, do not tell the young man about himself everything in the world, in order to leave room for some intrigue.
  • We try to ask such questions in a conversation,the answers to which will help us to know the person as much as possible. However, we do this unobtrusively, and do not ask directly, without bluffs, who he is. On tactless questions in the forehead hardly anyone will want to answer sincerely.
  • Men love praise, so whenever possibleWe approve the young man for some of his actions. But we do it in moderation, it is not intrusive that a young man does not take the waterfall of our praises, as he wishes to like.
  • Preparing for the first date with a guy, do not put onon themselves too open blouses and T-shirts and too short skirts. Calling attire at the first meeting with a young man can radically change his opinion about the girl is not for the better. Therefore, choose clothing in which we will look rather modestly, and feel comfortable.
  • If the young man really liked us, the initiative incommunication after the first date we can take over. But you should consider the option when he does not burn with a special desire to continue the relationship, be ready for this and not call the young man several times a day for no reason. And in the event that the guy did not cause much interest and he does not feel like meeting anymore, close communication after the first date can be stopped, letting the youth know gently but persistently that he can only be a friend.
  • In no case do not show on the first datetheir weakness and helplessness. Anyone who has shown such traits on the first date with a guy, the advice is to never do it. Even if a young man seems to be initially helpless, the girl is sweet, afterwards he can take advantage of her weakness for the benefit of himself. Therefore, we show the youth self-confidence and independence, but we try not to make our behavior look vulgar.

Well, perhaps, and all the basic rules thatIt is necessary to adhere to the first meeting. Of course, they are not a guarantee of a serious relationship with a guy, but they are guarded against the most common mistakes of girls on the first date. What are these mistakes? first date with guy tips

Mistakes of girls on a first date

At the first appointment in any case it is impossible:

  • Trying to pretend not to be the one who really is, and to hide your true face. Cheating sooner or later will open, and then the frustration of the guy will already be avoided;
  • Begin a conversation about the seriousness of the relationship, theirdevelopment and prospects. The young man will decide that they are already trying to hang some obligations and begin to demand something. This he certainly does not like;
  • Dress defiantly and vulgarly. This outfit promotes a misconception about the nature of the girl and her accessibility;
  • Constantly show off the number of fans. This boasting is one of the most common mistakes of girls on the first date. At the same time, she can not in any way testify to the presence of her many advantages, rather, on the contrary, she characterizes the girl as a windy person and can alienate a guy from her;
  • Keep hiding the view all the timefrom a young man - he can decide that he does not like the girl. To look in the eyes of a young man is necessary, but it is not necessary to do this often and as it were sly, in secret.
  • Will the first date with the guy single,or it will be followed by a series of visits - in any case, this is a significant event in life and the first step to understanding the characteristics of the representatives of the opposite sex. It is unforgettable, and the memories of the first meeting with the young man will always worry. In order not to cloud these memories with regret for your misconduct on the first date, let's listen to the advice of connoisseurs. This will only benefit. We advise you to read: